The Frank Friar: A Celebration of Saint Elijah


Pete Socks, the former book reviewer for Catholic Stand is now managing Breadbox Media, a Catholic-based, spiritually-focused, national podcast network. He will be posting podcasts regularly from different shows, introducing our readers to a wide variety of Catholic voices.

Father Nicolas Blackwell, a Carmelite Priest, is a regular columnist on Catholic Stand.

The Frank Friar

If you haven’t listened to the Frank Friar yet you are certainly missing out on a treat. Twice a week Father Nicholas Blackwell, a Carmelite Friar based in New York, delivers little spiritual insights from the Carmelite Tradition within the Catholic Church. If you want to have little words of nourishment that will help you grow deeper in the Word of God, strengthen your allegiance to Jesus Christ through the cultivation of a pure heart and stout conscience and, build up your personal prayer life this is the show for you.

Saint Elijah

This week Father Nicholas celebrated his 100th episode! Oh, happy day. This past Friday, July 20th, marked the feast day of St. Elijah. We are one of the only groups in the Western Church that still celebrates old testament figures. On this episode, Father looked at a specific moment in the life of Elijah. As he has been a source of guidance and support for the Carmelites, may he be so for your life also.

Listen to The Frank Friar: Saint Elijah exclusively on Breadbox Media.

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