Dress Sense and the Real Presence

Pew Research’s recent study revealing that a majority Catholics do not believe in the Real Presence but instead believe that consecrated bread and wine are

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Breastfeeding Is Not Immodest

A friend who works for a Catholic apostolate recently shared with me that she was discouraged from breastfeeding her 5-month-old daughter during training sessions. She isn’t the first

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Modesty Is a Direction Not a Line

I get frustrated when I see this seemingly endless discussion in certain Catholic circles about how women should dress. How long should the skirt be?

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The Dress Code Debate

I came across an article recently condemning a public school’s dress code policy. The school is Woodford County High School, and the article is on

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The Burden of Modesty

As the end of the school year approaches, prom season is in full swing. Delone Catholic High School, in McSherrystown, Pennsylvania, is stirring up a

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Our Sunday Best

Each and every Sunday morning is a zoo around my house. Trying to get 12 people ready and out the door to Mass is quite

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