Simple Ignatius

Since my first encounter with Ignatian Spirituality years ago, I have spent a lot time both intrigued and mystified by it.  As is often the

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Developing Better Relationships

Calling on God for Help in Dealing with Others Improving our relationships with others is a work that continues throughout our lives. From the time

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Are You Saved ?

Forty years ago, when I was still a Protestant, I looked at Catholics with suspicion. Catholicism seemed like a cult that worshiped Mary and idolized

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Good Atheists and Bad Catholics

Being Good Without God For Catholics at least, the news that atheists can live a morally praiseworthy life, or people belonging to any other religion,

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Misreading Pope Francis

Ever since Jorge Bergoglio became Pope Francis three-and-a-half years ago, the mainstream media (MSM) has pulled out all the stops in an effort to paint

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Why Being Kind Is Important

A Message from the Pope Two years ago in 2014, Pope Francis made the following statement at his Angelus Address at St. Peter’s Square, Vatican

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