Struggling with regret? Are you caught in it’s clutches and thinking of yourself as a failure? Throw those regrets aside and reclaim them for good…..and God. Sister Kathryn J. Hermes joins me to discuss the freedom God offers each one of us through prayer, meditation and reflection as outlined in her book Reclaim Regret.

From the publisher Pauline Books and Media

This book by bestselling author Sr. Kathryn Hermes can help you reshape past regret and disappointment in the context of your life story. Real-world examples, powerful meditations, and Sr. Kathryn’s own experiences can transform a feeling of midlife stagnation into spiritual liberation. Learn about Gods four promises to you through sacred scripture and prayer; they will help you forgive yourself, encounter Gods love and healing, and embrace spiritual freedom.


Sr. Kathryn Hermes has been helping people walk the road of spiritual growth and inner healing for the past twenty years. Among her many books, she is the author of the bestselling title Surviving Depression: A Catholic Approach, translated into twelve languages, and she is a spiritual mentor and director of My Sisters an online community of faith, and founder of HeartWork. She is passionate about sharing the spiritual journey with others. You can find her at and you can listen to her podcast here on Breadbox Media.

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