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Oh, Oh, Oh, I Have Dubia!

After these many years, I finally can say I have something in common with Arnold Horshack. I feel like I must raise my hand high,

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joy, dance, abandon, retreat

Society is People

Especially during these past few intense months of our presidential election, we in America have been shown how much society has turned substantially away from

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Catholic Teen Sexologists?

Within the past two weeks the bishop of Nashville has come under fire for supporting his diocesan-wide high school sex education curriculum. He apparently has

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Homeschooling and Over-schooling

Homeschooling is a radical proposition. Not sending your kids to school, an institution that has been a centerpiece and hallmark of our society for hundreds

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On Challenging Homilies

  Over the last week there has been some discussion about the importance and length of homilies, as well as how conservatism and fundamentalism may

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