Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood: Are the Cookies Finally Crumbling?

girl scouts, planned parenthood

They come to your door, or stand outside Wal-Mart, fresh faced, smiling little girls, selling their cookies. It’s an image as American as apple pie, yet the Girl Scout (GS) cookies may finally be crumbling. Not because of anything the girls have done, but because leadership has colluded with the devil’s handmaids. For many years now, faithful Christians have begun to notice feet of clay in the foundation of the Girl Scouts of America (GSUSA). And even amid the certain danger of exposing the innocent to the nefarious, denials are given, excuses are made, and a blind eye is turned by the Girl Scouts (GS), by churches, and even by parents. Let’s begin by showing some disreputable connections.

Birds of a Feather – Associations Matter

World Association of Girl Guides and Girls Scouts (WAGGGS): Don’t be fooled into thinking your Girl Scout’s dues go solely into local coffers. GS helped found WAGGGS and makes up 25% of their membership – paying approximately $1 million in dues, per year. What’s done with that money isn’t up to you or your daughter. What it does do, is to free up a huge chunk of cash to use toward things such as promotion of promiscuity, birth control, and abortion—worldwide.

Planned Parenthood (PP): GS associates and co-ops with Planned Parenthood. No matter who denies it, the pictures speak more than a thousand words. Add the fact that this is becoming more blatantly common and deniability becomes less feasible and the deception more apparent. Our little girls are becoming a demographic targeted by feminist activists, such as Marlo Thomas and Amy Richards. This was evident in their recent promotion for the pro-abortion documentary, MAKERS. With this much evidence, turning a blind eye is now the only option for those who still refuse to see the clearly outlined facts.

Josh Ackley, a past Media Relations and Spokesperson for GSUSA: As we drill down further, we discover Josh Ackley who was charged with setting the course for promoting “positive images of women and girls” through the GS Healthy Media Campaign. As a member/founder of the defunct homopunk band, “The Dead Betties,” images of him are more than a little disturbing. According to Wikipedia, they are profiled in the book Homocore: The Loud and Raucous Rise of Queer Rock. Currently, Ackley is still employed by GSUSA in another capacity.

Kelly Parisi, current Media Relations and Spokesperson for GSUSA: Past Vice President of Marketing and Communications at MS Foundation for Women, who according to their own website, contributed more than $1 million to abortion advocacy in 2012. According to a article, “it was during her tenure at the Ms. Foundation that Parisi joined in a national campaign to punish the Susan G. Komen Foundation for trying to defund Planned Parenthood” due to pro-life concerns. Continued selection of this type of immoral activist should be enough to scare off any discerning parent. What could possibly excuse employing such persons?


The denials and deception continue, however. As you can see from a Girl Scout Q & A page, creative wording and semantics play a large role in calming parental fears. Although individual girls don’t hold membership in WAGGGS, her larger troop (through association with GSUSA) does. Although individual dues don’t go directly to WAGGGS or their diabolical efforts favoring abortion and such, each smaller entity feeds into the larger one. The fungibility of funds creates a means by which every individual is a part of the larger picture. Money makes its way from your daughter, to her troop, on to GSUSA, and then to WAGGGS in the form of dues—said money now goes into the larger coffers which fund immoral activity. There, the connection has been made!

Investigation, But is it Enough?

Many groups exist today, in an effort to keep our girls safe from unholy alliances and those who would try to sully their purity. Yet the effort is slow to take off. The USCCB has become involved and have been in dialog with GSUSA for almost two years. Individual priests and bishops have taken steps to remove GS from their parishes and dioceses. But there is also much foot dragging. Why? It’s a question I ask myself often. Yet the facts speak more loudly. How many concerned parents have called their youth director, their pastor, their bishop? Surely there is an urgent need to remove the GS from reaching our daughters. Their very moral development is at stake. And once that line has been crossed—especially when it’s way too early—that bell just can’t be unrung. Is it really worth the chance?

“We must exercise a critical vigilance and at times refuse funding and collaborations that, directly or indirectly, favour actions or projects that are at odds with Christian anthropology.” Pope Benedict, Address to the Pontifical Council Cor Unum (1-19-13)

Let’s face it; no matter how small the frog, he makes a ripple in the pond. We don’t have to physically hand money to an abortionist to be complicit in promoting abortion. When we cooperate, in any aspect of a questionable organization, we are a part of the machinations of said group and its activities. Once we become aware of illicit alliances, we become culpable. Isn’t it time to take the abundance of facts we have been given and make the morally sound choice? No amount of denial, creative talk, or wearing of blinders is worth risking the honor of the daughters we have been given. Stand up for their innocence and purity. If we don’t, who will?

Alternatives to Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts: For many, the benefits of scouting are woven into the very fabric of their being. This scandalous outrage doesn’t mean you can’t offer your daughter a scouting alternative. Here are a few options:

American Heritage Girls


Little Flowers Girls Club

Cookies: Even those tempting, once a year, guilty pleasures have an alternative. With a bit of shopping, I’ve found my favorite Samoa cookies at the local Family Dollar store, under a different name, of course. Keebler’s Coconut Dreams are also a newly available alternative. Other varieties, such as Thin Mints, were also on the shelves of stores. In perusing Pinterest, I have also found recipes for making your own.

With such damning evidence and plenty of wholesome alternatives, can we afford to wait any longer. After connecting all the pieces, what possible reason can justify remaining with the Girl Scouts?

UPDATE (March 11, 2019): If you still have doubts about the Girl Scouts and abortion please read these current links Girl Scouts Gives Its Highest Award to Teen Who Organized Campaign Promoting Abortion

and Girl Scouts Partner with Abortion Industry, ‘Anal Sex Tutorial’ Promoter Teen Vogue

and New evidence: The Girl Scouts USA is an abortion-supporting organization

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42 thoughts on “Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood: Are the Cookies Finally Crumbling?”

  1. As a former Girl Scout this article is extremely infuriating. You are encouraging people to stop supporting programs for local girls in your community and instead support large companies such as Keebler which most definitely do not need your financial support. Why? All because they support Planned Parenthood? A nonprofit organization that provides free reproductive healthcare to millions of women across the country? You are a women yet you attack women’s rights to reproductive healthcare. Abortion is healthcare whether you like it or not. I applaud Girl Scouts for supporting them. Women’s empowerment is extremely important. From the very beginning of Girl Scouts all the way to crucial healthcare. I encourage everyone reading this to support Girl Scouts by purchasing cookies or donating to a local troop. I was a Girl Scout for over 10 years and to see people like you encouraging people to stop supporting Girl Scouts, I just can’t believe it. Girl Scouts supports young girls and women and provides many different programs that can shape their future. From scholarships to exposure to STEM and other fields of study, Girl Scouts shapes young girls into women who will become the future of women in our country. I support Planned Parenthood over pedophiles any day.

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  3. Thank you for the shout-out to Little Flowers Girls Club! We’ve been around for 25 years now; always and forever Catholic to the Core. When we began, the GS issue wasn’t of primary concern but sadly, that isn’t true anymore. Beyond PP, there is are real concerns with other issues important to Catholics within GS. We’re here ready to help you about starting a Little Flowers or Blue Knights in your home, school or parish.

    Please update our website link to

    1. And this the type of stuff why I walked away from the chatholic religion and all Christian hypocrisy.

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  8. Nicole Killebrew

    Play it ‘safe’ for girls…check out the American Heritage Girls, Little Flowers, etc. The tremendous amount of negatives happening in the Girl Scouts, by far out weigh any positives. The Girl Scouts are intentionally introducing our girls to Very, Very Adult topics. Any organization for girls, that is willing to do this, has no business trying to ‘lead’ young girls. Girl Scouts USA and Local Girl Scout Councils connect girl to resources promoting abortion rights and Inappropriate Sexual Content via official Girl Scout social media accounts. There are much better options for girls…families are THRILLED with the American Heritage Girls!!! This article may be of interest:

    1. Birgit Atherton Jones

      Thank you for this information. If we continue to share both our concerns with the GS and moral alternatives, we can make a huge difference in the lives of impressionable girls.

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  11. Dear Mrs. Birgit Jones,

    I would rather affiliate myself with women right activist. Then pedophiles any day.

    Thanks for your concern,
    Former Girl Scout.

  12. Mrs. Jones, I would also like to bring up another movement for girls, the Federation of North-American Explorers (FNE). This movement is an association of the faithful of Ponitifical right and a great option, since they also offer boys sections, for any Catholic family., (First US group), and are websites I invite you to take a look at.

  13. One of the missing puzzel peices not mentioned is that the Girl Scouts skip arm & arm with the LGTB comunity and through the Girl Scouts this is what is let into churches and the comunity….. reason enough to ban the GSA from your building.

    1. Birgit Atherton Jones

      KABAR2, you’re right, of course, but there are simply too many illicit connections and actions by GS to fit them into one post. Thank you for sharing the connection here in the combox and look for more telling articles in the future.

    2. I sadly watched the BSA start down the same path last year….. In protest I am one of the ones who sent in their eagles in protest.
      A new Christian Based group has formed for boys called Trail Life, Just as another faith based group for girls callled American Heritage girls has been around for some time….

    3. Birgit Atherton Jones

      Wow! What a testament to your moral strength. To work so hard for something and take such a firm stand is admirable. God bless and keep up the good fight.

    4. Unfortunately Troops of St. George doesn’t have girls’ units, and their program might be more aptly described as father-son camping than scouting.

    5. Good point about the lack of girls’ units. I think the Troops of St. George believe boys and girls are to different for the same structure to properly serve both, even if they are in different troops.

      As for your second point, bear in mind that the Troops of St. George is a developing organization that is only about a year old. Some of the differences from “scouting” are inevitable as the organization creates its own nature, and some are an attempt to avoid legal confrontations with the BSA. You’d be wrong, though, if you thought all BSA troops were “scouting”. The troop I was involved with as a boy was undisciplined and informal mess, with little done “by the book”. Camping was the only worthwhile part of it.

    6. Howard: I’m not a member of the BSA and never have been, so I don’t really know what BSA troops do and don’t do.

      And I have no issues with camping in general or father-son camping in particular. But it isn’t scouting. Scouting “is a game for boys under the leadership of boys under the direction of a man,” as Lord Baden-Powell famously put it. There is more to scouting than camping and manly skills.

    7. Well, neither of us has been in the Troops of St. George, either, so I think you should hold off on the comparisons.

      Look, I read the manual when I was a scout, but I’m telling you that in practice, scouting was, “a game for boys, not all of whom wanted to be there, designed by men who lived in different times and places with access to different resources, an directed by men with a nominal commitment to the official rules,” as I have just famously put it. Camping and canoeing were taken seriously. The ceremonies (like reciting the Scout Law) were done as a matter of rote. Things like merit badges were pursued in a somewhat sloppy and halfhearted way.

    8. Howard: I don’t think I’ve made any comparisons — certainly not comparing the Troops of St. George to the BSA. I’m not an “insider” in either organization, though I have followed both of them online and talked to folks who were associated with one or the other. When I say that Troops of St. George isn’t scouting, I’m not using the word in the sense that the BSA uses it (to the BSA, “scouting” means whatever the BSA does). I am simply making a statement based on my understanding of what scouting is (which, admittedly, is an opinion, but hopefully an informed one). TSG does not, for example, appear to be using Lord Baden-Powell’s work as a foundation for their program (indeed, they do not really seem to have a program apart from ranks and requirements); if they have a Promise (what the BSA calls an “Oath”) or a Law, it hasn’t been made public.

      That’s not to say that TSG is “bad”. There’s nothing wrong with father-son camping, if that’s what families want for their sons. In the same vein, some of the Girl Scout alternatives mentioned above — namely 4-H and Little Flowers — aren’t scouting either. That doesn’t mean that these programs aren’t a good choice for Catholic families.

    9. So by “they aren’t scouting”, you either mean that they aren’t the BSA, which adds nothing, or that they don’t meet the ideal standards of scouting, which few if any BSA troops do, either. I don’t see that as being a useful standard to apply.

      TSG is still in its larval stage. As originally conceived, it would indeed have used Baden-Powell’s writings, with suitable edits and additions (as BSA has likewise made), to form their own handbook. I’m not sure if they are still pursuing that idea. They were to have been named the Scouts of St. George, but BSA aggressively defends its legal monopoly on a variety of names and symbols, including the words “scout” and “scouting”. (In that sense, I would agree with you: TSG is not “scouting” in the same sense a Pepsi is not a Coke and a Puffs nasal tissue is not a Kleenex.)

    10. Where the hell are you people getting your “facts” from? Ms. Jones thinks that Breitbart is a reliable source when it is well known from what they write and promote that they are racist, and promote division in this country and white supremacy. Holy cow, you need to actually have real facts before you say or print this crap.

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  15. @Phil – Apparently you missed the recent press conference photo of “catholic” Rep. Nancy Pelosi, “catholic” Obama administration Reichsminister for “Health” Kathleen Sibelius, and a young Girl Scout in uniform there to announce the launch of a partnership between PPFA and GSA. Behind the speaker’s platform was one of those huge blue PPFA signs.

    1. Birgit Atherton Jones

      Thanks for bringing that up. It’s linked within the text of this post – featuring a photographic proof of collusion.

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  17. Thank you to the author for this excellent piece. I would say that there are no cheap shots at the G.S.’s only facts thoroughly researched. The Bishop are listening to the NFCYM which is the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry. Agreed, it should be obvious from their agenda who the Girl Scouts are. Parents as the Vicars of their children as is Gods design are being called upon to speak out to their shepherds at the parish level and also at the Archdioceses. The church moves slowly but with the continued prayer and grass roots efforts of those exposing and being the watchdogs I am prayerful that action will come to fruition. To those whose response is to say that my troop is clean I urge you to think again. The registration fees and the profit from cookie sales goes to support an agenda not in keeping with our Catholic faith and the Girl Scout program can in fact be an occasion of sin. We must take this very seriously. God Bless all whose efforts went to shed light on this evil. Our children deserve better and we can and must do better.

    1. Where is your evidence to support your claims? Where are the financial records, contribution records to support these claims? Any person can make claims to diminish the character of an organization or of a person. Remember Jesus, the guy who died for you? Lots of people got on that band wagon, but there were no facts, just haters. Get the facts people before you start condemning. And don’t get your facts from haters with an agenda to spread more hate. You’re just doing the devil’s work then.

  18. Strange…you fail to mention the reports of the National CATHOLIC Committee for Girl Scouts USA and Campfire USA which essentially refutes many of your specious arguments ;

    Or maybe you avoided report on the history of the GS and PP linkage started by a Rep Bob Morris of Fort Wayne and how he was rebuffed by fellow legislators as presenting erroneous information. The rebuttal :

    Sad, when we stop to take cheap shots at the Girl Scouts!

    1. unfortuntately the National Catholic Committee for Girl Scouts gives parents a big “go around” simply taking info. from the Girl Scouts as fact and not really using the real facts that many mothers have worked relentlessly to find. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the National Catholic Committee for Girl Scouts salaries werent’ paid for by the Girl Scout themselves! What a weak organization that has no courage to defend real CATHOLICS!

    2. You know what’s sad? When the Girl Scouts are promtoing pro-abortion role models and resources to our daughters through offiical Girl Scout events, curriculum, and online resources. See the page scans and documentation for yourself Phil.

      And by the way, NCCGSCF/NFCYM is a JOKE. NFCYM themselves are promoting pro-abortion organizations right on their official NFCYM website. Please!

    3. Birgit Atherton Jones

      Considering is a site comprised solely of a California couple, who researches information on Google, I’d be hesitant to give them much credence. Snopes is known to be quite liberal as well. As for the Catholic committees you reference, they get their information directly from GS. I’ve seen this first hand. As I illustrated in the post, semantics and smoke/mirror type evasion have been a GS tactic for years. Using GS’s own assertions is akin to having the fox guard the hen house. What is not deniable is that there is photographic and video evidence as the collusion becomes more blatant.

  19. I hit on the link MAKERS and came away with the story of Mia, a 42 yr old single who
    pursued fertility treatments several times, always losing the sperm donated embryos
    until finally she conceived triplets. This person, who wanted only to be a single mom
    (and from a “good Catholic family” ) decided on the advice of her doctor to have what
    is called a reduction and so aborted the “grade B’ embryo much to her revulsion at
    having to do so. She begged God to make the choice through nature but in the end
    ordered the procedure. She expressed a form of regret later, even after the birth of
    two healthy, well adjusted intelligent girls whom she couldn’t live without. Mia still
    wonders whether the third would have been a boy or girl and how it would have fit
    in with the others. She said the history of her “family” will always be kept secret and wish there could have been a different way. The implications from even reading this
    publically posted story ( on the mind of the reader ) are not pleasent. Even now it is
    more than a theory that animal qualities will be inserted into human DNA to enhance
    our performance. I would echo the broadcast lament when the Hindenburg crashed – ” … Oh! the humanity ..” but it seems pathetic in light of where we stand. Of course,
    God gave us this gift of free will and it seems only right to have faith in it.

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