This Lent, Give Up Worry

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Worries. We all have them. They come in the form of finances, health, relationships and everything in between. Suffice it to say worries are a reality of life. The question is how do we deal with them? Gary Zimak has a 40-day reflection book for Lent that holds the key called Give Up Worry for Lent!: 40 Days to Finding Peace in Christ.

Each day readers are spiritually fed with a verse from scripture which Gary builds upon by providing sound advice on how to deal with the topic at hand. Some of the subjects covered in this 40-day book are:

Time to rest. In our constant on the go culture, we need a reality check occasionally, and we need to learn to slow down and spend time with the Lord.

Open Your Door for Jesus. In order to welcome a personal relationship with Christ, we need to allow our self-imposed sage guards to come down so he can enter our lives.

Give Him Your Problems. We can resolve nothing on our own. When we come to this realization and lean into the Lord, we will see that our problems can be overcome.

Mother Knows Best. We have an advocate for us, and that is Mother Mary. Recalling the wedding feast of Cana, we realize that Jesus will respond to his Mothers requests. We can be assured that this is the case still today.

Don’t Give Up. No matter what curveballs the world throw at is, we need not to give up. It’s tough, but through perseverance, we will succeed.

Fruitful Waiting. We are impatient, and we want results now. There is much fruit in waiting on hope for there will be a richer joy after the wait.

Putting Limits on God. We need to realize that nothing is impossible with God. Putting human limitations on God is merely imposing our own human limitations on Him.

Spiritual Junk Food. We are what we eat, what we consume dictates how we behave and how we feel…..physically as well as spiritually.

These are only a sampling of the 40 action steps Gary uses to guide readers to a Lenten renewal. Lent is meant to be a time to reflect, recharge, and spiritually uplift ourselves. Typically we pick something to give up for Lent. Instead of something material like chocolates or coffee why not try something more “hidden”. Give up worry this Lent and forge a path forward filled with faith and hope.

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4 thoughts on “This Lent, Give Up Worry”

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  2. This is a really good idea. Worry is the opposite of trusting in Jesus. If you are worrying you are not trusting. This is related to St. Peter walking on water. Jesus said, “Why did you doubt?” Why is worry so hard to let go of? It doesn’t really help anything. It just puts you into a dreaded imaginary future instead of living in whatever is good in your present moment. Right now I am sitting on a couch in a heated house. I am not being chased by a tiger.

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