The Negative Reactions to Pope Francis

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Every time Pope Francis speaks, the papers are filled with sensational headlines; he does not emphasize many of the popular, hot issues like abortion and homosexuality, issues which often simply serve to divide voters into an us and them mentality. When did these issues become the only issue that concerns the Church? Yet when the pope reminds us that our life in Christ is so much more, vocal advocates become extremely angry, denouncing the pope as the anti-pope.

How ridiculous! Why such a strong reaction?

English Translations

Many of the uproars in English speaking countries are the result of consistently poor translations of the Pope’s speeches. For example, an incorrect translation into English of the original midterm report of the Synod on the Family may have spurred controversial interpretations of the document itself. Again when Pope Francis supposedly said God was not divine. He did NOT intend to say “God is not divine”.The culprit is most likely machine translations.

Michael Voris discusses the uproar in English speaking countries over Pope Francis’s statements :

Why are there always such problems with the English translations.

And its not just BAD or incomplete translations, but that these translations ALWAYS tilt toward bad theology, progressivist language or interpretations. It’s almost like those responsible WANT to corrupt the faith – with either active or passively rotten translations.

It is interesting to note that Catholics in other nations do not react as negatively as English Catholics.

God Loves to Disturb Our Comfort Zone

On the other hand, Pope Francis himself has said that God loves to shake us out of our comfort zone. The Lord of All has always used people to disturb the comfortable and to challenge others to live authentic, radical lives in and through His Spirit.

Because we really do not like to change, we end up resisting even God.  We like our comfort zone. We especially don’t like the rug ripped from under us and that approach is usually how God must snag our attention.

The Holy Spirit is not stagnant. He is not the God of the past, but God of the present,  alive, a dynamic powerhouse seeking to heal, transform and draw us ever closer to His heart.


This week I was wondering why so many Traditionalists are against Vatican II, labelling all the popes which came after as illegitimate and even heretics, especially Pope Francis. When I researched the question, an insightful homily popped up by Pope Francis from May 29, 2013. He called our resistance to change “being stubborn; this is called wanting to tame the Holy Spirit, this is called becoming fools and slow of heart.” The pope points to Traditionalists who resist changes, but even worse, to Modernists who twist the teachings of Vatican II to suit their own purposes, entrenching  Traditionalists even further.

What a conundrum!

Preaching on St. Stephen’s words before his martyrdom, Pope Francis addressed those who resist, twist, or ignore the impetus of the Second Vatican Council, which he described as “a beautiful work of the Holy Spirit”.  He applied St. Stephen’s words to those who resist change, “You stiff-necked people…you always resist the Holy Spirit.”  Again on the road to Emmaus, it was Christ who lamented, “O foolish men, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken!”  

“The followers of  Christ are slow to grasp and respond to the will of God, we fail to trust Christ completely, we do not wish to be moved by the Holy Spirit in new and surprising ways.

He also rebuked the scribes and Pharisees of today, those who set themselves against the Holy Spirit’s work through the acts of the Council. Those who resist change impede authentic Catholic renewal by denying the validity or appropriateness of the Conciliar texts. Some Traditionalist seem to claim to be more Catholic than the pope or council, call the council illegitimate and stand on ceremony, fossilifying the Church’s pre-Vatican II culture in accordance with their own comfortable piety.


Perhaps many Americans do not like this South American because Catholics in America were taught that God loves capitalism. Pope Francis has made some pretty negative remarks about the freebooter capitalism that has flourished since the 1990s and that will make him very unpopular with the freebooters in the US. Some of his comments about greed, avarice, and capitalism have not even shown up in the mainstream media in Canada or the States.

I am baffled by all the negative reactions to Pope Francis. Personally I think that Pope Francis is just too joyful as he lives out his simple, his down-to-earth spirituality and humble solidarity with the poor and this irritates many traditionalists. Jesus and St. Francis of Assisi also irritated the Pharisees of their eras; those pure proponents of tradition dislike anyone who challenges their lifestyle. From the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

The Catholic wisdom of the people… provides reasons for joy and humor even in the midst of a very hard life. (CCC 1676)

The vocation of humanity is to show forth the image of God and to be transformed into the image of the Father’s only Son. This vocation takes a personal form since each of us is called to enter into the divine beatitude; it also concerns the human community as a whole. (CCC 1877)

It seems to me that Pope Francis was appointed by God to remind the Church to come back to the basics, to our foundation in Christ. The pope desires to bring us into a balance in our spiritual life. Our first love, our focus is to allow God to love us, love Him in return and treat others with the same mercy and forgiveness as we receive from Christ. When a Catholic focuses solely on the evils of one issue, he is in danger of becoming angry, resorting to fighting his way, without Love.

“Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”  (Matthew 22:36-40)

Many pro-lifers are so focused on one issue that they have forgotten who they are as believers, as children of God, brothers and sisters of Christ, companions of the Holy Spirit.

Rather than attacking Pope Francis, lobbyists should ask themselves, why they are reacting so vehemently. Perhaps Pope Francis is convicting them of their own shortcomings. Rather than taking the log out of their own eyes, they are searching for a speck of dust in the pope’s eyes. Yet here is a man who lives simply and joyfully, a man who lives out the gospel in real tangible ways.

Lord, forgive our arrogance and our presumption

that sets us up as judges. Turn our eyes to you, oh God

and have mercy on us.

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52 thoughts on “The Negative Reactions to Pope Francis”

  1. Dear Melanie
    My concerns about Pope Francis have nothing to do with so-called bad translations. If I were to list them all I would be writing for hours. Also, objections to the pope’s writings and actions are not confined to the English speaking world. I know that the esteemed Cardinal Sarah from Africa has expressed his deep concerns and I note that the Polish bishops have rejected the pope’s expressed approval of giving communion-in certain cases- to couples living in “irregular”, ie adulterous situations. I could go on but the best thing I can do is pray and put my trust in Christ’s promise that the gates of hell will not prevail. In the meantime, we all need to face up to the obvious fact that this papacy is seriously flawed. God help the Church in this, its great hour of trial.

  2. Melanie, I agree with you. Let’s face it, the Church is fractured and only the Holy Spirit will make us whole. So we pray:

    Veni Sancte Spiritus

  3. “Perhaps many Americans do not like this South American because Catholics in America were taught that God loves capitalism and that Greed is Good.” Are you serious? I was listening to what you were saying until this absurd comment.

  4. What are simple Catholics like myself supposed to do. I loved the Latin Mass even though I did not speak or understand Latin. My Missal had the English translations beside the Latin prayers said by the Priest. I was able to participate in the Mass because I was able to pray right along with the Priest. This was taken away from me as there is no parish close to where I live that offers a Traditional Mass. When I was younger we had Holy Name Rallies, devotions to the Sacred heart of Jesus, frequent Benediction, meaningful missions during lent and many, many more sevices to bring us closer to God. It seems all these have been taken away from us, so, we struggle trying to swim upstream to a closer union with our Saviour. It is hard to find a church open at times in order to just visit the Blessed Sacrament. We have to make appointments now to go to confession or just sit in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. When you do get a chance to go to confession you are told ‘not to be so hard on yourself’. I feel like we are all being led down the wide road which Jesus warned us about.

  5. Pope Francis it seems has no mercy for fellow clergy who are simply baffled by his confusions. He has brought the disrespect he is receiving on himself by profoundly disrespecting any clergy, theologians, who simply ask questions,and often having them removed. Mercy goes in all directions . Adultery and deviance cannot be declassified as dangerous to souls by inference or by decree. Reconciliation and rejection of sinful activity has to be no 1 field hospital medicine, along with accompaniment.
    We must pray for Pope Francis and be loyal while also being honest about genuine fears and concerns.

    1. At least the HOLY SPIRIT had sealed his lips not to make a global announcement that same-sex marriage is okay, that abortion is okay and etc. That is dangerous and grave. A few months into his papacy, he was talking to his bishops that gossiping, having small cliques among themselves is discouraged. There got to be something going on in the curia then the reason Pope Emeritus Benedict cannot handle or control. Why was Francis aware of that just days after being elected pope that he was giving his fair warning to his bishops.

  6. Joanna Jensen-Padda

    By their fruits you shall know them – the fruits aren’t looking too promising! Also, you can be a traditional Catholic and not be a sedevacantist. It would be nice to lump it all in with bad translations but we have yet to see improved translations for any of the controversial quotes he has made about “breeding like rabbits”, Coprophilia, saying “Not a word” about Vigano’s very credible accusations which drove him into hiding for his life, throwing China to the Communist dogs, utter confusion about adultery and communion, saying he doesn’t even fear a schism of Holy Mother Church, that we must obey the UN… where do I begin?
    In the beginning I was excited about this Pope and expected great things, but all he has given us is confusion and criticism. Now when I look back and remember the lightning that hit the Vatican on the day of his election, I think Heaven was trying to tell us something!

  7. Thank you for this article. I am a pastor at a Catholic parish, and have learned that all of us have logs in our own eyes to remove in the Church — progressive, traditionalist, Pro-Vat II liturgy, Pro Trid lit, Pro-Life emphasis as abortion emphasis or Social Justice emphasis, et. — but the attacks on Pope Francis do need to be looked at very carefully, because the author is correct, they are often claiming heresy or heretical implications where there aren’t any, and it is confusing the faithful. And yes, I feel the Popes criticism of living in a wealthy, luxurious way while others are suffering or our world is suffering HAS been behind some of the negative feelings against the Pope — for no one likes to feel criticized, but I think the Pope is just trying to speak as Jesus would — I think he feels that it is his duty. In the end, I feel that we are lucky that the Holy Spirit chose him to be Pope, just as we were lucky to have Popes Benedict and JOHN PAUL II.

    1. Love to know what a “freebooter” is. Also love it when people say we have free markets.
      Here’s an analogy. You tend a garden for years getting the soil just right over here, building a slight berm over there, making a raised bed for specific things to grow across the way, etc. This is the institutional and cultural structure that will support a free market by free people.
      But then in the garden analogy, someone comes along and convinces your city council that all gardens need to grow they pass a law that all gardens have to grow soybeans. And your garden that had wonderful variety in flowers and vegetables is now full of soybeans. Do you complain about soybeans growing in your garden? Do you complain that gardening is the problem? Do you complain about plants growing in general? Markets are like gardens. They produce in crazy wonderfully varying ways, but only when left alone by regulators. When regulators get involved, they produce like regulators want them to produce.

    2. Absolutely. I don’t like everything Francis teaches, but the article adverts to the massive, underling truth that Francis propounds, of the primacy of charity over box-ticking within a life, reflecting precious little of God’s infinite love for us – a superficial, sterile formalism which Jesus reviled with such vehemence among the scribes, Pharisees, lawyers et al. Of course at all times in the Church’s history, she has not lacked holy, loving souls at every level. Evidently, God would never desert his Anawim, whether Christian or Muslim or whatever.
      You conclude your article with a striking clarity and beauty, Melanie Juneau, if I may say so.

  8. The Pope is being used as a tool for the globalist agenda, the insanity of what is now referred to as “climate change”, (how arrogant we are and how small our faith in God).
    the thought that good priests Cardinal Vigano and many others are in HIDING from the evil intent of fellow clerics that call themselves CATHOLIC, no less, is straight out of Malachi Martin’s Windswept House. Another “Bishop” states on a regular basis that “All men have a reasonable hope of being saved”, words straight from the mouth of Satan. it appears Jesus had a sense of humor and was only….kidding.. when he warned us so many times of the the consequence of not taking the narrow road. Surely, as the Saints tell us, few are saved.
    Any struggling yet practicing Catholic must ask themself: ” How can this be?”, Yet is is under the “guidance” of this Pope.

    Thank you but I’ll be rigid. and take my chances. The truth never changes because God never changes.

    God has assured us that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against His Church. But he asks “When I return , will there be any faith in the world?”

    “Blessed Mother Mary, Queen of Heaven, pray for us sinners!”

    1. He consulted with a George Soros operative for Laudatio Se. I am tired of those who don’t pray or practice their faith coming out of the woodwork in this papacy because they sense some “enlightenment” from this Pope that neither the Great Benedict XVI or St John Paul II didn’t have. That said, I think it’s a little of bad translation and a LOT of bad theology.

  9. “The Negative Reactions to Pope Francis”

    Just two questions – Is this author roundly chastising the people of the “Bread Basket of the World” – the most generous country on earth, founded on principles laid down by the Eternal Word? Talk about “Negative Reactions”
    imposed on an entire people by one author. Should this country be intimidated repeatedly by unprecedented papal insults and authors shoring up these flippant, uncharitable manifestations? Surely it is incumbent upon the pope and all Catholics to speak the truth in all matters; it is expected that any proclamation be based on solid evidence, not mere speculation, cultural or peer pressure. Furthermore, correction of the faithful or critique of the hierarchy is done in the spirit of charity.

    1. The author is wrong in her assumptions, but so is and your claim that America was founded on on principles given by God. And the claim that America is the most generous country on earth is unverifiable, because generosity is a matter of a person giving abundantly of his possessions with magnanimity, not a government or institution mechanically doling out goods to other countries to exert influence over them. America was founded on anti Christian ideas and freemasonic errors: freedom and legal equality of religion (which is the heresy of Americanism), freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, which is really license; separation of church and state, secularism. America is like the whore of Babylon, or the Great Satan as Muslims call it. Its government supports murder and sodomy, pornography, contraception, usury and it wages unjust wars including psychological warfare and social engineering against Catholics in America, and it promotes murder and sexual immorality and consumerism around the world, subverting the morals of other countries. It is guilty of all four sins that cry to heaven for vengeance.

    2. Yeah right! The small coterie of virulent critics of HH Pope Francis don’t know about critique of the heirarchy including the Pope done in the spirit of charity. There has not been one skerrick of charity amongst that loud legalistic so called pseudo catholics.
      Sorry your understanding and my understanding about honour and respect for “Peter” are entirely different.

    3. Anthony- …”generosity is a matter of a person giving abundantly of his possessions with magnanimity, not a government or institution mechanically doling out goods to other countries to exert influence over them” Well stated.

      “Its government supports murder and sodomy, pornography, contraception, usury and it wages unjust wars including psychological warfare and social engineering against Catholics in America, and it promotes murder and sexual immorality and consumerism around the world, subverting the morals of other countries. It is guilty of all four sins that cry to heaven for vengeance.”

      This is true because many have abandoned Godly principles, failing to practice self discipline, neglecting their responsibility to participate in holding ecclesiastical and secular governing officials accountable and being lax in their personal spiritual development making prayer an integral part of life.

      As to Freemasons, it is critical for Catholics to be alert to the insidious nature of their “mission”. Studying Pope Leo X111 encyclical on the subject should be a recommendation for Catholic students. Thank you for your post.

    4. Anne Lastman – If I understand you correctly you just identified me with a “small coterie of virulent critics” of the present pontiff, that I am a “loud legalistic” and “pseudo catholic possessing not one skerrick of charity” and possibly do not honor or respect our current pope. Just to give you a bit of information, their have been 8 popes in my lifetime and never have the seven popes preceding this pontiff used demeaning, insulting verbiage to label people with whom he disagreed. The point of my post was that demeaning, insulting labels are not charitable coming from anyone including the pope. So yes, I am Catholic, pray for the pope and public officials daily and keep up with secular and Catholic news. I studied the Great Encyclicals in my day and have made a point to keep up with papal encyclicals ever since. Other pontiffs in my lifetime led by encouragement in both their speech and writings. Their clear instructions were truly food for not only the faithful, but those who wanted to hear. The pope is our shepherd and his demeanor is important to serve as reflection of the holy office he occupies to we the faithful, as well as, the world. All the best to you.

  10. Pope Francis is still the pope. But faithful Catholics are just asking honest concerns about the corrupt hierarchy and what changes are being implimented. There are serious theological errors Pope Francis is aligning himself with. 1. Allowing communion for adulterous marriages. 2. Denying the existence of hell to Eugenio Scalfari….. Etc.

    You cannot deny these serious problems coming from his leadership.

    1. Peter you are wrong on many points. The corruption within the heirarchy began long before Pope Francis. Go back two other pontificates
      As for the other accusations I could disagree with you but im too 💤😴

  11. “One must resist the Pope who openly destroys the Church.” – St. Cajetan

    (De Comparata Auctoritate Papae et Concilo, cap. XXVII apud Victoria)


    “Just as it is lawful to resist the Pope that attacks the body, it is also lawful to resist the one who attackks souls or who disturbs the civil order, or, above all, who attempts to destroy the Church. I say it is lawful to resist him by not doing what he orders and preventing his will from being executed.” – St. Robert Bellarmine (De Romano Pontifice, Lib. II, Ch.  29)


    ” if a future Pope teaches anything contrary to the Catholic faith, do not follow him.” – Bl. Pope Pius IX ( letter to Bishop Brizen)


    “Alas, Most Holy Father! At times obedience to you leads to eternal damnation.” – St. Catherine of Siena (Letter to Pope Gregory IX, 1376)


  12. So, I see you didn’t post my comments. I will re-post.
    Vigano called Francis a liar. Yet it is Vigano who is in fear of his life, despite the fact that he was the truthteller on McCarrick and his evil activities. As Francis’ bff, McCarrick got away with his own nefarious activities but even more importantly, the promulgating of Francis’ traitorous policy toward Chinese Catholics vis a vis the Chinese Patriotic Association (run by the Chicoms).
    Then there is Fr. Kalchik, removed by Francis’ hand-picked Cardinal Cupich for burning an LGBT flag that used to hang over the high altar of his church. It was put there by the previous gay pastor (who unceremoniously got electrocuted with his own sex device in the rectory. He “defied” the cardinal and was removed from his duties so he could attend to his issues. He went into hiding too.
    Well, please don’t talk about the Holy Spirit to those of us who know about the St. Gallen Mafia. As if.
    Now Bergoglio is stacking the decks assuring a successor of like character to himself and his cronies since he has just picked 15 or so pro-sodomite cardinals.
    No wonder the messages of Fatima and Akita and LaSalette are suppressed. But the truth will come out (sorry about the pun), but it totally fits here.

  13. Vigano called him a liar for a reason. And now it is Vigano in fear of his life. But for him McCarrick (bff with Francis) would be still doing his dirty work–not just his own stuff, but his bad Catholic(it is he who threw China under the bus).
    Then there is Father Kalchick who got swift justice from Cupich for burning an LGBT flag that once hung over the high altar of his parish put there by the previous gay pastor (electrocuted by his vibrator in his rectory) . No, no no–vile, acc. to Cupich, who was hand chosen by Francis.
    Leave your talk about the Holy Spirit for people that don’t know about the St. Gallen mafia and how Bergolio got to be where he is.
    Now he is stacking the decks with more pro-sodomite cardinals.
    Our Lady’s message at Fatima had to be suppressed. But the truth is coming out (sorry about the pun).
    This article makes the whole website suspect.

  14. Good to see this article , dated Sept 15th , Feast of Our Lady of Compassion / Sorrows ,
    same as the favorite devotions of the Holy Father , such as the Undoer of Knots ,to deliver us from fears and the accusing spirits , not fully accepting His mercy, not extending it fully to others either ..
    Not in touch with too many media sites , yet enough to get an idea … The prolifers not supporting the Holy Father more voccally might be good , in its own way , since they are already the ‘ well that do not need the physician ‘ , thus our Holy Father seems to side with the socially focused , to win them over , through issues that are also all about life , even if indirectly , thus to reach into hearts that would stiffen their necks even more , at the mention of the words and issues that are seen as the most divisive ..
    That is more like the Mother at the foot of The Cross , in silence, yet , in the hope that one day the awareness would break , in the strength of The Spirit , to thank The Trinity , with her , for the mercy shown us her children ..
    The Holy Father reminding persons again today , how in confession God ‘forgets ‘ our sins, in the sense that He sees the rejocing of heaven for the sinner who has accepted His mercy these times , when the enemy tries so hard to hold to our faces , the failures of our Father figures from years ago , many possibly fabricated , the Holy Father is making sure that the flock are not robbed of the grace to be grateful and trusting , in His mercy , instead of a Church that is devoid of that trust and life giving hope .

  15. “This week I was wondering why so many Traditionalists are against Vatican II, labelling all the popes which came after as illegitimate and even heretics, especially Pope Francis.”

    Speaking as a traditional Catholic, I’d like to object to this assertion as a strawman.

    Sedevacantists (and for that matter, the so-called “Benevacantists,” who hold that Benedict XVI is still pope) may be unusually noisy online, but in reality they constitute a very tiny percentage of traditionalist Catholics in the United States or any other country. If you look at the actual number of sedevacantist chapels (typically CMRI or SSPV), and have any idea of their actual attendance, you could take the entire population and not even fill a mid-sized Bed Bath & Beyond.

    Traditionalist Catholics nearly al recognize Francis and all of his predecessors as legitimate popes, and (if they are doing it right) should be praying for him; this is certainly the stance of all the notable traditional Catholic media outlets. They may not necessarily be *happy* about this state of affairs, but we were never promised that every successor of of St Peter would be a saint, or indeed even a terribly moral man. History should disabuse us of this notion quite quickly.

    1. Jacquie pro life is good. The problem is that they believe they are much more catholic than the pope
      I believe we have this problem because BXI quit. Had this not happened snd he finished his time the usual way Pope Francis election would not be so despised
      Today we have two popes with one still at Vatican and has much influence with the people you mention
      So in comes Francis begins his Papacy introducing his ideas and so attacks. These same people forget when St JPIi introduced TOB it was so scandalous. Pope talking about sex. Shock horror. Love and Responsibility a pope talking about the how to snd responses etc. the problem now is that these dissenters are led by several cardinals disobedient bishops and laity with media facilities. Without these the disloyal dissenters would have stopped ages ago.

  16. Thank you Melanie for putting good arguments pro Francis. My disagreements started with the Pope pronouncing judgments on non-settled science, subjects on which neither he nor anyone in the Curia is competent to judge. I’ve discussed this in a number of posts–see, for example,
    and this article by Matt Briggs,
    Such utterances by Pope Francis and those whom he has put in high places indicates to me an adherence to a socio-economic platform that the Catholic Church should NOT promote.
    Let me add, I don’t disagree with everything Pope Francis has said. It’s very much like the “Curate’s Egg:” the parts that aren’t spoiled are good, indeed (see
    and ).

    1. Settled science is a proper subject for Papal pronouncements, particularly when it shows that we are putting future generations in danger, and particularly when it is so obvious that the obfuscation is driven by capitalistic, short-term greed.

    2. CaptCrisis, I’m sorry. You are stating to be true what has no logical or scientific foundation. The prime argument against AGW is historical. There are historical periods and geologic periods when temperatures were much warmer, which can be correlated with periods of solar activity and orbital changes. Man made CO2 during these periods was negligible. (Greenland was green during the Medieval Warm Period and then became inhospitable during the Little Ice Age.) Other arguments: predictions from computer models of increased temperature have not been met, so the prime requirement of science, empirical validation for a hypothesis, is not satisfied; presumed data for increased temperature and glacial melting have been shown to be false; finally, H2O, which is present in much higher abundance than CO2, has a low frequency (IR) bending vibration that can also absorb and reradiate heat (greenhouse effect–arguments that H2O is not effective because of “feedback” have not been empirically validated). Please argue with facts and figures and equations rather than emotional statements.

    3. You wanted facts.

      1. Human activities create CO2, particularly burning fossil fuels.
      2. From ice core data we know that CO2 levels in the air fluctuated over the last 800,000 years, then in 1950 or so passed all previous levels — and now its three times what it was in 1950.
      3. Five of the hottest years on record were in the past 10 years.

      There are lots of places one can find this information, but I recommend the NASA site. See

    4. Thanks, CC, for giving me some numbers and purported facts to which I can respond.
      1) I agree. CO2 is a greenhouse gas, so is CH4 (cow farts), and H2O. H2O is present in much greater abundance than CO2 or CH4 so one would expect its greenhouse effect to be the greatest. (and arguments about “feedback” have not been empirically verified.
      2) There is a lag between temperature changes from the ice core and CO2 amounts, i.e. increased CO2 comes AFTER increased temperature, so it is not causal, albeit correlated.
      3) The CO2 concentration data for after 1950 were taken near Mauna Loa, an active volcano. Need I say more?
      4) I am very skeptical of temperature data given out by NASA, given what I’ve learned from Climategate about the behavior of NASA administrators.
      5) you haven’t responded to my point about historical high temperatures in the Medieval Warm Period.
      So, I have other obligations that I have to meet. This will be my last word on this subject.

  17. Melanie-This is the beginning of yet another good – good for the salvation of souls – discussion here.

    I review the Washington Post, the SF Chronicle, Salon, Jezebel, New York Times, America, and National(not) Catholic(not) Reporter(not) on a know-the-enemy basis – also several media sites, magazines, and papers on the other side of the aisle; and I learn what the other side thinks and what attacks they are making on goodness – so I can better defend and help me and others get to heaven.

    Same with this issue. Good laity should learn all they can about the issues you raise. What you have done is begun a process so that anyone thinking about this sees, even if only via the comments here, there are two sides to this story. I also regularly visit, Church Militant (videos also on YouTube),, Mundabor, Restore DC Catholicism, The Stream, Big Pulpit, and several other sites and blogs. Also, I have the book The Dictator Pope.

    Bishops, archbishops, and cardinals question Jorge Bergoglio, question his election (if it was that), and whether or not he has proclaimed heresy. Their numbers increase and the laity cannot ignore this.

    This discussion is needed, absolutely; and you have done well to further it along.

    Guy McClung, Texas

    1. You can’t blame it all entirely on translations.

      Would you like to know why people in other countries don’t have a problem with what he says? Because these people don’t care about the faith or the tradition. They don’t want to focus on the moral teachings of the Church. They want the Pope to talk about the environment and the poor. Because it essentially gives them a free pass on a free for all. And yeah, Jesus said to take the beam out of my eye first. And yeah, he ate with tax collectors and sinners. He forgave the woman caught in adultery. But he also told her to sin no more. The Pope is the vicar of Christ, but not Christ himself. Treating any Pope that way deifies him.

  18. Melanie, This is a well-considered and loving essay. I do think that the reactivity to our Pope is often an expression of frustration with real actions he has taken, and such expressions are therefore based in truth and sincere disagreement (or even moral outrage). On the other hand, we should embrace Francis’ radically charitable and provocative call to both holiness and focus on the most downtrodden in our world. As he recently stated, political and theological ideologies can undermine our sincerely rational appraisal of his actions and words, and such ideologies often merge truth with distortions that lead us away from the loving attitude that should ground our every thought, word, and action.

  19. Who are you to condemn those that question Pope Francis’ motives?
    He is heading towards a One World Church, with connections to the One World Order.
    I, for one, know what the last secret of Lourdes is…. The infiltration of evil, even to the high levels of the church. No wonder the Pope’s lied to us and disobeyed the Blessed Mother.
    He, the pope, is in full cahoots with George Soros.
    I call your article, “B. S.”

    1. What horror you talk mary. You have challenged the Holy Spirit and say he made a mistake in his choice of “Peter”. You have called Jesus a liar because He said he would be with us and with his bride the church till the end of time. You speak calumny against the Pope the Vicar of Christ the holder of the Keys.
      Shame on you you have been reading fantasy books.

    2. The difficulty is that the Holy Spirit does not “choose” the Pope. He is present in a conclave; but this does not mean he is necessarily heeded – which does not mean, by the way, that even a bad pope is not legitimately the Pope. Otherwise, we are left to explain Honorius, Stephen VI, Sergius III, John XII, Benedict IX, Urban VI, Alexander VI…and so on.

      But Benedict XVI (in a 1997 interview on Bavarian television) put it better than I could:

      “I would not say so, in the sense that the Holy Spirit picks out the Pope. . . . I would say that the Spirit does not exactly take control of the affair, but rather like a good educator, as it were, leaves us much space, much freedom, without entirely abandoning us. Thus the Spirit’s role should be understood in a much more elastic sense, not that he dictates the candidate for whom one must vote. Probably the only assurance he offers is that the thing cannot be totally ruined. . . . There are too many contrary instances of popes the Holy Spirit obviously would not have picked!”

  20. And if you have a son-in-law who leaves your daughter and remarries and receives Eucharist with no annullment right in front of her, you’re okay with that because a priest is accompanying him in this endeavor?
    Here’s also why I would not leave any young person with him ten minutes alone. Here he is on Judas of whom Christ in prayer to His Father said of him “ not one of them perished except the son of perdition”….past tense prophecy by the way which is unconditional ie it will happen per St.Justin Martyr…..
    Aboard the papal plane, Oct 2, 2016 / 06:08 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- During his flight from Baku, Azerbaijan to Rome on Sunday, Pope Francis:

    “Mercy has the last word. I like to tell, I do not know if I told you, because I repeat it so much … in the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena – I told you or no? – There is a beautiful capital, but it is more or less from the thirteenth century. Medieval cathedrals were catechesis with sculptures. And in a part of the capital there is Judas hanged with his tongue out and eyes (bulging) out, and on the other side of the capital there is Jesus the Good Shepherd who takes (Judas) and carries him with him. And if you look closely, the face of Jesus, the lips of Jesus are sad on the one hand, but with a small smile of understanding in the other. They understood what mercy is … with Judas, huh! “

    1. This pope double talks… He is a socialist, pushing for dogmatic changes. Just wait until next month’s synod…we will see the evil spew out of this corrupt papacy.

  21. Melanie thank you for a lovely piece. You speak and say the same words I have been saying From the beginning of HH Pope Francis’s election and the group which from the beginning has led an assault against him and his pontificate.
    I have been so saddened almost to tears with the hurt i felt for him There seems to be an attempt at his removal
    Anyway. Thank you

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