We Walk, We Talk, But the Vote Won Temporarily

capitol, washington, dc

capitol, washington, dc

This is the first year I have missed the Walk for Life in San Francisco in a long time. As I write this we are in between that walk and the larger one in D.C. I missed it because I would have had to cross the great Sierra Nevada mountain range in a snow storm, and I am still recovering emotionally from an automobile accident in the snow at home.

But, as usual in these situations, all is not lost. I was able to see the Walk on EWTN television and watch the Inauguration of Donald Trump and then the Million Women March. Of course, this later march got the press coverage even though our Walk for Life in San Francisco happened down Market Street earlier the same day.

Was This Still an Important Day?

All of this walking and marching made me think of our present situation regarding abortion. That is my emphasis in today’s politics. I came late to the issue, being typically uninterested because I thought it didn’t affect me. My children were adopted and my married life had no reason for concern about unintentional births. A surgery took care of that, and I was in an agnostic moral stupor.

I had vague understandings, left over I am sure, from my Episcopal upbringing and the natural law. This was what the Episcopal church once was in the 1940-50s. I lived more of a cultural religious life than an actual understanding of Gods word. Similar, I believe, to Donal Trump’s approached religion. With the addition of – Women, beautiful women, and conquest of those women. The caption in the 1964 New York Military Academy yearbook under a picture of Trump says, “Ladies’ Man: Trump.”

Abortion: Role Reversals

This inaugural day, I saw Cecile Richards,  president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, marching in D.C. For once she was not standing next to people of power. She was out of power since our abortion president had just flown away (goodbye), leaving behind his tragic version of hope and change. I don’t know if he hoped to strangle our faith when he took office, but he made changes that caused the little Sisters of the Poor to suffer and tried to reduce faith to worship inside of a building –  never to come out in the daylight.

This day became a complete reversal of public America regarding many of our Catholic beliefs and renewed the public approval of our Christian way of life. I never in a million years thought I would yearn for the days when it seemed like, most of America paid lip service to faith. Days when we went to church on Sunday because it was expected socially. If ever asked why we went to church our answer was always; because it is the right thing to do, or God is our Father, or He created us. Vague reasoning that satisfied questioning, but not our salvation. Then on Monday morning or even Sunday afternoon, our main thoughts turn to … women, beautiful women, and conquest of the aforementioned women.

At least we went to church and were exposed to the faith.

Why Were the Marches Important?

Seeing these marches in different cities of the United States at first made me very disappointed in my fellow men and women. Look at all of those women of the same mind. Women were demanding something. Several people reporting the news noticed a large amount of public profanity with children looking on. In a case of the blind leading the sighted,  Pro-life women’s groups were denied a sponsorship role reasoning that choice involves also having the baby if desired. Everything is covered. Ignoring the obvious relegation of women in the womb being also chosen to be thought of as a basket of deplorables. A basket can be a delightful pastoral metaphor, but in this case without the feminine pink bow decorating the handle, or cute pink hats atop their babies heads, or the beautiful nurturing intention.

Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life noted:

Our team has just landed in D.C. for the “Women’s March.” We are at Union Station and I have to tell you, I’ve never seen anything like it.

It’s so sad. While women around the world fight for the right to go to school, choose their career paths, and even choose the husband of their choice, American women have taken to wearing pink “p*ssy hats.” There is a literally of sea of them.

How degrading.

Already, I’ve had a mother come up to yell at us for wearing our “Defund Planned Parenthood” shirts and tell me that she thought about aborting her daughter and it wouldn’t have killed her…it would have simply been an abortion. She did this while her young daughter stood and watched.

Last night before I boarded my flight, I saw a mother putting a pink p*ssy hat on your eight year old daughter and take pictures of her.

The numbers are irrelevant. This just part of the same bunch that voted for Clinton, voted against Trump and voted FOR abortion. This is nothing more than roughly one-half of our country that ideologically stands opposite to me and the other half. Whether it is voting or marching, the way we want our lives to be lived differs greatly in just a few areas. Our regard for unborn human life, how we use sex, how we define marriage, and how we view the use of law to institutionalize these beliefs.

Not a trivial list.

These are major differences that naturally prevent our ever coming together and be united. Minds will need to influence a change of mind. Evangelization can cause our opposite thinking citizens to look outward and upward to God.  To leave behind the selfish emotional feelings that only breed divorce and separation.

And the Winner Is…

So, the unlikely election of a crude, rude man, who is revered by his family, has caused a reversal of roles. He won the game he was given to play. The same game everyone else was given – the Electoral College. If you want him to compete in the majority vote game, then change it and wait and see in 2020.

The symbol of this reversal is Cecile Richards, kicked to the curb. In the street instead of in the White House. Big changes have been promised to religious leaders by Trump. De-funding Planned Parenthood, conservative judges in the Supreme Court as well as in other Federal Courts, reinstatement of the Mexico Cty Policy that has been ordered by several past presidents, and an implied retreat of the attacks by government on Christianity and our Catholic faith.

Little Sisters of the Poor, hang on, we are coming.

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11 thoughts on “We Walk, We Talk, But the Vote Won Temporarily”

    1. I judge a person’s acts and statements. If you had read carefully, I consider him rude and crude. This obviously does not affect his organizational abilities and commitment to the cause for life. A judgement of rudeness also extends to your comment.

    2. He has no organizational abilities (he runs his administration by impulsive tweet) and as for his commitment to the cause for life, have you seen his web site? Nothing about abortion. Temperamentally he is pro-choice (most sexual predators are, for obvious reasons). In every other way he can only be called pro-death. Pro torture. Pro war. Pro nuclear arms race. Pro capital punishment. And he is demonizing immigrants in ways similar to what was done in Nazi Germany (whoa, don’t censor this, your man made such a reference only a few days ago).

      It’s one thing if you say “he’s a jerk but he’s right about this one issue”. Instead we get ridiculous statements about how he is honored by his family. Honored for what? For cheating on his first two wives — in public — and never apologizing for it? For boasting about sexual assault? For calling women ugly in public (including the wife of one of his political opponents)? And it’s clear to everyone that he (or his dad) paid for at least one abortion and he’s never owned up to it or apologized for it.

    3. I am afraid that two strikes put you out in the game of reading comprehension. What I wrote CLEARLY that he was revered by his family, not honored. I would suggest that with this poor ability to comprehend what you read probably carries over to what you hear also. None of your emotional ramblings can possibly carry any weight with anyone who reads them after this kind of display. Start over somewhere else, read slowly and carefully. Weighing what is said or written, then apply reasoning to that. If people disagree with you, suck-it-up and learn that you cannot always have your way. God Bless and goodbye.

    4. How did you judge Hillary’s words and actions? Did you notice that she is a proven liar, corrupt to the core, fixated on fundraising and her image? Are you one of the true believers that makes liberal ideology your religion and follows the way of political correctness? Just wondering. It’s interesting to see what self identified “Catholics” say.

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    1. Unless…as in this case, the pendulum resembles less a simple clock sitting on your table, and resembles more what took place in the Poe story, “The Pit and the Pendulum”.

    2. Its ironic you mention Poe as he was inspired by the Spanish Inquisition. If we go all
      the way back to the OT right up to this age, my reference to the pendulum is about the powers that be – how they swing right, then left. All history has an ebb and flow of good and evil, its eradication and resurgence, the good fight and evil prevailing. There’s a lesson here for the average human who looks at the span of each swing. All would like
      to be born into a golden age, would tolerate well a bronze, would not want to withstand
      an iron age, and woe to them who live to see the feet of clay. No matter how we try, one
      age pancakes into the next. I guess the question is are we an ascending species or a humanity always stuck in neutral – the nadir of the pendulum. Would a Trump right arc prevail, or an Obama left arc suffice. I would say the Inquisition happened during a
      Trump swing from the apex ; but then again the results of an Obama arc coming from
      the left seem to be an end point in any case – with humanity getting sliced.

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