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10 Reasons I Can Not Vote for Trump (or Clinton)

July 28, AD2016 72 Comments


The political season is upon us and we would be hard-pressed to recall one that was more acrimonious. Division has been sown in families, churches, and the public square. Unlike the sort of division foretold by Jesus, in reference to who would or would not follow Him, this division is solely of this world. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have garnered their positions as presidential candidates. Notwithstanding some unforeseeable circumstance, they will represent their respective parties. Unlike other election cycles, however, neither candidate is suitable to lead our nation. There is no need to enumerate the problems with Mrs. Clinton but, due to a fancy political sleight of hand, the trouble with Mr. Trump needs some deeper delving.

Trump is a Political Chameleon

During the 1970’s Stephen Stills penned the folk song ‘Love the One You’re with’. Listening to the lyrics, it comes to mind that this would be a fitting theme song for the Trump candidacy. One has only to listen to his speeches to various demographics to realize that there is a definite change of position depending on his audience.

Love the One You’re With
Stephen Stills

If you’re down and confused
And you don’t remember who you’re talking to
Concentration slips away
Cause your baby is so far away

…but if you can’t be with the one you love,

Honey, love the one you’re with

His Own Words Contradict Him

Trump is a confusing speaker. While he utters words of being pro-life, he champions Planned Parenthood and speaks of the many good things they do. Perhaps the good things PP reportedly does can be debated, but a true pro-life advocate will be able to tell you in a heartbeat that ending the life of an unborn child cannot be absolved by doing other good works. Yet the newly coined pro-life candidate. Trump. then went on record with a decidedly pro-abortion statement, “Laws are set” on abortion. On the one hand, Donald Trump promises to select pro-life Supreme Court Justices while at the same time advocating that his pro-abortion sister would make a great SCOTUS addition.

The Lessor of Two Evils Is Not a Valid Reason

Let me be perfectly clear. Hillary Clinton presents a morally bankrupt option for the American voter. The myriad unethical positions she holds need not be repeated here. Yet Trump is not a morally sound alternative. He has so many positions that teeter between what we want to hear and his former self that there is little question that he is a moral wild-card at best. When we also consider his rampant misogyny, long history of racism, jokes about the handicapped, and shady business dealings we find Trump to be just another unacceptable candidate.

The maxim, “Two wrongs don’t make a right” comes to mind. None of the above are a valid, morally sound choice. Remember that there are more than two choices, the two party system has become corrupt as the lines defining them have blurred. We, who are of the Kingdom of God, do not owe allegiance to any earthly power.

Trump is a Loose Cannon

Ever the boisterous boor, Trump has made a living from his bully persona. From ‘ you’re fired’ to playing fast and loose with businesses, he presents quite the quandary when it comes to electing an honorable leader. A temper tantrum with other world leaders during a delicate negotiation does little to illicit any hope of the national security our country’s needs.

Having Abortion Exceptions Makes Him Pro-Choice

Abortion exceptions are nothing more than a pro-choice stance with fewer choices. That child, marked for death because of the sins of her father, has just as much right to live as do her lovingly conceived peers. How does one explain 40+ years of pro-life posturing on the part of our representatives and still little headway for these innocent victims? Apparently, the incremental approach has been little help to those children conceived by rape or incest.

Trump Is In It for Himself

Being an opportunist doesn’t make you a just leader, it makes you me-centered. One thing Donald Trump has never done is shy away from exposing his greedy underbelly. He is proud of his conquests – whether they are businesses or women. As one who proclaimed never to have felt the need to confess guilt, it is doubtful that Trump would find a way to lead unselfishly. As a “Close the deal” businessman, his fortune has been made off the backs of those who served a useful purpose.

I Am Only Accountable for My Own Vote

When judgment day comes, we won’t be asked about the political strategy we employed. What will be asked of us is how faithfully we discerned our actions according to the commandments of God. Life is not to be reduced to a chess match. My one vote will not make the difference but if many of us took the hard route and voted for a Godly candidate, the result would be a Godly leader. It is the fear of not playing the worldly game that keeps good citizens on the track of voting for bad candidates. As long as a truly grassroots uprising fails to grow, we will continue to get what we deserve – candidates going from mediocre to worse.

No, Refraining from a Trump Vote is Not a Vote for Hillary

A vote for a third party, writing in a candidate, or refraining from voting for a presidential candidate is just that. It is not a vote for Hillary Clinton. If you find yourself vehemently shaking your head in disagreement, please read this delightful analogy using cookies and poets.

Trump is a Democrat in Republican Clothing

Although he has donated to both parties, Donald Trump has donated more to ultra-liberal candidates including, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Hillary Clinton. He was also a Democrat until he saw that his best shot was to run as a newly minted Republican. While he was a Democrat, Trump embraced the entire anti-life, anti-God platform of the Democrat Party. A convenient candidate, who opportunistically jumps ship, does little to instill confidence in this voter’s mind.

One Presidency Cannot Repair the Damage That Took Decades to Create

The only Savior this world has ever seen – or will ever see – is Jesus Christ. The faulty thinking that seeks to justify a vote for Trump is impossible to realize in real life. The litany of problems faced by our nation – healthcare, terrorism, financial ruin, loss of religious liberty, commercialization of women and sale of unborn baby parts – will take decades of righteous leadership to undo. Donald Trump is not the person to begin the pilgrimage down that path.

Even if a moral champion was elected, years of Congressional failure would have to be addressed as well. Instead of placing all of our hopes in one candidate, we should address the moral failure of all representatives. Accepting empty speeches and backtracking leaders has been the norm far too long. Every vote should be carefully discerned by moral standards. Hold the feet of our representatives – from dog catcher to president – to the fire of righteous judgment. Isn’t it time to aspire to be led by those who lead us to salvation?

This would be a good to time ponder, “What would we get if Trump won?” Within the answer lies the source of my trepidation. Based on the facts garnered about Trump, there are certain conclusions to be drawn. What we would get from a Trump presidency will not be like anything we have ever had before – because Trump is unlike any candidate we have ever had. His positions come from a position of power. Morals and ethics are not really given a seat at his table.

How terrible would it be to have the strongest pro-life/moral plank ever in the GOP platform and then have a president wh0 adhered to it even less than any previous one?

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About the Author:

Birgit Jones is a ‘slightly 60,’ passionately pro-life, cradle Catholic. She and her Catholic convert husband, Rick, have been married for 40+ years. Frequent visits from their four adult children and 9 living grandchildren eliminate any fear of an empty nest. Birgit can also be found on her personal blog Designs by Birgit and her Facebook fan page Designs by Birgit where she shares the pro-life memes she creates.

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