Advent: A Season of Waiting

The Advent season is now upon us. Most people around us seem to be hurrying about looking for the perfect gift, putting up decorations, and

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joy, dance, abandon, retreat, attitudes

Society is People

Especially during these past few intense months of our presidential election, we in America have been shown how much society has turned substantially away from

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Setting Men Ablaze

The world of Catholic spirituality is, in a word, immense. Contemplative, Ignatian, Dominican, Carmelite- you get the idea. Yet as I spent time looking for

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wilderness, isolation, alone

A Generous Man

Generosity is “the virtue of giving good things to others freely and abundantly.” When people think of generosity, money often comes to mind, but generosity

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Election Year Madness

As we in the United States suffer through another national election cycle in this odd year, the antics displayed by those who ask for our

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pro-life, religious right

Marching On

The Roe v Wade decision still remains unsettling to many. Since that day a culture of death has permeated society, and the world. Nevertheless, many

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