Using The “Laudate” Catholic App to Enhance Your Faith-life


What is Laudate?

“Laudate” is a Catholic app found on most phones in “Play Store”. I discovered it in recent years and have found it very helpful in my Catholic life. It is a “free app” which makes it even more appealing. I find it great to know we can find helpful applications on our phones bringing us closer to Christ through discovering prayers and learning more about our faith. It’s refreshing to know in the busy-ness of life, there exist apps which can lead us to God and keep us on the path of prayer. I am quite grateful to have discovered it!  I have been using the app for years now.

The Basics of the App

In clicking on the application, “Laudate” offers several icons ranging from Prayers, Daily Readings, Liturgy of the Hours, and others. My favorites are access to Liturgy of the Hours and some of the audio apps available. Under “Daily Readings” there are several icons offering meditations and audio recordings based on the day. There are also “Reflections” on the Mass Readings for the day which are either readings or audio recordings from selected ministries. The audio reflections are super to listen to in the car on your Bluetooth while driving.  I love to do this at the start of the day.

Using Apps to Bring Us Closer to the Lord

Whether you are a person who prays a Daily Rosary, if you enjoy reading Holy Scripture or learning, “Laudate” has it all. In addition to this app, there are many other Catholic apps available today. I have found this particular app easy to use with lots of variety to keep my mind and heart focused on Christ.  The app has definitely enhanced both prayer and faith-lives.

Developing good habits are an excellent way to use a Catholic app for the better in our faith journey. Finding your favorite icons and going there often will help you to develop those good habits to bring Christ into the everyday moments. I find this an easy way to bring Christ’s presence close to my heart and mind.  Since I like to pray the Liturgy of the Hours, using this app at any time of the day is convenient and easy-to-use. Don’t stop with “Laudate”, there are many other good Catholic apps for prayer, meditation, and reflection. Key in “Catholic” in “Play Store” to discover more favorites.

There is one particular icon called “Catholic Bytes”.  These are 60-second meditations given by several different priests within the United States and North America with educational catechesis on varied topics.  This is a special favorite I would highly recommend.  I have learned a great deal in just 60-seconds of teachings per byte!  Be sure to check this one out.

Journeying with God Using Technology

Phones can be used for evil but also for good. Using our phones to pray and reach out in faith to Christ through reflections on meditations and reflections are both positive and virtuous. I have found the time spent and the easy access to my prayers and readings are very helpful. As we journey through Lent and beyond, let’s keep Christ close to our hearts using the methods available to us through the hectic days we all face. Be blessed!

Check it out from your Android phone

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7 thoughts on “Using The “Laudate” Catholic App to Enhance Your Faith-life”

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  3. I don’t want too many apps on my phone so I use Feedly, an RSS reader, to get my Catholic Bytes fix. And I came to this site through The Daily Register feed from Feedly

  4. Highly recommend. Also, I used a separate Rosary Audio App on my Kindle to teach an 11 year old autistic child the rosary and the associated Gospel readings. He basically learned the Gospel’s from the Rosary App. Had to turn the sound off due to his sensory issues, but the electronic gadget caught and held his attention. It didn’t work right away, but when I kept doing it he came to me and joined in, eventually taking over and running the show. He also uses Laudate app on Kindle (android) to read the mass now. This stuff is extremely useful in many ways.

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