The Harrowing of Hell

I first began to understand certain mystical truths as I prayed at the place where Jesus was crucified on the first Good Friday. I have

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jesus, Christian

Laity to the Rescue

The essential principles of Christian spirituality are to be found in the teaching of the first Apostles that they received directly from Jesus Christ, It

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our father, lord's prayer, pater noster

The Power of Love

I had a cousin called John who was a bit of a rake. If he was not genially propping up the bar at the rugby

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The Franciscan Spring

Part IV- Continuing A Brief History of Christian Mystical Spirituality (see Part I- A Handful of Heretics in The Early Church)) I have already suggested

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Monasticism to The Rescue

Part II- Continuing A Brief History of Christian Mystical Spirituality. Part 1- A Handful of Heretics The love that was the mainspring of early Christianity

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