Martha, Mary, and Myers-Briggs

The Myers-Briggs Test and Personality Assessment, a measurement tool in assessing different human temperaments, has been used in both the corporate world and in church

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Answering the Call to Work

Recent studies show a need for a greater understanding of labor as a Christian call to work. Nearly half the people on the planet are

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Economic Apologists?

Two years before his death, renowned Catholic social scientist Dr. Rupert Ederer wrote a book entitled Economics as if God Matters. In this book, he endeavored

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It Takes Two to Two Step

“To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak” – Hopi Indian Saying I’ve been dancing a lot lately – two step, cha cha, waltz,

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A Work Week Theology

There are more of us than there are of them. More laity than religious, that is. Throughout history, the great saints have gifted the Church with

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Are You Top Talent?

I currently am interviewing seven candidates for a marriage and family therapy associate in my practice when I chanced upon Andrew Miller’s article on the 3

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Sex is Not the Only Thing

  SEX! Now that I have your attention, this approach was an advertising gimmick in the 80’s. The word SEX, blazoned large and bright, drew

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