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Supporting our Catholic Priests

When a country is at war, citizens stand behind their troops fighting the enemy. Communities organize to collect food, clothes and other essentials to make

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Life Happens

August 5, 2015 was just another ordinary day or so I thought. Traffic was light and I got home early. As I crossed the street

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How the Devil Deceives Us

Most of the readers of Catholic Stand are probably aware of the wicked deception going on today in the world. St. Paul warned us about

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The Devil You Say?

Considering all the extravagant evil in the world, I have always found it remarkable that so many people do not believe in the existence of

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My Encounters With the Devil

You are probably expecting to read about some out-of-this world experience that brought me face to face with the \”Father of Lies\”, but I have

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The Puppet Strings of Satan

Satan, I gotta hand it to ya. You\’re brilliant. Ultimately a loser, but still. Evil and its demoralizing impact on our world is a reality of

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