Trump And Brexit: One Catholic Non-Pundit’s Perspective


bookThe Trump phenomenon and Brexit both came about as a result of the Protestant Reformation in the early 1500s. SAY WHAT?!

Some may think this statement is a bit of stretch – or even a really big stretch – but it really isn’t. History is linear and various events throughout history have happened or were directly caused by other events that preceded them.  And it is still that way today.

The Reformation is significant for many reasons, not the least of which is that Reformed Theology teaches that people do not need a Magisterium to interpret the Bible for them, that each individual is a priest in his or her own right, and each individual is perfectly capable of interpreting the Bible and Jesus’ teachings and determining God’s will. So the Reformation planted the seed that became ‘Individualism.’

Today the idea of ‘individualism’ has been taken to the extreme in moral relativism, the notion that sexual love between two persons of the same sex is perfectly fine, and gender theory. But even modern Protestants like Joel Osteen continue this individualistic notion of Bible interpretation by preaching a gospel that’s been called prosperity theology – the belief that material gain is a reward for pious Christians.  But that’s another story altogether.

The notion of Individualism has led to many of our modern day problems, which in turn have led to Trump and Brexit.   Here’s how.

From the Reformation to the 1700’s

The notion of Individualism most likely found its way into the thoughts of Protestant thinkers like John Locke and John Stuart Mill, fathers of Traditional Liberalism. Even the Catholic Encyclopedia notes: “Owing largely to the religious individualism resulting from the Reformation, political individualism at length appeared.”

Locke’s ideas on individual liberty inspired our Founding Fathers which led to the United States of America. (This just shows that even good things can come out of muddled thinking!)

The Founders intended that the USA would be a Christian nation and the form of government they set up was meant to ensure the God-given rights of all citizens – not man-made rights, but our God-given rights.

A War For Control Begins

Throughout modern history, there have always been smart people, who have not been quite as religious as our Founders, who’ve desired wealth and power for themselves – power seekers. They’ve all realized that ‘government’ could aid them in achieving this desire.  Some of these people have been business people, others have been speculators, and still others have been politicians.  This last group is actually the most insidious group because they lie to people and say they want to serve the public and ‘help the poor and less fortunate’ when what they really want to do is serve themselves.

Through the years the names of these power seekers have changed countless times but they have all had the one same desire – wealth and power. So even as the USA began to grow, power seekers began quietly scheming to get laws passed and policies put in place that would help them achieve their dreams.

Power seekers around the world have all known that a strong, powerful central government, along the lines of a socialistic form of government that controls everything, is a key to their success. This is because the central government sets policies and passes laws that affect the entire nation (or in the case of the EU, the entire union).

While this quiet war for wealth and power – for control really – has been taking place, other real shooting wars that claimed far too many lives both in the USA and around the world took take place. World War I, the War to End all Wars, took place, but it didn’t end war.  World War II followed less than 25 years later and other wars have taken place all over the world since then as well.

But after WW II concluded, a couple of smart, very religious guys, who were Catholics, started meeting secretly in Switzerland to try and figure out how to ease the tensions that always seemed to provoke war in Europe. These two guys deduced that free trade amongst the countries of Europe would be a good first step toward uniting Europe.  Their discussions eventually resulted in the establishment of the European Economic Community (EEC).

A New Battlefront

As might be expected, power-seekers in Europe saw the benefits – for themselves – in a united European economy. They also realized that if they could create a true European Union with a strong central government they could make trade laws and set economic policies that would help them become more wealthy and powerful.   So they set out to do just that.

Some 25 or 30 years later all of the countries of Europe finally agreed that a united Europe would be good, so they formed the European Union. Under the EU all the countries in Europe became like the states in the USA, united through a central government that was based in Brussels.  Everyone was convinced that the EU would bring peace, stability, and great economic benefits to all the countries that were part of the Union.

And so the power seekers in Europe achieved a nice tactical advantage for themselves in their quiet war for wealth and power, even as the same quiet war continued in the USA.

Europe played right into the power seekers’ hands. Because of all the different cultures in Europe (the diversity), and because a number of the countries that became members of the EU were already on their way to becoming socialist democracies, selling folks on the idea that a strong central government would bring stability and prosperity was not that difficult.  The people in Europe were also sick of war and deprivation and were willing to try anything that would make life better.

Since the EU came into existence, Brussels has turned into a city overflowing with thousands of unelected bureaucrats appointed by those in power to make sure all the EU member countries toe the line. Bureaucracies are good as far as power seekers are concerned because bureaucrats can implement policies that are beneficial to the power seekers.

Meanwhile, Back In the USA . . .

The going has been tougher in the USA for these power seekers, even though they’ve been at it for much longer. The main reason for this is that Socialism never really took root in the USA.  Even though U.S. citizens have suffered through some hard times, they’ve always been too darn self-reliant to want the government to take care of them.

Most folks in the USA have also liked the Founding Fathers’ ideas on how government should work. The folks in the heartland of the USA especially believe in the Constitution as it was written.  These are the folks who cling to their guns and their religion because they agree with George Washington who said, “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

But these smart power seekers, who have come to be known as globalists, have been and still are determined.

Unwitting Accomplices

Luckily for the globalists, since the early 1900s they’ve been aided in their plan by some unwitting accomplices – ideologue academics who’ve thought it possible to create Utopia here on earth. These ideologue academics, who are really socialists but have come to be known as secular progressives, have always felt the masses need to be led by them – the intellectual elite.  Some of these academics have been ‘spiritual but not religious’ while others have been outright atheists.  They’ve all tended to believe that organized religion is the cause of many of the world’s problems.

These ideologue academics think that the key to creating Utopia is to make government the new religion. In their minds.Socialism kept failing because the wrong people kept getting hold of the reins.  If only intellectual idealistic folks like themselves could take charge they could make socialism work.

Now globalists know a good thing when they see one, so they’ve supported these ideologues from the get-go. The globalists saw these ideologues for what they were – misguided patsies.   But since what the ideologues wanted and what the globalists wanted was one in the same – a strong central government – it behooved the globalists to support the ideologues.

The intellectual elite secular progressive ideologues knew that people had to be conditioned to look to government for all things, so they had to control the educational system. Children needed to be taught to think the right way – that government had all that answers, that it was like their mother and father all rolled into one.  Since the family was the basis of society, they also knew that had to negate parental authority and dismantle the traditional family structure.

Religion would also have to be discredited. Science would see to that.  Logic and reason could also be overcome by emotional arguments.  Morality and ‘normal’ would have to both be redefined.  Minority groups would have to be told they are victims and encouraged to look to big government to fix their victimhood.  And the country’s borders would have to be opened to allow in more minorities, all in an effort to create the kind of diversity these misguided secular progressive ideologues needed to re-shape what was once a pretty homogenous Judeo-Christian Democratic Republic into a Socialist Democracy.

Just as an aside here, to most ordinary Christians and Catholics who are only trying to live good lives and who don’t play ‘power games’, this can sometimes all sound very conspiratorial, but it isn’t and yet it is.  Let’s just call it human nature and the evil one at work.  While ordinary folk just want to live good lives and get to heaven the arrogant misguided ideologue secular progressives think they can actually create heaven here on earth while their benefactors, the globalists, are consumed by earthly desires and only want control, money, and power.

Almost Up To The Present

It took a while for these secular progressives to spread their ideology in the USA, but eventually it started to take hold. The counter culture / sexual revolution of the 60s helped the cause immensely.

By the year 2000, the current crop of globalists and secular progressive patsies were feeling pretty good because it looked like their plan was working. They were gaining more and more control of the governments in both the EU and the USA, and they were becoming rich(er) and (more) powerful.

But then a bunch of radical Islamist extremists who had decided it was time to establish the Islamic Caliphate throughout the world took center stage. Terrorist attacks by these radical Islamist extremist nutjobs had the USA, the EU, and many other countries around the world on edge.  Then a radical Islamist army formed in the Middle East and started beheading Christians there right and left and really threw the Mid-East and into a tizzy.  People had been leaving the Mid-East for some time in search of a better life, but now they were leaving in droves, heading for Europe and the USA.

This wasn’t really a problem as far as the globalists and their misguided secular progressive ideologue patsies were concerned because the influx of immigrants and refugees from anywhere helped create more diversity. Openly welcoming these Muslim immigrants would also confuse the ignorant masses.  People might think they – the secular progressive ideologues – were actually pro-freedom of religion!  This would divert some attention from their maneuverings to quash Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular.

The globalists and their secular progressive patsies also know full well that any anti-religion laws they are able to put in place will impact Muslims as well as Christians. And they can always pull more if needed.  Islam is, after all, just another organized religion as far as they are concerned.   So dealing with the large Christian majority first was still the first order of business.  They could always deal with the small Muslim minority down the road if they refused to get with the program.

Trump And Brexit

But then something happened. In the USA a rich guy named Donald Trump, who was not really part of the globalist crowd and who, despite his faults, loved his country and did not hold with secular progressive ideologies, got fed up with what he saw happening in the USA.  He started giving voice to the average citizen – the Christian folks clinging to their guns and religion – who had also never supported the secular progressive ideologies.  Encouraged by the fervor he was seeing among the common folk for his message he entered the presidential race in the U.S.

At the same time. ordinary British citizens were getting fed up with the EU ‘s immigration and monetary policies. They felt the EU was forcing Great Britain to take in far too many Muslim immigrants while at the same time making Great Britain support other EU countries whose economies were not doing well at all.

The influx of Muslims into the EU countries was causing all kinds of problems because the Muslims were not adapting to cultures of the EU countries and believed that government should be controlled by religion – theirs – and not the other way around.   Finally. the ordinary Christian folks in Great Britain shouted, “Enough!” The Brits forced their leaders to offer a referendum allowing them to vote on whether or not Great Britain should stay in the EU. The Brits voted for the Brexit.

And that’s how Trump and Brexit came about.

No one can say for sure what state the world would be in today if the Protestant Reformation had never taken place. Would the Enlightenment (1685-1815) have taken place or would the American Revolution or the Industrial Revolution have occurred?  Would the philosophy of Karl Marx have spread or would two World Wars have taken place?  None of these questions can really be answered with any certainty.  But it’s a fairly safe bet that the 1930 Lambeth Conference approval of contraception would never have taken place, and maybe the 1960s would have been much different as well.  And just maybe the vast majority of people in the world would be going to church on Sundays and living more virtuous lives.

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9 thoughts on “Trump And Brexit: One Catholic Non-Pundit’s Perspective”

  1. “So the Reformation planted the seed that became ‘Individualism.’”
    I think it more likely that the Renaissance was the guilty party, Gene. No Renaissance – no Reformation. Though I suppose, by that standard, you might nominate the Golden Age of Periclean Athens – the
    re-examination of which which sparked the Renaissance, etc.

    “Donald Trump, who was not really part of the globalist crowd and who, despite his faults, loved his country and did not hold with secular progressive ideologies, got fed up with what he saw happening in the USA. He started giving voice to the average citizen – the Christian folks ( clearly like you, Gene) clinging to their guns and religion – “

    By the way, have you seen your American hero and patriot Trump’s latest (third) wife naked yet? No? Well here you are.
    Yes, very beautiful. I agree.

    1. I think you are confusing the re-awakening of humanistic thought that came about during the Renaissance with the concept of individualism. Humanistic thought was all about perfecting the mind and body. Luther pushed into the realm of individualism. The likelihood that the Renaissance is responsible for Luther’s thinking is really stretching things.

      Also, If I’m not mistaken Mr. Van Son wrote an article a couple months ago saying that he did not care for either Trump or Clinton, so for you to say that Trump is his hero is ludicrous. But putting a link in your comment to a picture of Trump’s wife unclothed is beyond the pale.

    2. Yes, I enjoy life beyond the pale, Gus. You meet a more interesting class of human being. Less pompous.
      Nor did I read what Mr. Van Son wrote months ago, as I hadn’t found this splendid website, with the wonderfully innocent name, back then. I just reacted to what he wrote about the Donald yesterday. Maybe he doesn’t care for The Donald. But how was I to know that, seeing what he wrote?
      My suggestion is that without the Renaissance, there would have been no Reformation. Might be wrong, of course. No way of knowing for sure. But then, there’s no way of knowing anything for “sure,” apart from some math and a bit of formal logic. Certainly no way of knowing anything metaphysical.
      And I’m sorry Trump’s latest wife was unpleasing to you. She looks healthy enough to me, on a cursory inspection. You clearly have higher aesthetic standards than I. (Not hard, to be sure.) But then, as Wittengenstein rightly remarks, “Logic and aesthetics are one and the same.”

    3. Funny that you would bring up Wittgenstein in this instance since one could argue that he is to philosophy what Luther was to Catholicism. Just as interesting is the
      fact that you are familiar with Wittgenstein (that you seem to agree with him also
      speaks volumes) yet you were apparently not able to grasp the point of this
      article and you even read into it something that is clearly not there.

    1. James, are you saying that secular progressivism, moral relativism, democratic socialism, greed, and doing away with our country’s Judeo-Christian culture are things that you are in favor of?
      Seems to me that this article is slamming power hungry politicians and capitalists regardless of party affiliation.

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