Dress Sense and the Real Presence

Pew Research’s recent study revealing that a majority Catholics do not believe in the Real Presence but instead believe that consecrated bread and wine are

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The Antidote to Indifference

I recently encountered a stranger who spontaneously proclaimed to me that she was a “peace, love, and Nelson Mandela” kind of person. She briefly bemoaned

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Good Atheists and Bad Catholics

Being Good Without God For Catholics at least, the news that atheists can live a morally praiseworthy life, or people belonging to any other religion,

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Just the Moral Facts, Ma’am

As I write this article, former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling is giving some young cyberpunks a much-needed lesson in moral facts. Here’s the story:

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The Great Gatsby\’s Relevance

The Great Gatsby, the popular American novel known for depicting the Roaring 20\’s with striking honesty, is now a major motion picture, starring the great Leonardo DiCaprio

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