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No Terror By Night, or Day!

  On Friday we all reflected on the events of 9/11, 14 years ago.  It was been unavoidable, if you turned on a television, radio

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Do You Not Yet Have Faith?

For me, the word yet jumps out most in this article’s title. When will we finally cast fears aside? Is it by choosing to focus on

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Combating Your Personal Stress

Recently I conducted a survey of my book and article readers. I wanted to know how this largely Catholic and professional group viewed current stressors

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You’re Really Something

In one episode of Peanuts, Charlie Brown lists the four combinations of the relationship between two persons, each being a something or a nothing and

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Ignore Those Walls!

We live in a hectic, deadline driven world. Whether at work or home, things are either speeding towards us from all sides, or we are

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Is God Controlled by Logic?

Christians agree that God is omnipotent and sovereign, meaning that He is able to do all things. The Nicene Creed proclaims faith in “one God,

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On Rocky Ground

\”Other seed fell on rocky ground where it had little soil. It sprang up at once because the soil was not deep… And some seed fell on

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