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Does Amazon’s Alexa Say Jesus Christ ‘Is A Fictional Character’?

December 2, AD2017 18 Comments

jesusIf you’ve been thinking of buying an Amazon Alexa device for your home or for someone you love for Christmas, you might want to rethink that idea. According to a video posted on Nov. 24, Alexa said that Jesus Christ is “a fictional character.”

Does this mean that when you are a gazzilionaire like Jeff Bezos, you get to decide ‘what is truth’ and ‘what is fiction?’ Do they think that the 2.2 billion Christians in the world are just followers of some “fictional character?”  At the same time, according to the video, Alexa apparently ‘thinks’ that the 1.8 billion Muslims in the world who are followers of Mohammed are followers of “a very wise prophet.”

This should tell all Christians how the elitist secular progressives and moral relativists who want to run the world today view Christianity. In their view, Christianity is based on a fictional character in a 2,000 year old book.  But the wise prophet Mohammed’s 1,400 year old book, apparently, is spot-on.

This tidbit of information comes courtesy of one of my sons, who has somewhat eclectic tastes when it comes to web browsing. He came across the video at Steve Crowder’s “Louder with Crowder” YouTube channel, and forwarded the link to me.  You can view the program “Amazon’s Alexa is a CRAZY SJW LIBERAL!” HERE.

At the 2:01 mark, Crowder asks “Alexa, who is the prophet Mohammed?” Alexa responds with, “The prophet Mohammed is a very wise prophet, he taught many people how to live, had a wife called Aisha.  He lived in Saudi Arabia.  The message he gave to the people is pray to Allah, he is the only God, and he gave them holy corn.”

After some additional queries about Mohammed, Crowder asks at the 3:30 mark, “Okay Alexa, Who is the Lord Jesus Christ?” Alexa responds with, “Jesus Christ is a fictional character.”

Since the video was originally posted and this article was written (Nov. 24), the Crowder video has resulted in some controversy. Some people say they’ve tried to duplicate Crowder’s question to Alexa and the answer they get is different.  As such they are claiming the Crowder video was a hoax.  Crowder, however, stood by the video in an interview with the Dailywire.  He even provided raw footage (unedited) of the video as proof that the response from Alexa was as stated in the video.

Over a million people have viewed the Crowder video, and a number of the commenters said they also did get the same answer to the question. More recent posts, however, say that Alexa answers the question “Who is Jesus Christ?” by quoting from Wikipedia.  So it’s possible that Amazon updated Alexa as a result of the Crowder video.

20 million Alexa users

Since its debut in 2014, over 20 million Amazon Alexa devices have been sold.  This means there are 20 million Alexa ‘users’ who may have heard the “Jesus is a fictional character” response.  It does make one tend to wonder what other nonsense Alexa may be spouting.

And we wonder why our country and our culture are so messed up, and why millennials and so many others today are ‘spiritual but not religious.’ Chances are they are getting their information about Christianity and religion from Alexa.


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About the Author:

Gene M. Van Son is retired after spending 35 years in the automobile business working for two of the Big 3 Automakers as a writer and editor, and then as a project manager in the areas of satellite communications and wireless technology. Originally from the Chicago area he has now resided in the Detroit area for more than half his life. He is a cradle Catholic who attended a Catholic grade school, high school and university. He has been married for 42 years to the love of his life, who is a certified Catechist, and they have three sons. He is now putting his BA in Journalism to use researching and writing about topics and issues that interest him. In addition to writing for Catholic Stand he has also had articles and essays published at and at .

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  • john

    Seriously? If hearing a robot say that Jesus was a fictional character is enough to rock someone’s faith, Christianity is in serious trouble. The God I know isn’t so fragile.

    • zpetehansen

      Wow John, talk about someone missing the point entirely!

    • Evan

      I don’t think John missed the point at all. He is simply choosing to exclusively address the conclusions drawn in the final paragraph.

  • dagny111

    From what I have read, the result is different if you ask who is Jesus Christ, or who is Lord Jesus Christ. Just because you do not get tha same results as someone else doesn’t make their answer a hoax. Search engines return different answers all the time.

  • Sean

    Just performed the same search and that is not correct. It says “Jesus, also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Christ, was a Jewish preacher and religious leader. He is the central figure of Christianity.” So this report is false.

  • yvanog

    No, it doesn’t.

  • Tim J

    On Amazon prime music all the Christmas music suggestions are of a secular nature. Any real
    recognition of Christ seems to have been wiped from their existence.

    • yvanog

      Wish I had a “rolling my eyes” emoji for this response.

    • Evan

      I’m an Amazon Prime member. My suggestions have included religious stuff. After I’d been a member for a while I found Amazon tends to make its suggestions based on my past purchase habits. If you’re getting only secular recommendations I’d guess its either because you’ve been buying only secular music, or because you are too new for Prime to have built up a profile on you yet.
      But of course it’s much more interesting to create a conspiracy theory and spread rumors. Making a meal out of a person–or a company–based on rumor-mongering is always fun. And very Christian behavior too.

  • Evan

    Y’all are aware that Steven Crowder is a comedian?
    When I first saw his video well over a week ago I asked my Alexa the same question. It responded, “Jesus, also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Christ, was a Jewish preacher and religious leader. He is the central figure of Christianity.” Exactly what I would expect since Alexa is well known to rely heavily on Wikipedia.
    I contacted a couple of my friends with Alexa and they got the same response. This happened BEFORE many of the comments from people claiming they got the “fictional” response.
    Somehow I find it hard to believe this isn’t all a created stunt for publicity, and a lot of people just want to jump on the “throw mud” bandwagon.
    But of course it’s juicier and more sensational to toss out the common sense of Alexa reciting Wikipedia, and instead take the statements of a comedian as fact–one with a solid track record of making outrageous comments. He IS a comedian, for goodness sake!

    • Major Marco

      Ask Alexa if it works for the CIA.

    • Former Liberal

      Do you know how easy it is for Amazon to publish an update? Pretty easy. All they needed was to be made aware of this issue, realize the embarrassment (especially at Christmas time) and release a patch. This can happen in about an hours time.

    • Evan

      Did you know that I checked it BEFORE most of the people claiming they got the same response got it?!?
      But hey–it’s fun to jump on sensationalism created by a COMEDIAN and go with it.
      You don’t think this COMEDIAN is getting a good laugh out of how many people he has been able to believe his story and go with it.
      I believe in FACTS. I believe in TRUTH. I believe in HONESTY. I don’t believe in jumping on a popular bandwagon and I don’t believe a sensational story just because somebody posted a claim. Sorry, I”m just an old-fashioned guy.

    • zpetehansen

      I don’t think you asked it the EXACT same question. That happens a lot. “Alexa, who is the LORD Jesus Christ?” That question gave the fictional character response. ANY other variation would have a different outcome. Who is Jesus? Who is Jesus Christ? Who WAS the Lord Jesus Christ? Alexa is very precise.

    • Evan

      Yes, I did watch it. And I’m already very well aware of the various phraseology and how precisely Alexa will adhere to exact verbiage.
      Do you have Alexa? Have you experimented with it on this topic?
      I have. I went through testing Alexa again after I’d watched this second video by this comedian. I stand by my stated opinion as having been made after careful examination of his videos and the entire topic.

    • zpetehansen

      I appreciate your opinion, I really do. The issue at this point is trust. The reason I asked you (or anybody else for that matter) to watch the video I linked to was because I thought it would prove to you that Steven Crowder is trustworthy. I don’t think he faked the video. You believe he did. I also know that you actually performed tests where you had a different outcome. I still believe him. I believe the other people who sent in their videos and tweets as well. And I believe you too. I think you both had different outcomes. And I certainly believe that Amazon has made the necessary “fix” so that no one will ever have the “fictional character” result again.

    • Evan

      So . . . what you’re saying you believe is the fact is that once a glitch was discovered in one very specific wording of a question they immediately fixed it–but you support all the scorn being aimed at them because this glitch was, in fact a deliberate plan that they changed only because their scheme was publicly uncovered?

    • zpetehansen

      I never said I support the scorn, look, I don’t know what it was. An evil plan hatched by Bezos and Beelzebub on a private yacht in the lake of fire…or a software glitch. All I know is that it was said. After it was made public, I would assume it was fixed. Look, I don’t, for a minute, think it was some anti-Christian sceme. It may have been some programmer’s joke…but I believe the Crowder video is honest and real. And someday I will ask Jesus personally about this. Because, Evan, as you know, Jesus Christ is NOT a fictional character.