In 1970, if someone in America would have told you that all the laws against abortion in all the states (but two) would be overturned

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The 9 Non-Negotiables

For years, Catholic Answers has produced a helpful voters’ guide on the five non-negotiable moral issues for Catholics. It is good but in the years

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The Idol-Worship of Ideology

We find ourselves particularly challenged in these modern times by a generally unsuspected set of idols: ideas. We are especially plagued today by our attachments

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Every Life Is Worth Living

October is Respect Life month in the United States. It begins a new, year-long cycle of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Respect Life Program.

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Eugenics and the “Hitler Card”

Taxonomy of the “Hitler Card” Fallacy The Fallacy Files website, which is devoted to exploring and exploding errors in reasoning, gives the following forms for

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In Defense of the Elders

Action, fantasy, westerns, or any movie including a hero and a villain will usually peek my interest. The Marvel films captured my imagination’s child-like side.

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