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The Patrick Coffin Show podcast features weekly interviews with A-list influencers and outliers in the effort to recover the Judeo-Christian roots of the culture. Patrick is the Canadian-born former host of Catholic Answers Live, and he has raving fans around the world. He injects these fascinating interviews with his own distinctive blend of depth and levity. If you’re tired of politically correct media speak, you want to see God back in the public square, and you’re not allergic to having a laugh, this is the place to be.

Father Mark Goring

You might not know it, but Pembroke-born Father Mark Goring has been churning out YouTube commentaries for many years now—almost daily—and with increasingly creative green screen backgrounds! He knows the risks of “permanentizing” your words for all the world to see and comment on.

Goring also knows the rewards.

A member of the Ottawa-based Companions of the Cross priests, Mark Goring has built up a large following on YouTube by following a simple formula: tell the truth about Jesus and the demands of the gospel. Along the way, call out scandal and corruption.

Last summer, he got a “cease and desist” notice from what Goring described as “legitimate authority” because of his name-names approach to the Uncle Ted summer of shame and how we got there as a Church. So what did he do?

He obeyed, and was called back to his Canadian roots (he had been the director of the Catholic Charismatic Center in Houston) and is now back in action from his old haunts in Ottawa. If it’s happening in the Church and affects ordinary Catholics, you can bet Father Mark is going to chime in with his direct, unambiguous, but unremittingly gentle communication style.

In this episode, you will learn
  • Why social media platforms like YouTube multiply your audience size by a thousandfold, and more if you do it right
  • Why Goring became a priest in the first place
  • How the fractured and divided Church of today can be united (hint: something to do with the deposit of faith)
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of paying too much attention to negative feedback
  • The importance of speaking out against Church corruption in a way that is neither angry tub-thumping nor rationalizing away the real root causes
  • How Father Bob Bedard, the founder of the CCs inspired Goring to “go for it”
  • Why more priests should get on YouTube and start teaching the Faith
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