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They Have a Right!

I am tired of hearing the phrase, they have a right. I hear this said on television, radio, or among people in everyday life about

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Oh, Oh, Oh, I Have Dubia!

After these many years, I finally can say I have something in common with Arnold Horshack. I feel like I must raise my hand high,

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Society is People

Especially during these past few intense months of our presidential election, we in America have been shown how much society has turned substantially away from

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We Often Follow False Prophets

On False Prophets in Politics This election year, more than others, has brought back memories of behaviors reminiscent of my high school years. Young teens,

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Election Year Madness

As we in the United States suffer through another national election cycle in this odd year, the antics displayed by those who ask for our

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What Is Wrong With Latin?

“You know that your grandfather always loved the language of his heritage?” My mother gave me this suggestion as I was wondering out loud which foreign

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I Complain, Therefore I Am

The popular atheist blogger, Hemant Mehta, ponders change with the question, “What happens when atheists are no longer a minority?” He mentions the human need

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