Uber/Lyft Drivers on the Abortion Front Lines


Every Thursday is surgical abortion day in our town and every Thursday we have peaceful prayer warriors who stand in front of Planned Parenthood and pray. The location is rather busy with traffic and there is very little space between the street and the sidewalk where we are allowed to stand.

On the Abortion Frontlines

As cars arrive early in the morning, these prayerful souls have very little time in which to engage those who are coming in, scheduled to terminate, to kill their child. Many drive in without stopping and we offer our prayers for the duration. Will they get out of the car? Will they go in? If they go in, will they change their minds and choose life and love? When they come out, will they let us know if our prayers were heard? On it goes, on we pray, and on occasion, we are blessed to know a life has been saved. It has come to our attention that it’s the Uber and Lyft driver who’s been on the front line before us.

Last fall on a rather dreary, cold, and rainy day, we observed a couple of women standing outside of the Planned Parenthood entrance. My prayer partners and I know that most of the women have already gone in and we are there to help them and offer them help as they leave. We stood with our umbrellas at our post with the wind and rain continued and watched as the two women did their best to stay out of the weather. Calling them over to us, they stepped out into the rain as we apologized for not being able to come to them since we can’t step off of the sidewalk onto the property of PP. One of the women was noticeably pregnant. Five months to be exact. Imagine our delight as she told us she had been scheduled for an abortion that day but had changed her mind. What was it that gave her a change of heart? It was our hero of the day, her Uber/Lyft driver.

The  Heroic Uber/Lyft Driver

This poor woman had come from nearly 2 hours away (she informed us the state picks up the tab to get her to an abortion facility) and  when her driver was informed of her drop off point he used all of those two hours to convince her to keep her child and choose life. As the story went, she told him her family had tried to change her mind as well but if she was to keep her baby, she needed a sign from God. As they pulled into PP, the driver stated, “There’s your sign”, as he pointed out those who were standing in the gap, praying and holding signs. Not nasty graphic signs, but hopeful signs intended to give hope. And hope was given. She went in for her appointment but after having a sonogram, she chose to keep her baby. However, once she had changed her mind and was no longer their client, she was asked to leave. So there this mother stood, out in the cold and rain. When she came to us we offered her shelter with us, a snack, a donation to help her out, and a promise to follow up with her; making sure she knew where she could go for help in her community.

Seeing this young woman out in the cold moved us to up our game. We’re there to bring them hope and healing; to be a conduit of God’s mercy for them. Of course we pray they don’t have the abortions but if they do, they walk out broken, and PP is not there for them to pick up the pieces. These women need to know we are not the enemy they are told we are. So, with what we had just experienced, we wanted to do more for them. They are hungry, as they haven’t eaten since the night before, so we have a packaged snack for them. They are barely holding in tears, so we give them a little package of tissues. They need something to look at; to realize they have a need to mourn, so we give them a little pink and blue bracelet which my daughter makes for them. They need to be educated and to know there is help, so we give them pamphlets for healing. Putting them all together into a small gift bag, we have found people are much more willing to receive what we offer than when we just hand out pamphlets.

The experience with the woman last fall is not isolated. Just recently, a man pulled into the lot while we were praying and slowly pulled to the side door to pick someone up. It was early afternoon so we assumed the woman who got into the back seat had just had an abortion. As they pulled out, the driver rolled down his window near me. As I was offering my gift for his passenger, she had rolled down her window to speak to my prayer partner. She told her she did not have an abortion but had changed her mind. It was made clear to us that this was yet again an Uber/Lyft driver; a man who had slowed up to give us the chance to speak to her (so many who accompany abortion minded women will not slow down for us, even if the woman wants to talk to us). The woman did want assistance but didn’t live in the area. We made sure she had information to help her on her journey before she left.

A Challenge

We have so little time in which to engage those who are intent on having abortions. Traffic can be heavy and there are just seconds to engage them; hoping they can stop long enough for us to let them know they have alternatives; we are there to help but you drivers, you can be on the front line of our mission. You may have 15 minutes or even up to 2 hours in which to encourage these women and pray for them. You can be Christ to them with no one there to interrupt you.  You can make a huge difference and be the hero of the day! We need you to be bold and to speak up and have the conversations we long to have but can’t.

As Lent approaches, so does the 40 Days for Life campaign. This is my challenge to all you who work as drivers. Pray, fast, and be prepared for whoever God puts in your backseat. Have the conversation and know God has given them to you for a reason. You may be the only voice for life and love they have ever heard and when the time comes, don’t worry about what to say. God will give you what you need in that moment. Be that conduit of mercy He so desires for them. You just may save a life. Those two drivers are heroes to us and to the babies they’ve saved. Step up. You never know if today is the day God is asking you to be a hero too.

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat (Matthew 25:35).

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5 thoughts on “Uber/Lyft Drivers on the Abortion Front Lines”

  1. Joe S, very well said. In addition, many women have multiple abortions. Our encounter with them as they leave may ensure that they do not come back for another one at a later date. The result of mercy received is as you said, to go and sin no more.

  2. Today as we prayed a woman in a taxi drove in to pick up a woman who’d presumably had an abortion. She stopped to talk to us, loved what we were doing and took one of our bags that we give out. As she left, she stopped again so that her passenger could speak to us and she also received a bag. The driver loved what we are doing and took action, but you know, we love what she did. We pray the experience emboldens her; that she knows she can make a difference. Pray for those drivers!

  3. Thank you for your post Chris. Yes, we do disagree on our approach. While I agree that confession is necessary to healing, calling these women murders as they are leaving only makes their defenses go up. They already hurt and they are very confused. The gift bags have information for Rachel’s Vineyard which is highly successful at bringing these women the healing they need. Those who nailed Jesus to the cross…the Light came on for some of them once the deed was done. Jesus didn’t call down from the cross and call them murderers. He said, “Father, forgive them, they don’t know what they do”. But many did understood in time and they did repent. As I am a post abortive woman, and I was in shock after the abortion, I can tell you with all honesty, your approach makes people fearful of us. If they’re fearful, they won’t go to those who can help them to heal, and yes, to confess. Conversion takes place with love, not by adding to the fears these women and men already have. They made their decisions based on fears. We need to remove those fears so that when they are ready, they know who will help them and love them.
    God bless you Chris.

  4. Hi Betty,
    Thanks for the zeal you have to save the unborn from being murdered and their mothers from committing murder.
    As a Catholic sidewalk counselor for 17 years I do disagree with your approach to post abortive women. If they stop to talk to you after the abortion we must make it clear to them that they have just committed baby murder, not fill them with food and sympathy. Healing is not what they need, repentance is what they need. Sympathy is not called for, truth is called for. Abortion is the same sin as Satan and Judas and Cain all at the same time and the baby cries out to God for vengeance. She stands condemned for baby murder.
    She must prove her repentance by her deeds…”See what this godly sorrow has produced in you: what earnestness, what eagerness to clear yourselves, what indignation, what alarm, what longing, what concern, what readiness to see justice done. At every point you have proved yourselves to be innocent in this matter’. 2 Corinthians 7:11

    1. While these women may be sinners, Jesus didn’t condemn any of the sinners whom he encountered. FIRST he gave them comfort, love, compassion, and understanding. It was not until this did he command them to repent and go and sin no more. While one of the ultimate goals is to have the mothers acknowledge their grave sin and repent for it, to approach them with condemnation first will most definitely NOT “encourage” them to repent. If your actions assist in driving them farther away from the truth, are you not also partially guilty of enabling these mothers to be complicit in their sin? If instead, you first offer love & compassion first, you have a greater chance of drawing the mothers closer to the truth and ultimately they will themselves discern the wrong they have done.

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