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Do You Really Believe That?

More than twenty years ago I encouraged my Irish mother-in-law to find a Bible Study group and to “get into the Word.” Because we lived

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Taking Jesus on a Family Trip

You are a practicing Catholic and you are going with your family on another fun-filled, summer road trip.  Perhaps you have always and most graciously

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Holy Rosary

The Basics on Indulgences

Indulgences! The very name stirs up emotions about Martin Luther and the initial cause of the Reformation. While the Council of Trent way back in

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Conscience and Catechism

The Catechism of the Holy Catholic Church I recently had two very enlightening conversations on the subject of conscience: one with a teenage girl at

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The World vs. The Bible

For any human on planet Earth to have a chance to get to Heaven, choices have to be made. These choices include deciding on whether

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