There are about a million stumbling blocks that society throws in front of young men today. These include confusion as to what a man’s role is and the proper behavior for men today. Let’s get intentional with how we prepare young men today. Ray Haywood has written Tools to Ready the Journey: A Father’s Guide to a Faith-Filled Family. Listen on as Ray and I discuss how to tackle this troublesome trend in society today.

From the publisher Trj Publishing

What are the basic tools that men of good will can firmly grasp for while intentionally building a faith foundation worthy of being reflected into the will of the family they are, or will be leading?

In our increasingly secularized culture, where situational truths cloud our perception of what is good or evil, the critical role that the masculine journey contributes is being shut out and pushed down within the hearts of men. Before we can lead, we must first follow. The failure of past generations to not understand the value of handing on the gifts bestowed in their masculinity has led us to this impactful moment in time. Our result is that we are quickly losing grip of the tools needed to become good men, husbands, and fathers.

The tools for the journey, the masculine journey, are many, and are all meant to be forged in humility and fortitude. These two virtues can begin to help the intentional man form a deeper understanding of the power of their God-given gift of free will – their “willpower.” How well men can intentionally direct their “willpower” as they progress on their personal faith journeys through the arch of life will be determined by how well they come to understand and utilize all the available “tools” in their spiritual tool chest.

It’s one thing to know what a hammer is, and quite another to use it in a way that creates a solid structure that evokes beauty and strength. This book introduces men to the tools needed to build strong, faith-filled families in a world that persistently attacks the value of men, their place in the family, and the foundation of faith that fortifies them. A study guide follows each chapter with intent to assemble men of all ages and denominations to engage in group discussion. A gathering where men of faith can share their personal experiences and life lessons, grow in faith together, and become more intentional in passing on their faith-filled gifts to each other, and to the families they are or will be leading. Intention that will avail peace of mind as a return on their effort, all while transforming their own lives and the lives of their families, as they ultimately transform their communities, and the world around them. Iron sharpens iron…


Ray Haywood is a devoted husband to his wife, Natalie. They have been married for the past thirty years. Together they intentionally raised two faith-filled sons, Nicholas and Frank within the foundation of faith, the sacraments. Ray shares in more than 26 years of willful fatherhood and parenting experience. Now living in North Carolina, Ray and Natalie operate a small family owned car dealership. They are faithful parishioners of Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Through active parish involvement, Ray’s family’s faith continues to grow in the New Covenant teachings of the Catholic Church. He is devoted to handing on the faith filled gifts to all men of good faith wherever they may be in their faith journey. He finds this to be his call to action in his own faith journey. Learn more at his website

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