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Protestants: It\’s Time to Come Back

April 2, AD2013 79 Comments


To my Protestant brothers and sisters:

It\’s time to come back to Mother Church. We want you, we need you, we love you.

I\’ve spent a lot of time in dialogue with activist atheists recently, and the direction we are going is not pretty. We are witnessing a rapid cultural decline into amorality.

Satan seeks the ruin of souls through the destruction of marriage and family, and the quickest route to his goal is the profanation of sex. The truth and meaning of human sexuality is our era\’s cultural fault line, and unfortunately, Protestant denominations have been tumbling into its widening crevace at an alarming pace.

The first cracks denying the sacred nature of human sexuality began mere decades ago with the first tentative acceptance of contraception by a Christian church (the Anglicans). After 1,900+ years of unbroken Christian teaching on the immorality of contraception (including 400+ years of unbroken Protestant teaching), a moral evil was suddenly declared good. The entirety of Protestantism, although horrified at first, soon followed suit.

\”Woe to those who call evil good\” — Isaiah 5:20

Then came other issues — sterilization, masturbation, abortion, fornication and cohabiting, homosexual activity and homosexual \”marriage\”. One by one, Protestant communities have broken from Christian teaching and sided with the secular culture. Many Protestant communities do not accept all the aforementioned evils as good, of course, and some are making a valiant attempt to fight one or more of them. However, there is no guarantee that those denominations won\’t eventually accept other sexual sins in the same way they accepted contraception, sterilization and masturbation. A majority vote by church leaders could launch an unsuspecting Protestant from the Spirit of the Gospel right into the spirit of the age — the Planned Parenthood age.

Look where you are standing. Unless you stand with the Catholic Church, you may already have one foot off the cliff.

How to guarantee that you\’ll stand firmly on the ground of moral Truth? Come back home to the Catholic Church.

For over two thousand years:

The Catholic Church has never taught that contraception is a moral good, and she never will.

The Catholic Church has never taught that sterilization is a moral good, and she never will.

The Catholic Church has never taught that masturbation is a moral good, and she never will.

The Catholic Church has never taught that abortion is a moral good, and she never will.

The Catholic Church has never taught that fornication is a moral good, and she never will.

The Catholic Church has never taught that homosexual activity is a moral good, and she never will.

The moral teachings of the Church have never changed, and they never will.

Human sexuality is transcendent, life-giving and sacred, and the Catholic Church will teach that Truth till the last day.

Dear Protestant, a church with a changing morality is a church built on shifting sand. If you want to build your life and eternity on something solid, build it on the Rock of Peter. Don\’t be carried about by every wind of social change; come back to the Catholic Church and stand strong with us — one united Body as Jesus intended.

America may not survive many more generations at the rate we are going, but the Church and her teachings will stand regardless, speaking the same Truths, undisturbed, till the end of time. Believe me, it\’s a really nice place to be in a storm. Extremely peaceful.

So, come on. You\’ll like it here, living in peace and joy and certainty. It\’s your rightful home anyway.

Come back to Holy Mother Church. It really is time.

© 2013. Leila Miller. All Rights Reserved.

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About the Author:

Leila Miller is a wife and mother of eight children who has a penchant for writing and a passion for teaching the Catholic Faith in simple ways. This summa cum laude Boston College graduate also enjoys debating secularists, and in her spare time she fancies herself a bit of a Catholic matchmaker. She manages two blogs that accommodate those hobbies well: Little Catholic Bubble, and the invite-only Catholic Moms Matchmaking.

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