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What if you could take some time away to do some traveling? Where would you go? Would it be a trip to see historic sites? Perhaps a long awaited excursion to visit the National Parks out  west? Maybe a cruise? Have you ever considered visiting Marian shrines, churches, basilicas, cathedrals, missions, or grottos right here in the United States? Marge Fenelon did and she has written the perfect book to whet your appetite and inspire you to visit these spiritually edifying locations. My Queen, My Mother: A Living Novena is Marge’s story of her Marian pilgrimage across America.

So what exactly is a “living novena”. In this case Marge takes readers on a journey that includes nine Marian shrine locations all located in the United States. The book, which was started in 2016, serves as novena of healing for our nation. Let’s face it. We live in a nation torn by much division. Opinions fly, judgments are made, and feelings hurt without ever blinking an eye. Our country needs healing and this book can provide the tool that can achieve that with our own communities as the places to plant the seeds.

Simply put the power of this book is in the novena aspect of reflection and change proposed to the reader. Each chapter of the book focuses on one of the Marian places Marge visited. At each of the nine stops Marge provides readers with the backstory and significance of the Marian location. This is followed with a section called “Viewing Our Interior Landscape.” This section is all about applying a theme relative to the shrine visited in the chapter and doing some inward reflection on how we might improve our lives. This is followed by a prayer/meditation. Each chapter concludes with review questions for  personal or group setting.

The Marian places Marge covers within the pages of My Queen, My Mother are all locations of grace. By following along, whether you physically do so by visiting the sites yourself or by taking the journey from your favorite reading spot, that grace will fill you. Ultimately that grace can then be poured out upon those in your lives and communities that need it most.

Visit your Mother. She’s out there waiting for you in numerous places throughout the United States. The spiritual rewards you will glean from each trip are innumerable and cannot have a value placed on them. My Queen, My Mother: A Living Novena serves as your road map. Take a trip, discover your Mother, and learn a little bit about yourself along the way.

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