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EDITORIAL: The Father Pavone Controversy

December 2, AD2016

We have deleted an article previous published on Catholic Stand regarding the actions of Fr. Frank Pavone, national director for Priests for Life.  It is not appropriate for Catholic Stand to offer an opinion on a matter while an investigation is underway within a diocese. It is not our place to take a side on an issue and offer speculative commentary while the officials attempt to conduct their investigation regarding a very serious matter. We believe it is in the best interest of the faithful to allow the Diocese of Amarillo to proceed with their investigation respectfully.

Thank you,

Catholic Stand Editorial Staff

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About the Author:

Recognized as the former Editor in Chief, Diane McKelva is now the Editor Emeritus of Catholic Stand. You can learn more about Diane and her work here.

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  • Thank you, WelderChick. I recognize you as a frequent reader/commenter to our publication. Your compliment here is a strong affirmation of our mission. We appreciate you recognizing what we endeavor to accomplish. God bless you.

  • I appreciate the way you run your site. It’s so easy to tear apart, tear at, and tear down…there’s enough of those sites (“Catholic” ones). I don’t bother with them. But there are sites, like yours, where your goal is to build up the Body of Christ and I thank you!

  • We appreciate the comments you have offered here. However, in order to maintain civility, we are now closing comments. None of you have said anything offense. We simply wish to shelve any further commentary or speculation on this topic. Peace be with you.

  • Florian

    Dec. 2, 2016: I’m not sure what the article had stated but I do know personally that when Fr. Pavone’s Bishop had asked him to meet Fr. Pavone refused and during his time of defiance, I and many, many others received massive amounts of e-mails from him demanding that we send him money, the most amount of money we could, or a baby would die. This demand for money was in large red print…it was a disturbing from of harassment…I remember that when I was in the March for Life during that time, other pro-lifers were expressing their dismay over those e-mails…demanding money when he was being questioned about the money he had already received. And this wasn’t the first time that Fr. Pavone had defied a Bishop…so many Saints had really been persecuted (Fr. Pavone was not) and they bore their persecution manfully and with holiness and humility…Fr. Pavone did not…

  • Ray Sullivan

    Works for me…

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  • John Darrouzet

    Well said. Good call.

  • captcrisis

    Good call.

  • Guy McClung

    God works in strange ways . . .but He does work. Deo Gratias! Thank you and all at Catholic Stand who helped Him with this.Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas