The Incredible Journey of a Satanist to Pro-Life Warrior

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The pro-life movement has been filled with numerous stories of interest since the fight began with the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. The numbers of abortions performed since then are staggering. Today there are many abortion survivors who speak out against abortion and there are those who have had abortions that are witnesses to the horrific emotional scars it leaves behind. There is a darker side to the abortion industry that has not often been spoken of until recently. Zachary King converted to Catholicism in May 2008, and his story is one that reveals what is really at play in the shadows. To understand his current ministry we must first look at where he has been.

Life started out pretty normal for Zachary. He grew up in a Baptist home, but at the age of 10 things began to change. Zachary began practicing magic—and we are not talking Penn and Teller sleight-of-hand tricks. Zachary says:

Well, at 10 I was doing the “I hate you bloody mary” game in the bathroom. That is not a game, though; it’s actually a spell. To define that better: To make a spell come true you need repetition, intention, and a demonic presence. In the game you repeat a phrase a certain number of times. everyone playing the game has an intention of something scary happening, or a scary face appearing in the mirror, and if you see the face there’s demonic presence. So I played that game multiple times a day. Saying a simple spell and conjuring a demon.

I also played Dungeons and Dragons. In the books that were out around 1974 to 76ish there were real magic spells. Like the founders of the game had gone to witches and Satanists to make their game more authentic. The later versions of those books took the spells out. But the books I had access to showed me how to do a spell. I did not really realize necessarily that that was real. It wasn’t until I did my spell for money outside of the game that I became convinced. But in the game itself you do spells for power, luck, jewels/gold/money, light in a dark cave, fire, escape routes. Remember that it’s a fantasy game set with elves, ogres, wizards, sorcerers, dungeons, and dragons. I had been doing the bloody mary chant and playing D&D for a bit and hearing from adults that magic was fake, so it took me a while to realize that I could possibly do something like this in real life. But once I realized it and tried it there was no turning back.

Turning back was the farthest thing from Zachary’s mind, and at the age of 13 he joined his first satanic coven known as “TOTO”or “Diablo Sex.”

I had started attending their meetings, which to me was just a fun get together of kids and adults having a fun sleep over/barbeque/fun day of swimming, watching movies, etc., not knowing that I was attending a Satanic cult. I had no idea that I was being recruited into a world of evil. It just seemed like a fun kids’ club.

When I was 18 I began looking at college for a new coven to join. In my second attempt at finding one, I was successful. Finding a good match for what I wanted, and what they offered. I had heard there was a Satanic cult out to rule the world, and most of my life I felt pretty powerless, except when I was a Satanist. I started going to their meetings soon after turning 18. I guess some high-level Satanists saw some potential and I was soon recruited into their inner circle. From then it was just a couple years later at 21 that I was appointed a high wizard.

In his newfound role as coven High Wizard, things continued to descend into darkness for Zachary. Ritualistic abortions were the norm and performed as a diabolical sacrifice. These scenes are not pretty and what follows is a description that some may find graphic.

These abortions would take place in the people’s homes, which had been prepared and sterilized, and abortion clinics that Satanists owned or worked in. The primary goal in this portion of the ritual was to get my hands bloody. Each abortion was attended by an actual abortion doctor and I started by reaching into the woman while the child was in the birth canal and stabbing it with a scalpel, and the doctor took over from there to finish preforming the abortion. In some Satanic covens, and in more intensive rituals in my coven, the baby may even be cannibalized from that point.

Praise be to God, in May of 2008 Zachary came home. He converted to the Catholic faith and an entirely new and different chapter opened in his life.

After 20 some odd years it had become painfully stale and I realized how completely unfulfilling it was.  I had gotten married a few months before to my wife, who at the time was also into magic and new age. I went to work one morning, where I managed a jewelry kiosk in the mall. I had a customer come up to buy some earrings, and at the end of our transaction she told me that she had something for me.

That item would change Zachary’s life forever.

She held out a little gold disc and told me, “the Blessed Mother is calling you into her army.” My first thought was that she was in some kind of deity cult. I’d never heard of the “Blessed Mother,” so I figured the woman was talking about Gaia or Isis or something along those lines. This woman, Mary Ann, then started telling me how powerful this little medal was. That started to get my ego churning. If anybody knew occultic power, it was me. I had dedicated my whole life to it, and this woman is bragging to ME about the power of this thing? So I took it in my hand just so I could toss it in the trash and make some comment about how powerless it was. I wrapped my hand around it just to feel if it had any kind of “energy” or occult power attached to it at all.

The next thing I knew my mall had disappeared. I was in a blacked void, and scared out of my mind. I had no clue what was happening, and had never experienced something quite like this before. Mary Ann was in front of me, and started telling me about my life. It was a horrible unveiling of the evil I had done. She told me I had to leave all of that behind me, quit doing magic. Then she said again, “the Blessed Mother is calling you into her army.” And that moment I knew: The Blessed Mother is the Mother of God. This was not something I had ever heard before; the Holy Spirit laid it on my heart.

In the same moment that I knew she was the mother of God, she appeared and gently turned me around, to see her Son standing behind me. I don’t think I can do justice to what I felt during these moments, in the presence of the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and Mary—realizing that the craving that I didn’t even understand; that I had tried to fill with sex, drugs, booze, magick; could truly be filled by Christ.

Mary spoke to me and told me that I was called to help end abortion. From there, Mary Ann told me about her Church, and provided me with Catholic materials, sacramentals, a Bible, Lighthouse Catholic Media discs, pamphlets, a Catechism; and that is where my real life began.

Not only did Zachary’s real life begin, but the mission he was called to, a mission to help end abortion, began that day as Zachary started his apostolate.

Essentially what our ministry is, is just reminding people of what the Catholic Church teaches. Reminding people of the necessity of the sacraments—particularly reconciliation and receiving the Eucharist in a state of grace, reminding people of the true presence and the power of Eucharistic Adoration, and the beauty and authority of Apostolic succession and our priests working in Persona Christi.

We often counsel people who are struggling with demonic attachment and satanic attack. We are trying to train people in the strongest methods of spiritual warfare, what is going to hurt Satan the most, and prepare them for the battle. We often say that if you are not fighting in this battle you are in Satan’s cheering section. We remind people that if you are lukewarm, God will spit you out. This is war, and you need to take up your sword. I worked for the other side, and believe me, Satan is fighting hard. Each of us needs to be a crusader for our families, for our own souls, and for our Mother the Catholic Church. I am doing the best I can as an imperfect human, to help people fight abortion through spiritual warfare, and through my testimony to the demonic nature of these atrocities. Thus I have put out my newest CD set, “Abortion is a Satanic Sacrifice.”

As his mission continues and moves forward, it is important that people understand what is at play in the abortion industry. Zachary was on the other side and his voice is now a bugle call in the wild.

Obviously the people who are involved in the pro-life movement know that abortion is evil. That it is intrinsically Satanic. What my stance is, is that people need to better understand that it is more than just evil. It is a deliberate and organized attack on God and the family and everything holy. And the best ways to attack this type of supernatural and deep-rooted horror is through spiritual warfare.

Not everyone can get out and pray in front of abortion clinics every day, but that doesn’t prohibit you from daily attacking him and destroying his plans. One little elderly lady saying a rosary can deal death blows to Satan’s agenda. One little child saying a Hail Mary is agonizing to Satan. We have so much power through God. It can feel like a David and Goliath situation sometimes when we feel how viciously Satan tries to ravage us and our loved ones, as we watch the world crumble into evil. Satan is all about intimidation tactics but we can’t forget that Satan is a creature who hates us. But God is—well, God. And He has our backs. Our goal is eternity.

Zachary King is a witness to the power of conversion and mercy. From participating in ritualistic abortions to becoming a warrior fighting against the very practice he supported, he has traveled a long journey.

When I look back I see how broken I was. When I was in all of that, I didn’t realize it. As much as I may struggle with horrible memories and nightmares from my former life, I know that as long as I keep giving all of it to God, He can turn it to His glory. He already has. As immersed as I was in evil, He is now using me to help save souls, to be there for people and give them guidance during the most horrific, desperate moments of their lives.

God is using my woundedness to help other people who are broken and wounded, and most importantly to remind people of His Divine Mercy. Despite all the evil we humans are capable of, there is always an opportunity to turn back and beg forgiveness. God’s love for us is unfathomable. Christ’s sacrifice is so full of love that it’s as if He endured it all for each of us individually. When I think of the crucifixion I know that if I gaze into His eyes, He is looking at me as if I am the only one He is sacrificing Himself for. Nobody is beyond redemption if they are willing to repent.

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4 thoughts on “The Incredible Journey of a Satanist to Pro-Life Warrior”

    1. Truth is based on reason not feelings. Is there anything contradictory in the story? Can elements in the story be confirmed by another individual such as Satanists owning or working in abortion clinics? This is how truth is determined through reason.

    2. ” Can elements in the story be confirmed by another individual such as Satanists owning or working in abortion clinics?”

      I would stand humbly corrected if this could be “confirmed” by a credible source.

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