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When We Listen to Lies

It occurred to me, recently, that when my family and I make breakfast on Saturday mornings, many of the dishes we make use the same

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What is Education?

I urge you to answer this question for yourself before you read on. I myself am constantly reformulating my answer and expanding on what is

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What Our Kids Really Want

The Church and its pastors should courageously propose the Christian ideal corresponding to Catholic moral doctrine and not water it down. —Cdl. Robert Sarah When

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Who Will Defend the Truth?

Defending the Truth Blessed John Henry Newman said, “…it is our plain duty to preach and defend the truth in a straightforward way…” This quote

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The Consolation of Truth

On the day I began this essay, in the Kyrie at the beginning of Mass, the priest prayed, “In the consolation of truth, Lord have

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