Dress Sense and the Real Presence

Pew Research’s recent study revealing that a majority Catholics do not believe in the Real Presence but instead believe that consecrated bread and wine are

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fear, evil, light, darkness

The Second Conversion

The Gospel of John recounts a clandestine meeting, under the cover of darkness, between Jesus and a ruler of the Jews, a Pharisee named Nicodemus.

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Member of the Family

When the Son of God was born, He entered the human world and became the loving, obedient Son of Mary and Joseph. Let us ponder

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Of God and Godparents

Everyone loves seeing the babies baptized early Sunday morning. Some squeal with delight while others cry their eyes out as the cold Holy Water runs

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Why Godparents Matter

A few months ago we wrote about the Catholic Church’s teaching on infant baptism, specifically the Church’s command to have infants baptized as soon as

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Is Baptism Really Necessary?

I stumbled upon an interesting commentary about Saint John’s Gospel chapter 3 in Wiersbe Bible Commentary: New Testament by Warren W. Wiersbe while I was

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Letter to Parents About Baptism

Dear Parents Who Haven’t Baptized Their Children, I’ve been speaking to your parent/grandparent/relative/friend over the past few weeks in the lead up to, and at,

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