Election Year Madness

As we in the United States suffer through another national election cycle in this odd year, the antics displayed by those who ask for our

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A Year of Living Like Paul

This past January 20 marked the one year anniversary of the death of my friend, Paul Coakley. Last year I wrote two articles about my thoughts

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Trading Anger for Love

The first time I actually realized I had an anger issue was about a year ago while attending a retreat.  A deacon (now priest) prayed

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pro-life, religious right

Marching On

The Roe v Wade decision still remains unsettling to many. Since that day a culture of death has permeated society, and the world. Nevertheless, many

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Brother Orchid

“When the heart speaks, Brother Orchid, other hearts must listen.” Brother Orchid (1940) Interested in seeing a screwball comedy-film-noir-gangster-western-religious flick? I am always on the lookout

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eucharist, mass, gifts, offering

On Challenging Homilies

  Over the last week there has been some discussion about the importance and length of homilies, as well as how conservatism and fundamentalism may

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Combating Your Personal Stress

Recently I conducted a survey of my book and article readers. I wanted to know how this largely Catholic and professional group viewed current stressors

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howard ducan dust

The Master of Dust

As the Extraordinary Form of the Mass progressed the priest started to intone the Gospel. He spoke in Latin, reading from the Gospel situated on

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On Rocky Ground

\”Other seed fell on rocky ground where it had little soil. It sprang up at once because the soil was not deep… And some seed fell on

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