Are We in the Womb of Mary, or the Womb of Deception?

mary, jesus, cross, marian, altar

mary, jesus, cross, marian, altar

What does it mean to live in the womb of Mary’s Immaculate Heart? I know when I’m not there, I’m not at peace, secure, or content. To live in the womb of Mary’s Heart is to live in the womb of God’s Love. It is to live in the Kingdom of God, to live in the “New Garden,” to live in a part of paradise here on Earth. So really, who wouldn’t want to be there if they really knew about this secret haven available to us in this life?

Maybe some wouldn’t, due to their immersion and false fulfillment in things of this world, the flesh, and the devil. But for those of us who are open to our very high calling, I share this to encourage us in the “always more” that is available to us now, if we but open our hearts to it.

There are different degrees of true devotion to Mary, of which St. Louis de Montfort speaks. And it is the third degree, which he says is “known and practiced by very few persons,” but which is available to all of us who open ourselves to it. “The third devotion to our Lady… consists of giving one’s self entirely… to Mary, and to Jesus through Mary, and after that, to do all that we do, through Mary, with Mary, in Mary and for Mary. We should choose a special feast day on which we give, consecrate, and sacrifice to Mary, voluntarily, lovingly and without constraint, entirely and without reserve: our body and soul, our exterior property, such as house, family and income, and also our interior and spiritual possessions: Namely, our merits, graces, virtues and satisfactions.” (St. Louis de Montfort, True Devotion).

This consecration is not just meant to be said once and then forgotten; rather, it is to be lived daily, moment by moment, throughout our lives here on Earth. It is about an intimate relationship with our Spiritual Mother.

Unrest In The Womb of Mother Church

To share more on this “womb” experience of being in Mary’s Heart, let us imagine a baby in the womb of his mother. If the mother is at peace and content, the baby will experience a peace, contentment, and security as he rests in his mother’s womb. It is meant to be the same for us as we see this life as a sort of “womb formation” to prepare us for our birth into eternal life.

A baby in the womb rests in the amniotic fluid of his mother, and this is our calling as Catholics here on Earth: to rest in the “amniotic fluid” of grace in the womb of Mother Church. Granted, just as earthly mothers may go through chaos and struggle, and the baby in the womb can pick up on this, so it is with Mother Church. As St. John Bosco prophesied, “There will be chaos in the Church!” But, Bosco goes on to share, “Tranquility will not return until the Holy Father succeeds in anchoring the bark of Peter to the two pillars of devotion to the Eucharist and Mary.”

It is in this anchoring that tranquility comes, because Jesus in the Eucharist is at the heart of Mother Church, and “the source and summit of the whole Christian life,” as the Second Vatican Council puts it; and Mary is the one who draws us to dispose ourselves to communion with Him.

As we enter into the womb of Mary’s Heart, we are drawn to rest, to “be still and know that [He] is God,” and to receive Him and His grace into us. Wherever Jesus in the Eucharist is, there also is the Father and the Holy Spirit. Thus, as we are drawn to the Eucharist, we are drawn to a stirring up of our baptismal graces, at the heart of which is communion of life with our Triune God.

In the “Amniotic Fluid” of God’s Love

I think all of us have experienced unrest within the womb of Mother Church, whether it is a bishop or priest who seems stifling, controlling, or more concerned about himself than about calling forth his bride, or other religious or laity who are not witnessing to us the love of Christ, or any other of a number of scenarios. But we are encouraged to go deeper into the heart of the womb of Mother Church by entering into the womb of Mary’s heart, and with and through her to rest in the amniotic fluid of God’s love, presence, and grace.

We are called to transcend the natural realm of human frailties and sin that we will inevitably encounter in the church, made up of broken human creatures, and enter into the supernatural grace of God’s Divine Love won for us at Calvary. We are called to transcend the messiness of the small “c” church to enter into the womb of the big “C” Church where God’s grace flows in abundance no matter what chaos is going on around us.

When we truly enter into this deeper heart of Mother Church, and do not remain on the natural level and look to blame anyone else for the unrest of our souls, it is then that we truly find rest, security, and peace in this life. It is then that we recognize the true purpose and fulfillment of our lives here on Earth, which is to be formed and prepared for our birth into life eternal with God, which means following Christ by way of the cross, living out our own Calvaries and letting our “seed” die, that we might bear much fruit.

How to Rest in Mary’s Womb

So how do we open ourselves to that intimacy with Mary to the point of resting in her heart? Well, we come to know her first—not just with head knowledge, though that’s a start. We must come to know her personally. We must receive this great gift which Jesus gave us, “Behold your Mother!” (John 19:27), and let her truly become our own.

To do this, we must exercise our spiritual senses, because to enter into the womb of Mother Church, the womb of Mary, is to transcend the natural realm and enter into the supernatural reality of God’s Kingdom in our midst. We must pray about it, asking God to guide us in growing in this personal relationship with Mary. We should be attentive to books, talks, and people He might place in our path to guide us deeper in this communion of life with His Mother and ours.

I was personally led to sharing by different holy people in the Church who had encountered Mary in a very personal way, as a springboard to opening my heart and exercising my spiritual senses. And, I am profoundly amazed how present Mary is in the world today, for all of those who call upon her, and how very important her role is, as has been expressed in the Book of Revelation, and confirmed through the messages of Fatima and many of the saints.

It can be a great challenge to “be still” within our hearts in the times in which we live because there is hyper-stimulation everywhere. The evil one doesn’t want us to “be still and know [God is] God.”  I always love the lyrics of the Franciscan song: “If you want your dream to be, take your time, go slowly. Do few things but do them well. Heart felt work grows purely.”

“Unless [we] become like children” (Matthew 18:3) who fully surrender our lives to God, and to Mary as our Spiritual Mother, we will not be able to enter into the womb of Mary’s Immaculate Heart wherein we encounter the fullness of God’s love.

Consecration to Mary

We continually hear of the need for more exorcists to be available in the Church, because more and more people are opening themselves to the spirits of darkness and deception. Some even go so far as to consecrate their lives to Satan. What many don’t realize is that the battle we are fighting is primarily between the “Woman and the Dragon” spoken of in Revelation 12, who is also the “Woman and the Serpent” of Genesis 3. It is not primarily a battle between God and Satan because God has already won the ultimate victory, though God’s servants receive grace from Him for the fight. It is a battle for our souls, and whom we choose to serve in this life and the next.

The best and most important way we can counteract satanic rituals and acts of evil and sin is to consecrate our lives to the counterpart, the one who is in direct opposition to the devil and his minions, who is Mary, and to live that consecration to the full. Satan has no power over us when we rest in the womb of Mary’s Heart because there is “enmity” between them (Genesis 3:15).

Jesus gave us Mary before dying on the cross, “Behold your mother” (John 19:27), because she is the leader for those of us who choose to serve God: “be it done unto me according to your word” (Luke 1:38). May we all have the grace to rest deep in the womb of Mother Church and our Mother Mary, that we may continually receive God’s nourishing, life-giving grace through the umbilical cord of faith.

Prayer of Consecration

“I, an unfaithful sinner, surrender into your hands this day, Mary, the vows of my Baptism. I renounce forever Satan, his empty promises and evil designs; and I give myself entirely to Jesus Christ…In the presence of the whole Heavenly court I choose you this day for my Mother and Queen. I surrender and consecrate to you… my body and soul, my goods both spiritual and material, and even the value of all my good actions (*and, also the negative effects of all my sins, faults and frailties,) past, present and to come, leaving to you the entire and full right of disposing of me and all that belongs to me, without exception, according to your will (*which is the perfect will of God).” (Abbreviated version of St. Louis de Montfort’s consecration)

*Author’s additions

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3 thoughts on “Are We in the Womb of Mary, or the Womb of Deception?”

  1. Sorry, but it is just bizarre biology to talk about being in the womb of Mary’s heart. Please don’t impair a vital truth by using such a mixed up metaphor.

  2. The message of Fatima has been very much stressed by the recent Popes of the 20th and 21st centuries. An essential part of the message is that everyone should consecrate themselves to Mary. A simple renewal of this consecration for everyday use is found in the formula of Pope John Paul II: “Totus tuus, Maria!” = All yours, Mary.

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