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Thank you for your interest in Catholic Stand. At this time, we are accepting inquiries for columnist positions. 

Who are we?

Catholic Stand, an online publication presenting essays, offering substantive resources with thoughtful insights into how to live the Truth that the Church teaches. We are owned by Little Vatican Media, Houston, TX. We were recognized by Our Sunday Visitor as one of the best, must-read Catholic sites on the Internet.

Interested in Writing for Us?

Query us first with your interest. Please contact the Editor in Chief, Melanie Jean Juneau. In your query, you should:

  1. Tell us a little about you and why you want to write for Catholic Stand.
  2. Identify any credentials you posses that uniquely positions you as a contributor.
  3. Provide links to published work, if any, such as other websites, print publications, your blog, or simply acknowledge that you are just beginning your journey as a writer.
  4. If you have written for other publications, we ask that you provide us with a reference.
  5. Provide a writing sample, if you have never published any work, following the submission criteria below.

♦  You submission should be between 1,500 and 2,000 words of one of these topics:  1) Why I Remain Catholic; or 2)  Share a time when your faith was challenged and how you persevered.

♦  Your manuscript should be in an 8-1/2 x 11 format, double spaced, saved as a PDF file and attached to your email query. Do not cut and paste your manuscript into the body of the email message.

♦  Place you name and email address in the top left hand corner. Place the word count in the top right corner.

Review and Recruitment Process

Once you supply the information listed above, we will evaluate your submission to discern if your writing style is a good match for our publication. If you are approved, we will ask you to give prayer consideration to this commitment before proceeding. Then if you still feel led by the Holy Spirit to write with us, we will begin processing you into our system.

Please read the following carefully and prayerfully consider your obligation in writing with us . . . before you contact us.

Our Identity and What We Publish

  1. Our articles/essays bear a distinct voice of our brand. We are interested in articles that educate, motivate, inspire, heal and unify. IMPORTANT: We do not publish articles that launch personal attacks, or nit-pick the opinions/positions of another person by name. However, we do encourage citing opinions and offering contrasting points-of-view within the structure of intelligent dialog, such as apologetics and theological comparisons.
  2. We have one paramount rule: No heresy! We are a group of faithful, orthodox Catholics. We respect the Magisterium. We don’t tolerate or condone “Pope bashing”, calling out and publicly chastising other Catholic apologists and evangelists by name who are not faithful to Church teaching, or promoting apparitions, visionaries or private revelations that have not been sanctioned by the Church.
  3. We support well-written, theologically sound prose that unites the faithful. Catholic Stand columnists may write their own blogs, and write for other Catholic publications/websites. However, their tone and respect for the Church should be consistent with what they present on Catholic Stand. Columnists who deviate from the character and integrity they present on Catholic Stand when writing for other publications/websites, and thereby produce work for others that is clearly in stark contrast both in tone, language and/or respect for the Magisterium, are grounds for dismissal. Your brand is your integrity; both for the writer and Catholic Stand.
  4. We will only work directly with the writer; not his representative, family member or assistant.
  5. We only publish original articles and essays.
  6. We do not publish fictional stories, poems, or plays.
  7. We do not publish filler material—anecdotes, jokes, speeches, parodies.
  8. We do not publish content that contains profanity, or commentary designed to ignite or agitate controversy.
  9. Plagiarism is not tolerated; grounds for dismissal.

How We Operate

  • Our online publication is nonpartisan; it is Catholic. Our global target audience is Catholic citizens of all ages, professions/vocations; both believers and seekers. We publish articles that inform, instruct, and inspire. Each of our writers has a unique voice and is true to their message be it theological, personal testimony, or commentary. The editors routinely check the content, edit punctuation, grammar, spelling and spacing, but do not generally edit to the point of changing your writing style. Upon joining the staff, you will receive a copy of Catholic Stand Policy and Standards Manual for more specific instructions.
  • Feature articles are typically 1,200 to 2,000 words. We increasingly are publishing shorter pieces, as well, no less than 800 words.
  • A more reader-friendly and accessible writing style is preferred. Our global audience consists of believers and seekers. Articles should contain links to sources, and/or links to endnotes in order to give readers additional information for discernment.
  • Reprint requests from other publications are approved at the discretion of the writer. Publications requesting reprint approval should include byline with writer’s name, CS title, any credentials and identify Catholic Stand as the originator of the piece.
  • We never consider articles submitted simultaneously to other publications. We request first right of refusal. After your article has published on Catholic Stand, you are welcome to post on other sites.
  • We will only reprint articles previously published outside of Catholic Stand, based upon merit, at the discretion of the Executive Editor.

Thank you,

The Editorial Staff


3 thoughts on “Writers Guidelines & Submissions”

  1. Dear editors at Catholic Stand: would you kindly clarify what seems to me ambiguous at point 2. of your Identity statement? Among three things you don’t tolerate is “calling out .. apologists and evangelists by name who are not faithful to Church teaching.” The word “not” seems problematic where a dissident is well-known not to accord with Magisterial teaching. This avoidance of controversy with controverters might not be ambiguous in certain unorthodox journals. But between two discountenanced activities (pope bashing and promotion of suspect apparitions), the admonition not to name – let us say – Schillebeeckx (for his condemned transignification doctrine) seems hampering for faithful orthodox Catholics. Perhaps you would require circumlocution as to the doctrine (as complex as its name or description may be) without naming its author? Thus Anselm’s opponent (of his Proslogion) would not be named, even though Anselm names him in the title of his important reply.
    At all other points than this niggling one, I would have no trouble complying with your brand, projected identity or methodological requirements. I might with difficulty comply with wordy circumlocution, but I already struggle to approximate taciturnity.

    1. I totally agree. Though I realize it can become a tightrope issue; writing with charity about a public sinner. But in the past so many great Saints have done so – publicly condemning public sinners’ actions, so as to warn the faithful and call back the public sinner to repentance. Surely with great prudence this task can be made, without ignoring the whole issue altogether?
      I wanted to apply to write for Catholic Stand but this seems to be such an awkward compliance, if that makes sense…

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