Why Predators Love Planned Parenthood

Cynthia Millen

While a recent Planned Parenthood study notes that the highest rate of unintended pregnancies occurs between young teen girls and adult males at least six years older, the organization is only concerned that these teens have unfettered access to contraceptives and abortions, without parental notification. Where is their concern for the harm suffered by these girls who, by their own admission, were coaxed “involuntarily” to have sex, and who, as studies have proven, suffer much higher rates of STD’s, cervical cancer, and infertility?

The Guttmacher Testimony

In 1994, an Alan Guttmacher Institute study entitled “Sex and America’s Teenagers” indicated that 6 out of 10 girls who had sexual intercourse by the age of 15 had partners who were at least six years older, and had pregnancy rates three times that of other girls. Two years later, the Urban Institute cited a study in which “three quarters of females who had sexual intercourse before age 14 reported having had sex involuntarily” (“The Fathers of Teen Mothers”, Washington Times, April 9, 1996).

More recently, a 2006 study published by the same Guttmacher Institute supported those earlier studies, and also indicated that “one in four first sexual relationships between females aged 16 and younger, and partners five or more years older were classified as nonvoluntary.” The study also reiterated the earlier findings that young teens who have sexual partners at least four years older have a much higher pregnancy rates — three times greater — primarily because “female teenagers fear more negative reactions from older partners if they bring up using a condom.” (Manlove, J., Terry-Humen, E., and Ikramullah E. [2006], Young Teenagers and Older Sexual Partners: Correlates and Consequences for Males and Females).

Furthermore, in a 2008 Guttmacher study, it was found that teens who had sex with a partner four or more years older “were [two times] more likely to acquire an STD as young adults.” (Ryan, S., Franzetta, K., Manlove, J., and Schelar, E. [March 2008], Older Sexual Partners During Adolescence: Links to Reproductive Health Outcomes in Young Adulthood) Those same teens also suffered much higher rates of pelvic inflammatory disease, pregnancy complications, infertility, and cervical cancer. (Ibid.)

As common sense would dictate, and based upon all of the adverse physical and psychological results of early teenage sexual activity with older partners, the authors of the Guttmacher studies strongly argued for sexual abstinence for these teens.

Our results emphasize the importance of programs to prevent early sex among both males and females. In addition, these findings suggest that adolescents, particularly young adolescents, should be made aware of the risks associated with forming relationships with older partners. In particular, program providers should be alerted that young females who engage in early sexual activity with older partners are at especially high risk of adverse reproductive health consequences. Finally, programs that address characteristics of healthy romantic relationships and highlight problems associated with potentially unequal power dynamics between partners could benefit both males and females. (Ryan et al., 2008; emphasis mine.)

Planned Parenthood’s Non-Response

In 2013, Planned Parenthood (PP) published a paper entitled, “Pregnancy and Childbearing Among U.S. Teens.” In this paper, PP documented statistics of teen pregnancy, and noted that the greater the number of sex partners, the more likely that pregnancy will occur: teens with two or fewer sex partners had the lowest rate of pregnancy among sexually active teens.

PP also referred to the above Guttmacher studies in indicating that teenage girls who had partners who were six or more years older were 3.7 times more likely to become pregnant. Although the PP document did not elaborate, this number was taken from the Guttmacher studies discussed above.

While the PP document goes to great length to discuss the hardships which teenage girls suffer if they choose to keep their babies, and the difficulties those babies may have, there was no discussion of the increased occurrence of STDs, cervical cancer, infertility, or further reproductive problems as a result of early sexual activity with an older partner. In addition, there was no mention of the Guttmacher study conclusions regarding the reasons teen females who had much older sexual partners were more likely to become pregnant — the involuntary nature of the sexual involvement, and the feeling of powerlessness on the part of the younger female.

Rather, Planned Parenthood, ignoring the well-documented conclusions in the Guttmacher studies and their own earlier documentation of facts from those studies, stated that what young teens needed was “mandatory, medically accurate sexuality education programs that provide comprehensive information and encourage teens to make informed decisions; access to contraceptive and other forms of reproductive health care, including abortion; social acceptance of adolescent sexual expression as normal and healthy; straightforward public health media campaigns; and government support for the right of teens to accurate information and confidential services.” (Op. cit.)

Furthermore, “laws that mandate parental involvement only victimize teens; they do not prevent them from obtaining abortion services. Instead, these laws, which contain judicial bypass provisions, increase the delays teens experience in receiving services, simultaneously increasing the physical and emotional health risks, as well as the costs.” (Ibid.)

What Elephant in the Room?

So if we were to follow Planned Parenthood’s line of thinking, it shouldn’t concern us that:

  • Six out of ten sexually-active girls aged 15 or younger are having sex with men at least six years older than themselves;
  • At least one in four of those girls aged 16 and younger who have sex with men at least six years older have reported that the sexual activity is involuntary;
  • These same girls suffer from STDs at a rate two times higher than other sexually active females;
  • These same girls become pregnant at a rate three times greater than other sexually active females;
  • These girls suffer from higher rates of cervical cancer, infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease, and other reproductive-related complications.

By Planned Parenthood’s lights, it should matter to us whether teenage girls make “informed” decisions, and ignore whether the decisions are made for them by their adult “boyfriends”. We must ignore the fact that cutting out parental notification, in the name of “unfettered access”, allows Planned Parenthood to help hide the crimes of sexual predators. We must ignore the fact that hundreds of thousands of girls will suffer physical and emotional damage, including potential loss of ability to have other children, because giving minors “unfettered access” matters more than protecting them from sexual abuse.

Predators love Planned Parenthood because they successfully distract our attention. And while we avert our gaze from those who really matter, Planned Parenthood is laughing all the way to the bank … with our tax dollars carried in their bloodied hands.

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28 thoughts on “Why Predators Love Planned Parenthood”

  1. If u stick with Planned Parenthood subject, stay on that subject but then u jump to predators preying on these girls. No fathers in their lives. Ever since I have been Catholic I find it funny that I had done some really bad things in my life even involvement with the police. But Christians have become very judgemental because of my past. I not against fighting evil but i did not choose to be sexually abused as a kid and not receiving the proper love and support I took my miseries into adulthood. Not everyone has the luxury of growing up with two parents and the people I have run into who have been sexually abused is astronomical. We compare ourselves to each other remember your comparison is not with me but with Christ. All this is a vicious cycle of sin. Treat others with the same mercy and forgiveness as we receive from Christ. Remember the Spiritual and Corporal works of mercy. Thank you for your time.

  2. Young teen females prefer chasing adult men at least six years older.

    There’s the ‘rut’ cause of your statistic.

    Somehow though, both sexual traditionalists and progressives fail to call for bringing back the lost custom of the spinster aunt chaperone.

    1. And sadly PP supports and enables this while hiding behind the statement that “kids will have sex.” Sure they will so long as everyone around them expects them to—health and psychological consequences be damned.
      The Church’s stance is not only correct theologically and morally; it is what is best for the physical and emotional health of our teens.

  3. when PP does not report the pregnancy of a minor to law enforcement, they are in effect conspiring with felons to protect them from the legal consequences of their sexual perversions; and, even worse, they are conspiring to keep these sexual predators on the streets to harm even more young women.
    could the reason PP participates so protectively in the felonies of these sexual predators be the dollars they receive from aborting the children of the children being attacked? is it all about the money?
    when congress gives money to PP, it also is conspiring, albeit indirectly, with felons to commit their felonies and to keep these felons on the streets to continue their atrocities.

    1. Is that like when bishops and cardinals, although mandated reporters, did not and in same cases still do not report sexual abuse to civil authorities….kind of like Bishop Finn who was convicted in a criminal trial? Cover-ups are as common in PP as in the RCC. Let’s level the playing field and hold both sides accountable for their misdeeds. PP, if true, is wrong in not reporting abuse; how about the princes of the RCC…throughout the world. Is it also about money, scandal, and how many ped priests kept re-offending. Never accuse one with sin without acknowledging the same sin of a church.

    2. Okay, we acknowledge that members of the Catholic Church sin gravely when they fail to report child abuse, and they should be prosecuted to the full extent of both civil and canon law.

      Now can you acknowledge the same about PP?

    3. Not civil law (only when the statute of limitations have expired on criminal cases, but criminal law. I have little knowledge as to the extent of failure to report at PP; probably because it does not garner media attention to the same degree as actions of prelates. But I agree that ANYONE, ANY ORGANIZATION including PP should be subject to criminal prosecution who is a mandated reporter and fails to report sexual abuse, knowledge of under age sex (statutory rape) or any sexual activity which violates the law.

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  5. Dear Cynthia-Excellent! It truly is Planned Predatorhood. Hopefully the new congress will expose their frauds, stop their evil, and make it known about the statutory rapes they facilitate and the RETA policy of the Democrats they make real in real life. Once they are out of busine$s, the history books will remember them for Black Genocide and Brown Genocide. Guy McClung, San Antonio RETA = Racial Eugenic Targeted Abortion

    1. If you note where most of the PP clinics are located, they are in African-American neighborhoods. If anyone would read Margaret Sanger’s writings, they would be appalled at the inherent and explicit racism.

    2. It is true that the bulk of PP clinics are on African-American neighborhoods. It is also true that African-American or Latino women have rates of abortion five times that of white woman….why?

      “The median wealth of white households is 18 times that of Hispanic households and 20 times that of black households, according to the Pew Research Center, but across the board, low-income women have a higher rate of unintended pregnancy and abortion regardless of race. They are less likely to have health insurance or consistent access to healthcare, and therefore birth control, according to a study by theKaiser Family Foundation. The Guttmacher report credited the increase in popularity of contraceptive intrauterine devices (IUDs) with contributing to the decline of the abortion rate. IUDs are among the longest-lasting and most effective methods of birth control—but they’re also among the most expensive, and therefore not an option for many low-income women.”

      Atlantic Mag, Sept 22, 2014 http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2014/09/abortions-racial-gap/380251/

      You always have to look beneath the raw data!

    3. …of course, the profit motive isn’t anywhere in there for PP, is it?
      Beneath the raw data…
      Hm…what about Sanger’s racist beliefs?
      Point to note: The Guttmacher Insititute is the research arm of….Planned Parenthood.


      Here’s an idea: Help people to enjoy love and care for children, rather than treat them like problems to be avoided/hated/murdered?
      Just a thought….anyone? Anyone?

    4. Profit motive? Planned Predatorhood is in the process of violating City of San Antonio zoning laws building a humongoid “surgery” center here that will do around 3000 minimum deaths a year-apparently able to do 3 per hour; but there are several competitors here and customers from the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas, and Corpus Christi [all with abortion busine$ses recently closed] will be flocking here. PP wants the lion’s share of the market. Imagine how much tax money they will get ant then funnel right back to the elected officials who are greasing the skids for “variances.” They could gross millions$ each year. See BloodMoneySA.com and pray that they never open-the fight is on to save these babies. And many days when they do 20 abortions every child will be named Enrique, Pablo, Alejandro, Roberto, Maria, Esmeralda, Esperanza and Angela. They will simply add to the number of 11,000,000 less Hispanic voters since Roe v Wade. Guy McClung, San Antonio

    5. Phil, do Not be a Social Darwinist. Do not defend Racist ideologues (like Margaret Sanger) & supporters of Eugenics. Instead, fully embrace the tenets of Social Justice which the Catholic Church fervently & extensively proclaims. Be a humble Tiny Tim & Bob Cratchit (like in A Christmas Carol by genius Charles Dickens who himself grew dirt poor). Phil, do not be an Ebenezer Scrooge (who was Malthusian). Scrooge sounds like you: “If they (the poor, struggling) would rather die, they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.” Phil, support Social Justice & stand with the Holy Catholic Church. Do not defend those whose work damages the poor & struggling masses & minorities. Rise above their ideologies & deception, Phil.

    6. Guy, I would ask you to consider the words of Martin Luther King, when he accepted the Margaret Sanger Memorial Award: in 1966:

      “The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. may have put it best in 1966, when he accepted Planned Parenthood’s prestigious Margaret Sanger Award and spoke eloquently of the “kinship” between the civil rights and family planning movements. Here is what he said, since it bears repeating:

      “There is a striking kinship between our movement and Margaret Sanger’s early efforts. She, like we, saw the horrifying conditions of ghetto life. Like we, she knew that all of society is poisoned by cancerous slums. Like we, she was a direct actionist — a nonviolent resister… She launched a movement which is obeying a higher law to preserve human life under humane conditions. Margaret Sanger had to commit what was then called a crime in order to enrich humanity, and today we honor her courage and vision; for without them there would have been no beginning.”

      Solon, http://www.salon.com/2011/11/02/was_planned_parenthoods_founder_racist/

    7. What an irony, assuming this quote is genuine. Considering Sanger’s own quotes about the American black race:

      “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,” she said, “if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” Woman’s Body, Woman’s Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America, by Linda Gordon

      …’course, you could go and argue with MLK’s niece at her website, if you think I’m faking/it’s unreliable:


      …MLK, if he did make that statement, was sadly duped by a woman who wanted to see all non-‘thoroughbreds’ executed/eliminated. And by non-thuroughbred, she meant anyone not like her, as was the case with all racists/eugenecists/evil sickos, whatever pseudo scientific names they’re giving themselves this year.

      Urm…maybe you need to see the silent scream aagian, phil…


    8. Phil-You are correct – they really fooled him. Ask his niece today if he was prolife. Learn the truth, the whole truth about PP Saint Margaret, what she called our “negro problem,” and who she saw as “human undergrowth.” Couple this with PP’s publicly stated goal of population control and their RETA policy becomes crystal clear. 56,000,00o dead babies since Roe; over half of them minority babies, but these mothers make up less than a third of the population. Over 28,000,000 less minority voters is no accident and RETA policy is NOT about empowering women or making their lives better. For the full story search “black genocide.” Guy McClung, San Antonio [RETA = Racial Eugenic Targeted Abortion]

  6. Cynthia, statistics are statistics, simply that. Guttmacher conducts valid studies and their data is usually non-assailable. Planned Parenthood has it’s goals and methods….goals and methods are always assailable.
    The unanswered question in this myriad of data is why? Predators are simply vile human who groom vulnerable young girls. Ephebophiles are men who groom young adolescent boys. The fundamental question is why are these young people so vulnerable? The tricks are the same, the psychological involuntary nature of the young person’s involvement with predators is similar why? The only consequence which distinguishes the two horrific situations is pregnancy.
    I believe that the vulnerability is most cases is the absence of the healthy, loving and nurturing presence of a parent of the same sex, as a role model A young girl whose has an absent, abusive,addicted, cold father is open to the predations of an older male….searching for the love of a father who she never had and when your basic psychological needs are never met you reach into “he;;” to have them met. Ans predators abound…they are taught this skill by their fathers.
    While me may agree on data, disagree on PP, I hope we agree on ultimate causality …. the failure of fatherhood in our society.

    1. I agree that absent fathers are definitely part of the blame. Thanks for your email Phil, and Happy St Stephen’s Day.

    2. I agree that females who push fathers out of their childrens’ lives are definitely a blameworthy part of the problem.

      Ceasing tolerance of unwed motherhood would curb most instances of pre-marital sex.

    3. Both men & women are to blame for the sexual sins of this generations. It takes TWO to tango. The parents of our current youth (Baby Boomers who went to bed with the lies of the ’60s- drugs, rock, Consumerism, Fame, Money, “free” sex, secularism) are MORE to blame than their children (the Millenials). Baby Boomers EPICLY failed to teach any meaningful morality & Christianity to their kids. Baby Boomers in the Catholic Church began to articificially contracept & divorce/re-marry like there is no tomorrow, ignore the poor, & become utterly Americanized. Our youth are paying for the sins of their parents (who are the dying Baby Boomers). Our Youth have few role models. Only trashy rap stars, Kardashians, UnLady Gaga, rich kid Biebers, etc.
      Our youth are clearly sons of Adam, who know only their parents’ sins, selfishness, Materialism, & unrepentance, grandsons of Adam’s sons. If only the Youth genuinely discovered & knew the Second Adam who is known as Christ Jesus of Nazareth, Son of the living God Most High. Second Adam, come to us! Blessed Lord & Savior! New Eve, Holy Mary, pray for us! Beautiful Mary, Mother of the New Creation!

    4. “It takes TWO to tango,” barks a pilgrim, forgetting that in today’s feminist-bent America it only takes ONE–the female–to throw a father out of his house.

    5. God is merciful. Many boomers were exposed to higher levels of lead, this stopped in 1979. By almost every metric, in almost every country where lead was cut, the change is profound. Violence, divorce rate, unplanned pregnancies, abortions, general bad decision making (from a lack of long range thinking) are all down back to 1960 levels (or even less) among people with low exposure.

    6. Did you know that Planned “Parenthood” was founded by a Racist (Margaret Sanger)? Supporters of Eugenics (Social Darwinists & even future Nazi supporters) were among the early proponents of Planned “Parenthood”. Today, Planned “Parenthood” is taking our tax money to kill babies (aka abortions). Phil, I’ll stick with Biology (which states that the newly formed human cell from conception already has a Unique DNA) & the tenets of Social Justice which only the Catholic Church passionately & boldly proclaims, &, Phil, you can stick with your lies & your harmful Pro-Pelosi, pro-Wealthy, Anti-Social-Justice ideology. Merry Christ-Mass & Happy New Year!

    7. Yes, I know that Sanger was a racist by today’s standards and a eugenicist. I also know that she railed against women being killed through illegal abortion and fought for birth control and not always for the right reasons.

      I also know that John 23rd protected pedophile priests, defended Marcel Marciel who was a thief, had several wives and children, abused drugs, sexually abused seminarians, etc. He also praised Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu who housed the dying of Calcutta in unsanitary hovels, without medical treatments and had millions in the bank. He fast tracked her beatification despite all acknowledged that the miracle of Monica Bezra was acknowledged by her doctors and husband to be faked. He raised Bernie Law to an Archpriest in the Vatican despite the Boston pedophile crisis and a near grand jury indictment.

      I also know Martin Luther King, Jr had an admitted string of mistresses and prostitutes.

      Calling people names, categorizing them does not make what they ultimately contributed to society. All leaders of repute had their demons.

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