I’m a Criminal, a Bigot, and my Rosary is on Your Ovaries

Patti Maguire Armstrong - Bigot and Rosary


Recently, after successfully getting through airport security, I began to reassemble my luggage and myself. I overheard the man behind me apologize. “Oh, I’m sorry, I thought containers could be 4 ounces.”

“No, sir, it’s 3.5 ounces.” I watched a TSA agent confiscate the offending items in the quest for safer skies. I did not feel safer knowing there would be less liquid aboard. Instead, I felt like a criminal. In my luggage were several 4-ounce containers. And I didn’t care. If I had to be on the other side of the law to get my sunscreen and conditioner on the plane, then so be it. They had missed their chance to catch me and I was not about to turn myself in.

The world feels off-kilter these days. I know the government and airlines just want the skies to be safe from explosives, although I question the danger a few more ounces of mouthwash or peanut butter (they caught me with an unopened jar of peanut butter on my return flight) might cause. I am not in charge, however; I just need to go along.

I am also not in charge at Home and Garden Television (HGTV) where the show “Flip It Forward” was canceled before it even premiered, because twin brothers, Jason and David Benham , had publically expressed their view that marriage should be between a man and a woman. The Christian twins have successfully flipped houses over the past decade, and were halfway through filming the do-it-yourself series when the network caught wind of their views. “We love all people. I love homosexuals. I love Islam, Muslims, and my brother and I would never discriminate. Never have we — never would we,” David Benham said during a CNN interview. He added that he had never spoken against homosexuals and pointed out that there is an agenda to silence people of faith. Of that there is no doubt. Love is not enough these days. Embracing every lifestyle is expected lest one be labeled a bigot.

By that definition, I am a bigot. I follow over 2,000 years of Catholic teaching, which says that marriage is between a man and a women. Treating people with dignity does not entail that everyone gets their way all the time.

Java Script creator and former CEO of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, is a supposed bigot too. He was pushed out at Mozilla for having donated $1,000 of his own personal money 6 years ago to support Proposition 8 in California, which specified legal marriage as between one man and one woman. Never mind that a just 12 years earlier, President Bill Clinton had signed the “Defense of Marriage Act” stating marriage was between a man and a woman. Now, that same exact belief makes you a bigot.

Eich publically stated that he was committed to fostering equality and wanted LGBT individuals to feel welcome at Mozilla. It wasn’t enough for the thought police.

Mozilla executive chairwoman Mitchell Baker said, “It’s clear that Brendan cannot lead Mozilla in this setting.” She had worked with him for many years and said she had never seen him do anything contrary to Mozilla’s policy of inclusiveness. “But I overestimated that experience,” she said. Thus, a person’s actions are not enough. Not even thoughts contrary to the radical left are allowed.

Heavy artillery is pummeling the Christian viewpoint. If time travel were possible for our Founding Fathers to have visited 2014, they would all be labeled bigots. These same people would call Jesus a bigot too.

I wonder how so many people could have lost their minds? Even saving a baby these days is considered subversive activity if the baby is pre-born or just born after an intended abortion. One side is sucking babies out of women and accusing the other side of engaging in a war on women. One side is escorting women into abortion centers, shielding them from the other side’s prayers and offers for help at the crises pregnancy centers. I’ve been sworn at, had index fingers waved at me and been told: “Get your rosary off my ovaries.” I don’t care. I will still pray and protest abortion. If some women feel a burden on their ovaries from pro-life rosaries, I will not lighten the load.

Why was the radical fringe able to bully and brainwash their way into power? Who are they to announce a game change for what had gone before?   Catholics cannot always just go along to keep the peace. Catholic teaching does not change over time, not even when politically powerful people bring about change through harassment.

If following Christian teaching means being called a bigot, getting screamed at, losing a job, or even becoming a criminal, then so be it. There are times speaking out against insanity is not worth it, such as getting through airline security. But there are other times when in order to truly follow Jesus, we can do no less.

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27 thoughts on “I’m a Criminal, a Bigot, and my Rosary is on Your Ovaries”

  1. I am so sick of the religious cult of the left that has ordained itself as the Holy Grail of American society.

    All of what we call life is but for a season except for the
    eternal Creator; The spirit of I am who am intelligence with the singular
    ability to create as He chooses. Nothing exists that is not of his handwork or
    desire. Life cycles on earth are of his making and design for the glory of his
    Name and majesty over all that is seen and unseen. Humanity and our knowledge
    of him are as far as we can see at this time until his divine wisdom chooses to
    extend our vision.
    Humanity was grated this life by our Creator God with the intention
    of existing in sight of him on this planet eternally through free will
    obedience to his word and will. We willingly disobeyed, lost sight of him and
    as a result are obligated to suffer death of the flesh at some point. This
    world and the imperfect conditions for living which we have caused in it is the
    challenge all of us post paradise humans have to face and be judged for our performance in the particular situation we find ourselves.
    True Christians know and understand this as the Will of a perfect merciful God and loving Father. They also know and understand life has limitations and that we are simply His children until he calls us home and we can’t be gods ourselves.
    Secular progressive liberals attempt to deny this. They want us to accept the perspective that their intellect and understanding are obviously more merciful than God replacing his judgment and their challenge is to be “gods” themselves. The false power which comes with that notion, they feel, gives them the right to judge, proclaim, and act out the role of one with absolute “authority” within their society. And yes, they will forever consistently strive to capture by any means the power to set the rules of governing which allows them to pick and choose standards of behavior and speech for society and confiscate and distribute the wealth in a fashion that will first perpetuate their power and secondly separate the citizens into a controlled productive minority as a source of operating capital sufficient to maintain their dependent and equally amoral mobs willing to accept socialized slavery disguised by their ruling class as benevolent political correct charity in exchange for their loyal allegiance.

    And God bless you super Moms

    You women who have given your life to your husbands and children, gone through childbirth, cooked and cleaned, dried the tears and bound our wounds all the while praying to God to guide and protect us have the natural gift of eternal love and survival for those around you. Men may be physically stronger but we tend to be short sighted looking only at what is affecting us at the moment and what to do about it. We are the first to mope about when things go wrong instead of
    accepting life as it comes to us knowing nothing good comes with out some pain
    or discomfort. It is in the nature God gave you to be the heart
    and soul of what we call humanity. Neither Man nor earth was complete until
    woman came upon the scene and made life fruitful and abundant. Don’t
    let anyone try to deny this truth.
    And the woman God made especially for Himself,
    our Mother Mary Queen of heaven, also naturally with her heart of eternal love
    wants to gather all of Gods children under her maternal care and lead them
    through Christ to the Father. Like you women she has taken it as her
    duty and commitment as His bride to care for the children of God. Bless you!!

  2. Wow Patti, awesome article! Thank you being such a strong witness. I’m so thankful to be on the side of the culture of life!

  3. My wife and I spent 4 months in court in an effort to stop a judge from ordering that our grandchild be aborted. Through the help of many pro-life angels (who finally got to the governor who had appointed the judge) God won. The baby is now age 1. She is bright and healthy mentally and physically and so much more beautiful than if she were dismembered and dead.
    She is now our 12th child.
    We experienced first-hand the oppression that the culture of death hands out, and we are still here, still alive and still in God’s hands.

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  5. Powerful words and needed. Thank you so much for having the “courage” to simply be what our Founding Fathers (oh wait I meant “Founding Mothers and Fathers” didn’t I??? NO I didn’t!!!) intended for this nation to survive. The freedom to do what is right. We are losing that daily and no one on either side is even giving it a side glance these days. It is definitely frightening. But we need to keep carrying those weapons–that is the Bible, the Missal, and yes the Rosary–onto our airplanes and yes to the abortion clinics (or is it “womyn’s health centers”). If one child’s life is saved it will be worth it in the end–and a 50% chance of a future woman saved in the process too. If none are, we will still have done what is right rather than what is popular. Good thoughts and great article.

  6. I deleted Mozilla Firefox browser and using their comment function told them why. If they have no room for Brendan Eich, I have no room for them. $$ (and less users to sell to their advertisers) is the only thing I can think that will make a statement to them.

  7. From someone whose vocation is in public policy, where times are tough for rosary-toting types, thanks for the encouraging words in challenging times.

  8. “For it is commendable if someone bears up under the pain of unjust suffering because they are conscious of God.” 1 Peter 2:19

  9. You said it Patti! So let’s storm the bastille of HGTV and Mozilla with what they can’t do anything about…..Prayer…to our omnipotent God, who will enevitably destroy their puny empires and create a new world, where love and right reason reign!

    1. Patti Maguire Armstrong

      I like your thinking. It gets to feel overwhelming who to boycott, but I for one will not be giving HGTV the time of day. Of course, I usually only watch the news so I won’t be missed BUT whenever I might watch TV, it will not be their channel.

  10. Liar, liar pants on fire–nobody has ten kids! Keep on keepin’ on, keep the main thing the main thing-and keep the Real Presence present – like you do with your writing. I would find it a distinct pleasure to be in the FEMA camp for Christians with you and your family. You are living Ephesians 5:11: Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them. Guy McClung, San Antono.

    1. There are few of us blessed to have a decade worth of children, but she definitely is, as am I.

    2. Shannon Marie Federoff

      We tell people God knows how many children He needs to send you to make you holy…. I guess I am a hard case! 😉 LOL.

      But, seriously, just in case anyone takes offense that we are “counting noses” we KNOW its not a numbers game, folks. We’re just having a little big, Catholic family fun with each other.

    3. Patti Maguire Armstrong

      It’s even more fun when you get to be the winner, Shannon. I have 11 too if you count one in heaven. And of course it’s good-natured kidding and not a numbers game. I know some small families that are grace-filled.

    4. And I know many large families that are not grace filled. It truelly is not a numbers game and vital to humility to realize God sends the number of children. We are blessed to have 5 kids but do get looked down at by some inour community.

    5. Rosemary Braun Wolffe

      I. too, have 11, one who died on (or about) December 26 whom I have named Stephen. My 11th.

    6. Win what? An award for being incredibly stupid and endangering your life ?

      For propagating an attitude that will destroy the Earth’s ecosystem?

      Hint – the infant mortality rate has dropped from the High 90’s to less than 4%.

      Grow up.

    7. Shannon Marie Federoff

      Hint: I am raising my my children not to be pompous jerks. Perhaps you were not raised the same way?

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