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Time’s Up? About Time for the Truth

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Truth, by which the world is held together, has sprung from the earth, in order to be carried in a woman’s arms. — St. Augustine

Blessed Pope Paul VI, the author of Humanae Vitae, is finally being hailed as somewhat of a prophet. Subject to intense criticism over fifty years ago, Pope Paul argued that support of hormonal contraception would increase infidelity, disrespect of women, sexual abuse, and the “right” to alter one’s own body (since the sexual act is no longer tied to reproduction, but rather merely recreation).

Hmmm. Let that sink in. Fifty years ago.

As I read about the women who made statements on the Golden Globes Awards, I was glad to see that they agreed that “Time’s Up” on the abuse and denigration of women.  It’s good that it may no longer be acceptable to treat women as objects, to be used and discarded. It’s also good that women should feel empowered to share their truth of harassment and belittlement. I’m delighted that the men who look upon women as deserved prizes, notches on the belt, or bragging rights might just be getting the message and a swift kick where it hurts.

Where Support Should Start

But is wearing a black dress, stating a witty one-liner, or sporting a #metoo hashtag going to stop the denigration of women? Or is this just another example of Hollywood virtue-signaling? What if the Hollywood celebrity complex really wanted to support women? What might that truth look like?

Start with unborn women who are aborted just because they are female. In India alone, nearly 700,000 girls are aborted each year. Overall, since 2000, over 100 million girls are missing from the world due to feticide, just because they were female. Time’s up for female genocide. (Might we see some of those black dresses walking with us at the March for Life?)

Recognize that abortion hurts women. As they are coerced to deny the truth of the life that is growing inside of them, they “choose” to kill their own babies, and part of themselves as well. Not surprisingly, they suffer higher incidences of depression, mental health problems, substance abuse, and suicide. Time’s up for calling abortion what it is not: empowering. (And while we’re at it, time’s up for treating Planned Parenthood as a comprehensive women’s health care provider. It overwhelmingly does one thing: abortion.)

Time to Stop …

Boycott the productions (as an actor, director, or producer) of films in which women wear scantily clad clothing (or none at all), perform sex acts, or demean themselves as objects. Choose to be a positive role model for girls in every film that you make, and say no to mere “consent” as the cheap arbiter for what is right and wrong. Bring back the truth exemplified by Jimmy Stewart’s character in The Philadelphia Story, when he stated that “there are rules about that”—the rules which prohibit men from taking advantage of women.  Create roles for men as true gentlemen, respectful of women, understanding that love is not synonymous with sex, but rather it is the desire for what is best for the other. Perhaps that is why we still love the old movies in which integrity was honored, the dialogue was intelligent, and sex was left to the imagination. Time’s up for such base films and TV shows.

Stop honoring “songs” which are filled with filthy language, violence, descriptions of sex, and disparaging portrayals of women? Time’s up for garbage labeled as music.

Shun those “magazines” which promote demeaning, soft porn caricatures of women. Hugh Hefner’s life was one big lie, and there is no such thing as a happy Cosmo girl. Support a boycott of Sports Illustrated until they get rid of their “swimsuit” edition. Time’s up for magazines that pretend to be friends of women.

Speak out against unwed motherhood and absent fathers, while providing support for the girls who are pregnant. The “truth” is that the burden of unwed pregnancy falls overwhelmingly upon the woman, and is one of the greatest indicators of poverty, ill health, and future generations of the same. Help make it cool to get an education, get a job, get married, and then have kids. Time’s up for shortchanging women with these lies.

Finally, quit promoting sex to kids as if it is the very air they need to survive. Stop using sex to sell movies, clothes, beer, perfume, cars, shampoo, and razors. Instead, portray the truth about sex as it really is meant to be: an adult act which is sacred, private, and tied to the miracle of the creation of new life. When sex is a holy act, women are treated with dignity. Time’s up for sex as a tawdry salesman clinging to our daughters and sons.

We Welcome You

This newfound discovery of dignity for women in Hollywood should be welcomed by all of us who always felt that women deserved nothing less. In fact, we have always been in love with a woman who is the cornerstone upon which our entire Church rests, and is the ultimate representation of dignity: Mary. We also have been inspired by thousands of women who brought their brilliance to benefit our Church, saints and sinners alike. We are also home to the first real feminists: our Catholic nuns who were CEOs of hospitals, schools, universities, and corporations long before it was acceptable in the outside world.

So we welcome you to join us, and we hope that it’s not just talk … because time’s up for that.