What Can We Do? Speak Out!

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The Right to Life office in my area asked if I would help with this year’s 40 Days for Life campaign. Perhaps I could I call some churches in the area? This request was just the catalyst I needed to write an article on immoral legislation. Normally I wouldn’t write an article about politics. My aim is not to debate but to give you a picture of we can do about some of the big issues like abortion which face our nation. I write from experience about how God is infused in every aspect of our lives because He cares about even minor details.

Two New Bills in Illinois

Jay Robert Pritzker is the 43rd governor of Illinois and the most ‘progressive’, pro-abortion minded governor ever to be elected in this state. Sworn into office January 18th, 2019, Pritzker has begun what can only be compared to the shooting of a horse with a broken leg. Most people know Illinois is in serious financial trouble and that’s bad enough. We’re a pretty lame horse. Our last governor, Bruce Rauner, added his own blows when he went back on his campaign promises in regards to government funding for abortion. Now, just over a month into his governance J.B. Pritzker is seeking to deal with multiple deadly blows to Illinoisans in the form of repealing pro-life laws and also mandatory LGBTQ history classes in grades k-12.

Two bills, HB2495 and HB2467 have been presented which among other horrific things call for the removal of parental notification and abortion through all nine months. The removal of parental notification means that a 12-year-old girl, who cannot receive medication at school for a headache without her parent’s consent, may now receive an abortion without their knowledge. Is this not alarming?  Along with this Pritzker wants to review all state health insurance to assure that we are all paying for abortion services.  As of now, Illinois is 158 billion in debt and yet we have money to spare for Planned Parenthood?

Planned Parenthood

The Planned Parenthood in our town has unfortunately grown and is performing both chemical and surgical abortions. A little hesitant as to what I could offer, I said I would come to a meeting for the 40 Days for Life campaign. Now, with my foot in the door, I am the Outreach Coordinator for our area. I could become stressed on the daunting task of getting churches and groups of people on the prayer calendar but God has taken my fear away. He has replaced it with an attitude of peace and the knowledge that if I give Him my offerings, like the fish and loaves, He will multiply them.

God calls us into the battle for our souls and the souls of our children. I also realize when He does something big, He does it with a few willing souls full of zeal and love. In this way, all glory is His. He will win the battle, not us. He has given me a sense of peace to speak of my own pain to churches or groups of people who are willing to listen. I tell them how I wish so badly someone had been praying on the sidewalk the day I went in for my abortions. I wanted help so badly but no one was there praying. People respond when we speak from our pain to theirs, for we have all been hurt by the evil of abortion.

Our Education System

And what about our children’s education and the onslaught to take away their innocence? Our broken education system has been lacking in funds for so many years that many music and art, or even the trades classes have been dropped. Illinois does not have enough money to reinstate these however demanding classes teaching LGBTQ history is of prime importance to our progressive type politicians, starting at the pure age of 5!

I had been reading from the book of Isaiah just that morning. Isaiah had a vision of Heaven and declared that he was an unclean man living among unclean people. The Seraphim touched his lips with a burning ember and when the question was asked, “Whom shall we send”, he was able to say, ‘Send me’, and he said it with zeal! So, how can I stay silent when the souls of our children, our state, our nation are at risk? Will I be hated? Maybe, but Jesus said we would be.

As a wife and mother, I contemplate while doing dishes, teaching my children, or taking a walk. I sit and pray in my cozy room as I gaze out the window, looking for the little vigil candle flickering through the stained glass window at the church across the street where Christ is present in the Eucharist. I see that little red flicker from the flame and ask God what I can do. People are so afraid. I’m afraid.  The faithful are so fearful because the world seems to be going to Hell in a hand-basket. To speak out might mean being publicly bashed, losing friends or maybe even a job. What do we do? What can I do? Well, ask, and we will receive.

What Can We Do? Speak Out

Just recently, on a very cold, damp day, as I contemplated with the dirty dishes, a knock came at our door. Standing out in the drizzle was a young woman wearing a local news agency jacket. She asked if I knew about the bill to teach LGBTQ curriculum for children K-12 grades, and did I have an opinion. If so, would I go on camera and give my thoughts? I have to admit the feeling of fear began to creep in and I could feel my nerves jumping. Could I say what I thought, knowing I will be criticized or maybe even called hateful? Could I not say anything and continue to wonder why others stay silent?

When the reporter interviewed me on camera about the LGBTQ legislation, I simply articulated my opinion from a Catholic perspective and then my statements were aired on the evening news. I was startled when the reporter told me she couldn’t find anyone else who was against the legislation to speak out while on camera. Was I profound? Was it perfect? No, but I did what I was asked to do, what I believe God asked me to do and I did it with great love for Him.  I honestly felt a bit like Moses. I can write out my thoughts. I can sing. I don’t like to be put on the spot and fumble for my words, but, I have peace about it. All that mattered is that I said yes when the knock came.

God knocks on our doors each day, each moment, asking something of great importance to Him. It may seem small, it might scare us, but He wants us to be at peace. Can we cast aside our fear? Most sins, most tangles we get ourselves into are based on an element of fear. Satan plays on those fears to keep us silent. What will people think? Will I not be loved? How will I be hurt? Jesus says ‘fear not’. He is with us and will tell us what to say when the time comes. Let us cast aside the fear,  and speak the truth in love of God and love of neighbor. When He comes knocking at your door, let Him in and say yes to whatever He asks. As His Blessed Mother said, “Do whatever He tells you.” He may have been preparing you just for this moment. Don’t miss it!

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7 thoughts on “What Can We Do? Speak Out!”

  1. Great article Betty. keep up the good work. You’re an inspiration. So many cowards. including the episcopate. Courage is contagious so persevere and eventually others will join you.

  2. You’re my hero Betty! The Lord is getting you ready for that Live SuperBowl Halftime knock on the door. Don’t be nervous or anything…because you’ll have more practice than the rest of us! You have been blessed with the Gift of Counsel. Christopher in Ohio.

    1. Thank you Christopher. The Lord is my strength! He has been working on stripping away the fear for years and the time is ripe. We can all do our part though. It may just be one conversation with one person, and that is a great victory in Heaven. Prayers will be appreciated as you all will be in mine. God bless you.

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  4. Thanks Guy, No hairy feet here. As for coffee, vintage percolators are my giddy-up and go.

    I’ll keep speaking as long as God gives me the words He wants to speak. Praying for it!

  5. Betty-Good on you for speaking your mind when no one else did. You are rigth re: the devil using “what will people think” and re: God “when He comes knocking,” – and He will come. Some more on this: http://www.catholiclane.com/speak-out/.

    Another subject: organic coffee, done right is not only OK, it truly is a health food. Gotta grind the organic beans right before you make the cup you are going to drink right then. Use stevia natrual plant for sweetener. And-oh my gosh, organic whole whipping cream- Voila! morning dessert in a cup.

    Re: hobbitts, do you have hairy feet? Hank in there and speak, like St Dismas did. Thank you for taking the trouble and doing the work to write fo rus. Guy McClung, Texas

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