The Truth About the Priest Abuse Data—Father Paul Sullins, Ph.D.

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This is the first in a series on the roots of the priestly abuse scandal. I know, a sad and depressing topic. But we have to “go there” if we want to “get there.”

Father Paul Sullins, Ph.D.

Father Paul Sullins, Ph.D., author and professor emeritus of sociology at the Catholic University of America, has done us all a huge favor. He has collated and made sense of the data drawn from the John Jay Report, the data from the USCCB, the 2002 Los Angeles Times poll about homosexual priests, the data of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Reports, and intel from CARA (Center for Applied Research In the Apostolate). It’s all in one place, a study done in collaboration with The Ruth Institute. Get the link below. His findings are stunning and sobering.

In this episode, you will learn:

Approximately how many boys would NOT have had their lives badly damaged by homosexual priests had the ratio of homosexuals in the priesthood had not skyrocketed from 1950-1980s.

Why we need to boldly tell the truth about the real causes of the crisis.

The approximate proportion of priests today between 65 and 85 who are homosexual.

Why the crisis is not about clericalism.

Solid facts to back up bad logic and anti-Catholic arguments about celibacy, and the truth of what has happened in the last 50 years regarding predator behavior among some priests

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6 thoughts on “The Truth About the Priest Abuse Data—Father Paul Sullins, Ph.D.”

  1. If you attack the author of an argument instead of its content you have already lost the argument. Paul Sullins’s paper is pure data, statistics and logic. Where is the refutation?

  2. A large majority of Catholics have grown very tired with all this kind of garbage!! Many are walking away, no longer choosing to practice and many more joining other faith denominations. We can no longer trust the majority of Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, and so-called Religious Sisters. Many of us firmly believe that many of those i just listed are deliberately setting in motion the destruction of the Catholic Church and Religious life. Those Religious Orders that are embracing and living authentic traditional Consecrated Religious life seem to be growing and flourishing in great numbers. Those Orders remain our hope right now. I found the dobrosky comments bordering on the absurd!! Individuals like this are a part of the problem infecting our Church!

  3. I find it difficult to accept Fr. Sullin’s comments that the majority of new young priests are not homosexual or struggle with SSA. He seems to think that the crisis is past.
    In my 15 years of being a Catholic and traveling the country going to Mass wherever I am, the majority of priests were effeminate. It was rare to find a priest who wasn’t! Effeminacy correlates strongly with SSA. I’m not saying that the majority of priests are actively practicing homosexuals, but the majority of priests are effeminate and have SSA. This makes for a priesthood that is ineffective, disordered and a repulsion to vocations. No wonder we have a vocation crisis! A young man with normal sexuality will be repulsed by the effeminate priest in his parish. The other issue is that folks who suffer from SSA have a lot of emotional issues, tend to be narcissistic and unfortunately, lap up the attention by those who treat priests like princes.
    The only way to end the moral crisis of homosexuality in the priesthood is to demand applicants to the seminary to be married for st least three years before applying. Very few men who suffer from SSA will be willing to endure marriage so they can become a priest. There will still be pedophilia, but the rate of sex abuse, now 80%, homosexual in nature, will be near zero. How many homosexual priests are in the Eastern Churches where priests may marry?

    1. Ann Marie Rhoades

      How many priests are homosexual in the Eastern churches?? Do you know? Do you have any data besides superficial observation to back up your claims that marriage is any deterrent to SSA, especially among priests in the Eastern churches? Do you have any idea at all how many priests, bishops, or higher clerics are even married in Eastern churches? Can you prove what are the rates of SSA men entering Eastern priesthood? Do you have any idea of how priests are formed or ordained in Eastern churches? Is there any data on child abuse, paedophilia, or abuse of teens or young adults coming from Eastern churches, so as to validly compare those numbers or rates of occurrence with data from the Roman rite? Maybe you are making some flagrantly unsubstantiated (and unsubstantiable) claims here about SSA vs. married priests, within either Catholic rite, as a faulty baseline upon which your disagreement with Fr. is based.

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