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The Second Conversion

The Gospel of John recounts a clandestine meeting, under the cover of darkness, between Jesus and a ruler of the Jews, a Pharisee named Nicodemus.

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Hell Yes!

Many in the Church have made serious assertions that we can have a reasonable hope that at the Final Judgement Hell will be empty –

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Am I Weak Enough to Be a Christian?

I have faced difficult situations countless times, finally learning to surrender control to God after playing god becomes too exhausting. Often He has surprised me

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Are You Saved ?

Forty years ago, when I was still a Protestant, I looked at Catholics with suspicion. Catholicism seemed like a cult that worshiped Mary and idolized

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How Salvation is Like Marriage

Salvation is like a perfect marriage. Ask yourself: “Is a perfect marriage a fifty-fifty proposition?” I would say the answer is positively not. Why should

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Where Do I Stand After Holy Week?

Last week was Holy Week. Churches around the entire globe waited in prayerful vigil, with lights dimmed, all images covered with the congregation in respectful, somber

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