Turn Back to the Father in Gratitude



A figure with a torch walks into a giant, dark room. As she draws closer to the objects surrounding her, she sees that they are objects of great treasure: beautiful gold statues, silver and crystal candelabras, books of great knowledge, coins and jewels of immeasurable wealth. The room was given to her by her wonderful father, whose love knows no bounds. These are her treasures to use.

As she draws out these treasures, one by one, others are in awe. “What do you have? Where did you get those? What amazing treasures!” At first, she responds, “My Papa gave them to me. I hope that I can use them well.” Over time, however, she simply replies, “Those are mine.” Soon everyone else around her forgets where she got them. They just assume that they are hers, and always have been hers. Eventually, everyone, including her, completely forgets where the treasure came from in the first place. She moves on and away.

At what point in time do we forget? When do we stop saying, “My Father gave me…” and begin to say, “I am artistic,” or “I am so smart/beautiful/athletic,” or “I am going to run this company/team/class.” When do we forget from Whom we came, or that we came from Someone at all?

In the darkness of lost and lonely nights, we turn back to our Father, thank Him for His past blessings, and ask for help. At times of terror, we race back to Him in humble desperation, and beg Him to accept our acknowledgement that we are nothing without Him … nothing without Him having willed us into being. Our Father is always there to welcome us to Him, because we never stop belonging to Him, even though we may have forgotten and turned away.

To the Angel’s message, Mary didn’t respond, “I will do this, Lord.” That’s an active-voice sentence, as if she were able to initiate any action in the matter. No; Mary replied, “May it be done unto me according to your word” (Luke 1:38 NAB). The passive-voice construction shows she knew full well that she could never be the doer of the action. All she could do was turn completely to the Father, allow Him to work in her, and be grateful.

Let it be done unto us, according to our Father’s will. Then let us glorify Him, cling to Him, give Him thanks always, and never turn away. For only with God, like a simple teen-aged girl from first century Palestine, can we be forever blessed.

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2 thoughts on “Turn Back to the Father in Gratitude”

  1. Thank you for your kind comments.

    I need this reminder every minute of every day!!!
    Turn to God in everything; turn to Mary for how to turn to God in everything.

  2. Wow, just Wow! I never thought of it that way and it is shameful that I hadn’t. Thank you that you heard the Spirit’s voice and wrote what He willed you to write.

    Boy, will my thinking have to get a major overhaul! Thank God He is giving us the new Church year on Sunday and I can pray and ask Him to give me this grace.

    With God’s grace, may He teach me how to think like Mary!

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