The Children of the Promise

Though I am the father of two adopted children, I have long neglected considering the topic of adoption, and how all people are the adopted

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hymn, church music, chant

Hymns or Heresy?

This will be short and sweet. Yours truly is weary of church songs, masquerading as hymns, portraying something other than Church teaching. It’s bad enough

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mercy, garden

Every Stitch a Prayer

Every Stitch a Prayer I dreamt I saw a dark-haired woman clad in blue. She sat at a simple table in a light-filled room, working

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pro-life, religious right

Marching On

The Roe v Wade decision still remains unsettling to many. Since that day a culture of death has permeated society, and the world. Nevertheless, many

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Truth: Not What You Think

A FaceBook friend recently posted this: What I fear has become the new “progressive” orthodoxy is this, that there is no such thing as truth.

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