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The De-Funding of Planned Parenthood

June 27, AD2013 4 Comments


Planned Parenthood is now de-funded in the great state of Oklahoma, and you can almost hear already the anguished, exaggerated cries of alarm. Oh the humanity! How will women survive?

The truth is that Planned Parenthood has long already been the enemy of women’s health. Brought into existence by narrow-minded ideologues who saw the great feminine power of creativity as an unfortunate and captive destiny always putting women at a disadvantage, Planned Parenthood always advocated the active disabling – and even poisoning – of a women’s reproductive capacities. And, in typically nervy fashion, they had the temerity to call this “reproductive health”.

Today, with the benefit of scientific hindsight, we can calculate what a disaster this truly has been for Western women. First, we are in the middle of a now 30-year-long epidemic of breast cancer that shows no signs of abating. We know, the experts know, that this is due to “Western-style childbearing”; i.e. a contraceptive lifestyle. This in itself is not surprising because there is absolutely solid, hard scientific data connecting the pill and even abortion with breast cancer, though it won’t be Planned Parenthood (the great provider of mammograms!) that will tell you that.

Another thing Planned Parenthood forgot to tell us is that pregnancy itself is protective from numerous health conditions, and itself a reduced mortality state. Numerous studies show that compared to pregnant women, every other category is at increased risk of death from numerous causes. Not only that, but pregnancy is the very best way, from a health perspective, to avoid breast and ovarian cancer, for the prevention of which Planned Parenthood is always encouraging women to take the pill.

But perhaps the biggest farce of all is this idea that with the help of Planned Parenthood, childbirth will be planned, and women will only have pregnancies when they want to. No study we know of shows contraceptive users to be more likely to declare their pregnancies wanted after contraceptive use. This ought to cause a great deal of concern, considering that Planned Parenthood says contraceptives will enable women to avoid the pregnancies they do not want. Isn’t this an obvious failure of their approach? Isn’t this an obvious failure of the contraceptive approach to birth control and family planning?

The de-funding of Planned Parenthood is a very good thing, and it should be women first and most of all who should cheer!

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About the Author:

Dominic Pedulla grew up in New York City and the professional inspiration was his father who is a doctor and his mother who is an R.N. His mother was the one who gave him an early respect for women and a keen understanding of their dignity. He started the Edith Stein Foundation because all that keen interest and because of the obvious assault on that dignity that he felt was being practiced within the medical profession. Since 1994, Dr. Dominic Pedulla, M.D. has operated as President of the Oklahoma Vein and Endovascular Center. Dr. Pedulla is a board-certified Cardiologist, as well as a vein and endovascular specialist. A devout Catholic, Pedulla founded the Christian Cardiovascular Institute and has served as a missionary medical provider in the Dominican Republic. Dr. Dominic Pedulla is a supporter of numerous charitable organizations, which include the Pope Benedict XVI Preparatory School Foundation, Kids2Achieve, Catholic Charities, and the Girl Scouts of Oklahoma City. Dr. Pedulla is a member of numerous professional organizations, including the American College of Cardiology, the American Society of Angiography and Intervention, the American Board of Vascular Medicine, the Oklahoma State Medical Association, and the American College of Phlebology. Dr. Pedulla previously served as a missionary medical provider in the Dominican Republic. He serves on the Board of Directors of the International Family Planning Foundation, which is active throughout the Third World. He is also a generous supporter of Natural Family Planning Outreach. Dr. Pedulla was named one of “America’s Outstanding Cardiologists” by the Consumer Research Council of America in 2004. Dr. Dominic Pedulla graduated from the distinguished New York Medical College as a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. Dr. Pedulla has been practicing medicine for 24 years. A devoted husband, Dr. Pedulla is the father of nine children. Fittingly, his favorite saint is St. Joseph. An avid reader, Dr. Pedulla is a fan of the literary works of Ernest Hemingway and Camille Paglia, among many others.

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