Trying to Understand Pro-Abortion Politicians

Chelsea - flight

Chelsea - flight

“O Divine Master, Grant that I may not so much seek to be understood as to understand.”

As I walked down Constitution Avenue with hundreds of thousands of joyous, eclectic, fervent, solemn, loud, costumed, bundled, dancing, leaping, and loving pro-life marchers on the Thursday of the March for Life, I thought that this must be a glimpse of Heaven. I would meld into an enthusiastic group reciting the Rosary in Spanish, and then float near a harmonic chorus of “Hail Holy Queen,” pass through a reverent group quietly praying in English, before bumping into a bouncing battalion of high school students shouting out, “Hey Obama, your Mama chose life!” Interspersed the entire way were warm greetings and introductions by marchers from all over the United States (and Canada), and, indeed, in every possible state: moms and dads with babies, monks in sandals and cloaks, Eastern rite priests with their hats and embroidered robes, secular pro-life marchers, high school students with varsity jackets and florescent hats, teams of walkers and wheelchairs, old, young, and every age in between. The common denominator was the clearly evident joy of publicly proclaiming our message: Live is very good! We were celebrating the penultimate gift given to each of us: Life! Many of us were all buoyed earlier in the day by the tweet sent to his 13 million plus followers by Pope Francis:

Every Life is a Gift. #marchforlife

It immediately had received over 15,000 retweets and 22,000 favorites. We understood, throughout the rallies and Masses and Eucharistic Adorations and concerts and gatherings of thousands the night before, that we were working for a good and just cause.

As we approached Capitol Hill, the clamor subsided. We were passing by jumbo screens which portrayed the act and aftermath of abortion. We all stared in silence as we saw the videos of dead fetuses—the perfectly formed, uniquely made, creations of human life that were now limp and lifeless in surgically-gloved hands. We saw the photos of containers filled with tiny body parts. Some of us turned away. Some of us wished we hadn’t seen it. But this was the horrid, wicked truth of abortion. One teen, carrying a sign which stated “One Third of My Generation is Gone,” wiped away a tear.

Later in the day, we learned that President Obama had sent a tweet of his own, celebrating the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade as it “protects a woman’s freedom to make her own choices about her body and her health.” The longer press release made no mention of the babies who had no choice at all. It was then that I thought of the prayer of St Francis of Assisi, and sought to understand.

How can our President celebrate an act which holds that one person has the right to determine that another’s life is “not worthy of life?”

How can he promote a procedure which denigrates and darkens the hearts, minds, and spirits of millions of women each year?

How can he, a constitutional lawyer, not see that the right to life is paramount to any other right?

How could he look at those videos and not perceive the tragedy of the destruction, the waste, the heinous sacrifice of a beautiful face, a uniquely fingerprinted hand, a mind already understanding her mother’s voice?

Then I pondered what Mr. Obama would say to Pope Francis when he visits Washington this September. Just as he was during his visit to the Vatican, the President will be eager, like so many others, to have photos with the Pope and to try to shine in the reflection of his holy glow.

I am also trying to understand Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, a “Catholic mother of five,” who refused to answer a CBS News reporter’s question regarding the status of a 20 week old fetus. “When it comes to the matter of whether or not an unborn child is a human being at 20 weeks gestation, what is your personal take on it? If it is not a human being, then what do you believe it is?” Rather she challenged the reporter’s right to ask the question. Pelosi, upon voting against the recently passed bill to prohibit taxpayer funding for abortion, claimed that such a bill “undermines the health of America’s women.” I wonder what Nancy will have to say when His Holiness comes to Congress in September. Won’t she be eager, as the Catholic mother of five, to be photographed with His Holiness?

In truth, I am trying to understand Vice President Joe Biden and the many other politicians and public figures who call themselves Catholic, who claim that they are “personally pro-life” but vote pro-abortion. I have never understood the phrase “personally pro-life.” How can it be wrong to kill one baby but right to kill another? Like Civil War Northerners who “personally” could not own slaves but supported the Southerners right to do the same, these men and women speak out of two sides of their mouths and have no credibility. Do they not see this? Yet those same “Catholic” politicians will be eager to be photographed attending Mass in which Pope Francis is celebrating or to be standing by his side.

Pope Francis is not a stupid man. Those politicians who believe that they can quote his words for their political agenda or claim to be part of the Church while holding fast to policies which are contrary to the heart of Christ’s teachings will be surprised this September.

Meanwhile, we can take heart in the words of Cardinal O’Malley in his homily to thousands of marchers this week. Noting that more Americans than ever are pro-life and support policies to limit abortion, O’Malley gave hope to all those assembled to continue our work with love and joy. We understand that we march for the truth, an eternal truth, and because of that, we shall overcome.

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5 thoughts on “Trying to Understand Pro-Abortion Politicians”

  1. Thank you, Cynthia, for this heartfelt article. I sometimes become so heartbroken for the little children whose lives are dashed because of selfishness and ignorance. If there was no God who would we turn to when actions such as these defy decency? Beware, too, many of the so-called bishops of the Church who are leading the sheep and themselves to perdition.

  2. Feb. 15th…evil begets evil. Evil unchecked or affirmed progresses quickly to the detriment of all souls involved. Nancy Pelosi declares often that she is ‘personally opposed but..” – if she is personally opposed and does not therefore want to impose her personal views then she should just be silent. One who is personally opposed does not lead the charge to aggressively and publicly urge the promotion, unlimited, of the killing of human babies in the womb – her souls is shriveling and she is influencing others towards promoting this mass killing because she is permitted by our Bishops to consider herself to be a Catholic in good standing with the Church and therefore allowed to receive Christ in the Eucharist. Nancy Pelosi and Catholic politicians and public figures like her go unchecked in their embrace and promotion of this evil…look at Andrew Cuomo in New York! it is frightening not only for the souls of those promoting evil, but for the souls they influence as they process blithely up to the altar rail every week – but, in the end, it is more frightening for the preborn babies who try to back away from the scalpel of the abortionist coming near to cut them apart within the womb of their own mothers! There is no evil – no evil – that even comes close to this mass slaughter of innocent humans in the wombs of their mothers…other butcheries may be more visible…but we have exterminated more than 60 million human babies and continue to slaughter even as ISIS marches on in their bloody path of death…but ISIS is not as barbaric as our own honored medical personnel who slaughter millions of babies – with the blessing of legalization…we have legalized murder – the genocide of generations of humans! The killers do not stand on our borders – they are within our cities – our neighborhoods…and if we are silent, if we turn away – then we are aiding and abetting these mass murders…as is Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and Andrew Cuomo and Barrack Obama and other who smile and pat each other on the back as babies cry out but their mothers do not hear – do not listen. And so the slaughter continues…and soon it will no longer be just the babies in the womb for evil has no bounds, accepts no restrictions…soon it will be the baby who is born but unwanted…soon the handicapped – those who do not ‘contribute’ to society – and for those who stand for this butchery…soon it could be you or someone you love. It’s time to stand for life…before it’s too late.

    1. How is it that others cannot see that abortion is barbaric? Who, in their right minds, could ever see abortion as anything but willful murder? I guess they are not in their right minds! Are their unrepentant sins so iniquitous that God has closed off His grace to them and allowed them to devolve into the clutches of the demonic? Romans 1:18-32 continues to inform me about these sinners whose thoughts have become futile. This sickness of the mind seems to affect the Godless and the lukewarm. Thank you for this right reason. To save a child in the womb from the abortion-minded is a slow and painstaking process. It is a cross which we must bear if we are to defend ourselves at our judgment.

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