In My Darkest Moments, God Reveals His Mercy


I struggled recently, feeling attacked from all sides.  I am raising two teenage boys, and a tween daughter and there are days I feel defeated.  Like I am battling the entire world by myself.  Then, God reminds me I have a Savior.


The Lord reminds me this entire Christian walk is about surrendering all to Him and letting Him be in control.  That for me, my job when I surrender, is to be filled up with his love and bring that love into the world.

But when the kindness and generous love of God our savior appeared, not because of any righteous deeds we had done but because of his mercy, he saved us through the bath of rebirth and renewal by the holy Spirit, whom he richly poured out on us through Jesus Christ our savior (Titus 3:4-6).


So I was in prayer lamenting about how the world barrages my children with everything that is anti-God.   From the confusion of who they are supposed to be, to the sexualization of absolutely everything, I felt in an abyss. I felt I am fighting a fight that I can’t win because of the un-Godliness is everywhere.  I cannot possibly stop all of it, even though I am trying my hardest.  I felt in a pit.  I want for nothing more than my children to be Godly and there are just some days I feel I am losing the battle because they are bombarded with just so much stuff.  I am not enough.  How can my husband and I possibly protect them from all of these things?  The world can sometimes feel overwhelming.

However, God was gracious and gentle with me.  He let me know He is enough but He also showed me something very personal.  He showed me one of my absolute darkest times.  He showed me a memory of my postpartum depression.  This was a time in my life I wanted to die because I couldn’t control the thoughts coming at me.  He showed me was how I reacted towards my son when I had a bad thought.  I was barraged with thoughts of my child being harmed, or even that I would go crazy and harm him myself.  I couldn’t go into the kitchen where there were knives because the anxiety and thoughts were relentless.  So back then, I made a choice with what to do about the thoughts. 

God Is Proud of Me?

I decided every time I had a bad thought I would kiss my son on the forehead.  There were days I kissed him 1000 times.  It was the only thing I could think to do in those moments when I felt so out of control.  God let me see this in prayer. I sensed God telling me,

Susan, I am proud of you because in your darkest hours you chose love.  You chose me.  If you think those children of yours won’t receive my blessing from this, then you still don’t know the greatness of who I AM.

I was astonished that at the lowest of lows, that at my weakest when I felt worthless, the Lord could state He was proud of me.  Yet, I understood why.   As I sobbed at the memory, I let go and gave all my angst over my children to God because He rescued me from that pit. He is the Savior of my children and not me.  All He asks me to do is to pour love where I see none exactly in the place I am planted and let Him take care of the rest.  He reminded me that when I fail to love, which have been plenty of times, His grace awaits to lift us back up again.  Today was a consolation in a moment when I needed it most.  He reminded me that I do not have to fix everything.  He is the ultimate fixer, the one who heals.

So I act when I can, control what I can control, enlist help when I need help, and give the rest to God.  Lord Jesus, I consecrate this day and every day, my entire family to your Sacred Heart, that we may become conduits of your love in this broken world.

But the LORD’s mercy is from age to age, toward those who fear him. His salvation is for the children’s children of those who keep his covenant, and remember to carry out his precepts (Psalm 103:17-18).

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5 thoughts on “In My Darkest Moments, God Reveals His Mercy”

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  2. Ohhhh, I simply thank you…for your graciousness, your surrender, your abiding love in the One Who loves us…so inconceivable He could still live us through our foibles, our strains, this “life” we strive to live according to His will , literally against all odds. May His blessings remain upon you forever and ever.

  3. Thank you, Susan. This is beautiful and o so encouraging. I have two teens right now and often feel attacked and discouraged as well. It’s then I have to run to Jesus and His Blessed Mother, but I often forget. Thank you for this timely reminder. God bless you and please keep writing.

  4. Dear Susan-Thank you for this beautiful inspiration. I see that you are defeated. And with Jesus you are not defeated. And with Jesus you can never be defeated.

    We have five grown up – physically – children. Teenages were so much fun. but now we have four teenage grandchildren. They like us, They listen to us, they want to talk to us, they want to be with us – and, most importantly, they actually believe we are correct about so many things. Someday you will get the blessings for living with the teenagers – the blessing called GRAND children.

    God bless you and keep you and yours and always hold y’all safe in the palm of His hand. Adding you to the list of families mentioned at daily Mass, offertory.

    Guy, Texas

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