The Antidote to Toxic Femininity

As time goes on, those of us in the faith come to a clearer realization of just what a mess the 1960s were. It was during this time that a small group of women were successful in their endeavor to convince the majority of the American population that dismantling the relationship of a mother and child was the ideal way for women to realize a happy and productive life. Once this seed was planted, a downward spiral of morality ensued which wreaked havoc across the playing field of traditional family life. Our values, held for centuries, were changed almost overnight. Divorce rates went up, abortion became an option, and a norm, sexually transmitted diseases flourished, and drug abuse, anxiety, and depression took an iron grip on many. Carrie Gress tackles this shift in her book The Anti-Mary Exposed: Rescuing the Culture from Toxic Femininity.

Carrie proposes that all of society’s current woes stem from an anti-Mary line of thought. Women have been misled as to what it truly means to be a woman, a creature created by God, who was created to lead a happy life. Society has infused women with the notion that power and prestige are the makers of happiness. Envy drives their passions for success. As they blindly struggle to fulfill these “needs,” women are left emptier than when they began. Not only has this path led to unhappier women, but it has led to broken homes, and destroyed the lives of countless men, women, and children along the way.

What can be done to reverse this? Carrie provides six ways to combat this anti-Marian movement, which will restore Mary to her rightful place. Simply put, Mary is a beacon, embodying all the virtues and qualities society has cast aside. When purity, humility, kindness, and beauty are restored, society will be restored to its rightful path as well. Mary is the antidote. She is the most powerful woman in the world and a shining example that women should be treated with dignity. The six ways are:

  1. Become a spiritual adult
  2. Strive for a holy family
  3. Go deeper into motherhood and spiritual motherhood
  4. Fill up your spiritual tank
  5. Be aware of Satan’s entry points
  6. Kindness and tenderness

Implementing these six practices will reverse the downward spiral we are on. The key is we must start small, in our corners of the world to do this. Much like the Early Christians, as we lead by example, those around us will see the joy emanating from us and will become curious, wanting what we have. Do you say you want a revolution? There’s how to start a spiritual one!

The key to all of this is while implementing this change, we must also address the walking wounded. Those who have bought into these anti-Mary concepts need healing. Mary can bring that healing to a world that seemingly has grown so cold. Take this book, read it, and make an effort to change this world one person at a time.

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1 thought on “The Antidote to Toxic Femininity”

  1. Pete-This is great! Fits in with current research re toxic feminity as prophesied by blackblled prolife writer PK Dick in the last century [notably his short story THE PREPERSONS] . Many thanks. Guy McClung, Texas

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