Controlling Your Thoughts

Do you suffer from disturbing or obsessive thoughts? If so, relief is available. It will be in an uphill battle, but with perseverance and the

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The Healing of the Lord

A Vision of Healing One morning a few weeks ago, I was lying in bed in a state of semi-consciousness when I saw a picture

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Who Am I? A Sinner

Early on in the pontificate of Pope Francis, during an interview, when asked who he was Pope Francis responded with the statement “I am a

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If You Want Healing

But she answered him, “Yes Lord; yet even the dogs under the table eat the children’s crumbs.” And he said to her, “For saying this

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Life Happens

August 5, 2015 was just another ordinary day or so I thought. Traffic was light and I got home early. As I crossed the street

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The Wounded Healer

In last week’s column, I shared a most painful and debilitating event in my family’s life. I waited two-and-a-half years to publish our story; not

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The Importance of Showing Up

“Life means ‘getting our feet dirty’ from the dust-filled roads of life and history” – Pope Francis Last Tuesday, I had no intention of going to

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Fasting for Healing

Fasting isn\’t always about not eating food. It can mean giving up something we find pleasurable for the sake of refocusing on Christ. Something inside

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