Top Ten Books of 2019 – The Catholic Book Blogger Edition

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2019 marked my first full year of reviewing books here at Catholic Stand and my seventh year reviewing books overall. Oh what a year it was. I covered over 52 books either with a review and/or a podcast interview with the authors of the books. They were all great, but here are the ten (plus one) that stood out to me this year.

Consecration to Saint Joseph: The Wisdom of Our Spiritual Father

This one is a MUST and jumps out to me as an absolute game changer. Can you do this consecration if you are already consecrated to Mary? YES! The time is now for Saint Joseph. Our society and our Church need his intervention now, perhaps more than ever. Read my review and get your copy here.

The Eucharist Foretold: The Lost Prophecy of Malachi

We can never learn enough about our faith and in particular the beauty and power of the Eucharist. Mike Aquilina has done a phenomenal job dusting off the prophecy of Malachi and showing how the Eucharist was foretold in the Old Testament. Read my review and get your copy here.

The Priests We Need to Save the Church

To put it mildly our Church is hurting. Kevin Wells in a most charitable way addresses the situation and how to remedy it in this book. An excellent read that is changing the hearts of many clergy and laity. You can read my review and get your copy here.

Mass & Adoration Companion

Vinny Flynn and his daughter Erin knock it out of the park with this superb prayer book that often finds itself on my pile of books I carry into the adoration chapel. What you will find the pages of this book are prayers that have been adapted, written, and rewritten that will serve as the pathway to a deeper, unique, one-on-one relationship with God. Read the full review and get your copy here.

The Beer Option: Brewing a Catholic Culture, Yesterday & Today

I enjoy a micro-brew just as much as the next guy and this was a FUN book. There’s a lot to learn about the history of brews and the impact the Catholic Church has had on its development. Read my complete review and get your copy here.

Give Up Worry for Lent!: 40 Days to Finding Peace in Christ

As we head into Lent 2020 here’s one I suggest you either get if you missed it last year or pick back up once again. Lent is meant to be a time to reflect, recharge, and spiritually uplift ourselves. Gary Zimak includes 40 action steps in the book to guide readers to a Lenten renewal. Read my review and get your copy here.

Tools to Ready the Journey: A Father’s Guide to a Faith-Filled Family

Men listen up…you need this book! What Ray Haywood has written is a battle guide. Seriously…I feel that strongly about this one. Broken into thirteen chapters Ray tackles many of the issues we see swirling in society by offering advice on how to nip them at the root cause. Read my review and get your copy here.

The Busy Person’s Guide to Prayer

Many of us make prayer a whole lot tougher than it really needs to be. The basic building block of a solid prayer life is a personal one-on-one relationship with God. Deacon Greg Kandra lays out a plan in his book using real-life examples to show just how easy the process can be. Read my complete review and get your copy here.

Day by Day With Saint Faustina: 365 Reflections

What I liked most about the book is that it serves as a perfect entry way into the larger Dairy of Saint Faustina. It serves as a fantastic introduction to this monumental work by and provides examples of her thought and words in bite-size snippets. Read my review and get your copy here.

Memento Mori: Prayers on the Last Things

Memento Mori. Remember your death. These may not be words we want to hear, but there are words we need to understand. This prayer companion I the follow up to Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble’s smash hit Remember Your Death: Memento Mori Lenten Devotional. Read my review and get your copy here.

Honorable Mention

Faith and Fury: The Rise of Catholicism During the Civil War

Since I was born and raised in the little town that was the pivotal battle of the Civil War, Gettysburg, this book holds special meaning to me. Father Charles Connor does an exemplary job covering the years 1828 to 1877 and shedding light on the Catholic Church during the lead up to and during the Civil War. Read my review and get your copy here.

That’s a wrap on 2019! I look forward to sharing more of my thoughts on the books to come in 2020 right here on Catholic Stand.

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2 thoughts on “Top Ten Books of 2019 – The Catholic Book Blogger Edition”

  1. I HIGHLY recommend the book, CHRISTUS VINCIT. It’s a question and answer of just what happened after Vatican II. I was lucky enough to grow up in the 40’s and 50’s with the Latin Mass, Gregorian Chant and the beautiful Latin Songs. As a friend of mine remarked, “the Smoke Of Satan entered the Church”. Read the story of Pope Leo XIII and his Vision and how he then wrote the Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel.

  2. Here are two very impactful books given to us by a devout friend:
    Christus Vincit – Bishop Athansius Schneider takes on the plague of Mosernism in the Church
    Infiltration – Dr. Taylor Marshall details the concerted efforts by Communism ans Freemasonry to infiltrate and destroy the Catholic Church.
    Any concerned Catholic should consider it a call of duty to read these two books. Thank you good friend.

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