The Importance of Being Human

Fundamental to the postmodern, post-Christian culture in which we live is the rejection of an objective human nature. Instead of believing human nature is what

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Catholicism is Love

As I wrote a few months ago, I’m very grateful to be Catholic. However, having practiced the Faith (at least on paper) for my whole

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I had a love-hate relationship with my mother’s tweezers and sewing needles growing up. I always ran to my mom when I so often would

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Genealogy and the God Family

There is quite a bit of interest these days in genealogy. Websites like offer their extensive databases and resources to trace a family’s lineage.

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Why Being Kind Is Important

A Message from the Pope Two years ago in 2014, Pope Francis made the following statement at his Angelus Address at St. Peter’s Square, Vatican

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Men Must Know Jesus Christ

There is a serious Catholic “man crisis”.  Large numbers of men have left the Church and the majority of men who remain are lukewarm.  The

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