Space Age Earthlings and the God of Creation


In my youth, I wasted much of my time on science fiction, flying saucers, and aliens. I finally lost interest in those subjects, but today I see many nations are now exploring space. They’re expending much effort and money trying to establish contact with alien civilizations on other planets.

The United States has developed outstanding capability to journey to the moon and Mars. In fact, President Trump, in January of this year, established a new branch of the military, the Space Force, to protect America from threats launched against our country from space.

Before the worldwide acceptance of space travel in the modern era, I had already come to terms with the Catholic faith I learned in my childhood. In the back of my mind, I always held it to be true that God created the entire world, that God revealed Himself to us and that what He revealed is absolutely true. It was one of the reasons I gradually lost interest in science fiction and ancient aliens. Today I have a different view of space travel.

After I had gotten deep into science fiction, flying saucers, and aliens, it eventually became obvious to me that much of the world of science and science fiction does not recognize God. Many of their leaders think religion was something born in medieval times. In the modern age, however, where great advances have been achieved in science, we no longer need God or religion. We are capable of almost anything we want if we try hard enough. Or so it seems.

Prominent Atheistic Scientists

Today our culture is enamored with evolution, which attempts to explain how we came to be, step by step, through natural causes, without need of a Creator. Many high ranking scientists, like Carl Sagan, did not or do not believe in God or in an afterlife. I read some of Carl Sagan’s books, as well as Jerry Coyne’s, Why Evolution is True, and Richard Dawkins’ works and others. All these men are convinced that God does not exist.

Carl Sagan is the one I know the most about. I own his Cosmos, a Personal Journey video series and have read his books Contact and Cosmos. The latter contains a fascinating chapter called “Encyclopedia Galactica” (which I will reference below). I have researched a great deal about him on the Internet. He is famous for his statement that if Jesus ascended into heaven two thousand years ago travelling at the speed of light – the fastest velocity anything can reach – He would not even have risen out of our galaxy.

There are one hundred billion galaxies in the universe, implying that Jesus is still somewhere in space trying to reach heaven. Here is what Sagan had to say about life after death: “I would love to believe that when I die, I will live again . . . but as much as I want to believe that . . . I know of nothing to suggest that it is more than wishful thinking.”

This stumped me for a while. Most evolutionists are convinced that we humans are utterly gone when we die, yet much of what evolutionists say in their writings and speeches gives one the impression they don’t really believe this.

A Curious Inconsistency

For example, when discussing human progress, they say things like “when ‘we’ achieve space travel,” or, “in the past ‘we’ did this or that.” Carl Sagan himself said: “’We’ humans are capable of greatness.”

I was confused by this. In essence, it means that when I am alive, I am part of a collective “we” of humanity, but when I die, if there is no afterlife, I will be completely gone. I will not be alive in the future, just as I was not alive in the past. That is what it will be if their opinion is true and there is no afterlife.

Of course that’s another inconsistency. These men imply a communal “we” as if humans are all somehow bundled up into a collective whole. This is not true on its face. Humans are individual persons, now and for all eternity. Even according to their own doctrine, if one dies with no afterlife, that person is gone, extinct! That person cannot have a part in anything anymore.

So, why would anyone want to board a space ship, travel a risky and dangerous journey, perhaps die on the way, just to become extinct? The “we” that supposedly will enjoy life on a distant planet is not the “we” who began the journey. There is something in the atheistic scientists’ mentality that makes them think that mankind is somehow all gathered into a collective “we,” which somehow seems to be immortal. But doesn’t this contradict Sagan’s “wishful thinking” statement?

Humanity as God

I have a feeling that some evolutionists, in the backs of their minds, think that mankind itself will eventually evolve into God. It’s curious that while they reject religious doctrines, they also, at the same time, casually adopt an esoteric New Age teaching which is its own sort of doctrine based on eastern religions.

Of course, evolving into God is impossible; but when I read how some of them have expressed themselves about the glories of “we” humans and the things “we” humans will eventually achieve, I wonder what exactly evolutionists have in mind.

Scientists and science fiction writers have often speculated that there are physical beings with intelligence on other planets. I think this is entirely possible, provided that it is in God’s plan for the universe. The Internet is full of articles about life on other planets. Carl Sagan was also convinced that humans will eventually encounter alien, extraterrestrial civilizations. There is an incredible amount of money and effort underway to discover life elsewhere in the universe.

Creationism and Naturalism

In contrast to what atheism offers, creationism describes a robust life after physical death. Our mortal bodies die, but the spiritual soul remains alive and awaits the resurrection where all human beings are once again in possession of a physical, though transformed, body. This new body is immortal like God intended in the first place.

Most other cultures, even primitive ones, anticipated some state of life after death. The Egyptians did and went to extremes to prepare a person for their journey after death. Even very primitive tribes, like the Amerindians, did so with their anticipation of the happy hunting grounds. The departed would be rejoined with his family and those he knew during this life, along with uncountable ancestors who died before him and live in peace and joy with no hostility from others, peacefully hunting sufficient food to maintain himself and family. Actually, this was an ideal picture: being with loved ones, basking in peace and harmony with children, grandchildren, grandparents, and ancestors.

The Christian Idea of the Afterlife

Even for modern humans, this would be “heaven”. God revealed that He is love. The love we have for our family and friends is derived from the love God has for all He creates. It would be heavenly bliss to be surrounded by people you love and who love you in return. This is what God wanted for all of us in this mortal life, but it was spoiled by the devil’s rebellion.

I remember the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles in 1984. The opening ceremony presented a parade of participating nations, one hundred forty-one of them, including many tribes of Amerindians from North and South America. It was so charming to see the various Indian tribes dressed in beautiful clothing adorned with feathers, singing and dancing as they paraded by.

I felt sorry that history dealt so poorly with them when the white man settled these two continents. I wished it could have been otherwise, but I can’t change history. In the next life, there will be no conquest, no strife: everything will be peaceful and fulfilling for all because everybody will be doing God’s will joyfully and thoroughly. No nation, no matter how small, need worry about the aspirations of larger nations. In heaven, they will all obey God’s will in peace and harmony with respect and love for others because they all love God.

All the famous people you learn about in history books will be in the heavenly kingdom also (or at least we hope they will). You will be able to visit and converse with anyone from an earlier age. Sagan made a big point about learning what others, even on other planets, had been thinking when they were alive when he introduced his “Encyclopedia Galactica”, which was like a database of all the information gleaned from all the civilizations in the universe.

When I read his work, it occurred to me that not everything people think and write in this mortal life is true. How much better it would be to actually speak to the people who, in the past, made important discoveries about the world we all live in. I think the afterlife promised by God is much better than what scientists are offering.

Some Theological Concerns

One more item: If there are intelligent beings on other planets, the revelation God made to the human race would still be valid. The presence of an extraterrestrial race would not refute what God has already revealed.

If there really are alien civilizations on other planets then it seems to me that God has chosen earthlings to combat Lucifer and evil in this world. The Second Person of the Blessed Trinity chose to become incarnate within the human race. Jesus Christ, through His human nature is God’s Messiah, King and High Priest of heaven and earth, of all angels and all physical intelligent beings, whether native to earth or some other planet.

My speculation is that extraterrestrials do not have to defeat Satan. We earthlings under Blessed Mother have to do it. That would make the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ very special compared to alien civilizations.

So, we must keep the faith! God is offering us much more than science fiction has ever dreamed of. Pick up the mantle of truth and goodness God has given us earthlings, and when we leave this earthly life and stand before God’s great white throne, after the incredible grief of this earthly struggle. And I pray we all hear God’s voice saying, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” (Matthew 25:23)

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4 thoughts on “Space Age Earthlings and the God of Creation”

  1. Try John C. Wright, excellent sci fi writer and Catholic. For a full blown walk through a fantastical take on human and the history of the universe, read his Eschaton series. Simply mind blowing and yet realistic enough to be captivating. He captures wild ideas in an increasingly complex story line (as one would expect of a history of the universe). Recommended but be willing to think.

  2. Fine: I really loved the article by Mr. Maurice Williams. I believe my thoughts and his travel parallel.
    His mention of Carl Sagan’s statement that “if Jesus ascended into heaven two thousand years ago travelling at the speed of light – the fastest velocity anything can reach – He would not even have risen out of our galaxy” is purely worldly and funny, indeed. God and His abode of Heaven is with us only; not without or away: that is the biggest mystery we are living with. It is available from the following Biblical words:
    1. “The kingdom of God is in the midst of you.” Lk. 17:21.
    2. “God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth” John 4:24
    3. “I and the Father are one.” Jn. 10:30).

    The Universe we are living in is the workshop of God. It is about 13.7 billions of years old and 190 billion light years wide. It still is expanding at the speed of light which means God is still working; so also Jesus. Please note the words of Jesus:
    “My Father is working still, and I am working.” (St john 5:17).
    We are not yet sure what exactly is the content of the Universe. Science says the matter we know or familiar with comes to about 5% only;25 % or so is dark matter and the rest dark energy (about 70%). We are still at large with respect to Dark Matter and Dark Energy.
    There are two types of Lives available in the Universe. One is Life of Realisation (LoR) and the other Divine Life (DL). LoR is a product or gadget by God while DL is the life of God. It is with the help of LoR that everything is what they are, including the Universe and its entire content as well. Both (LoR and DL) coexists only in Man. DL supplies man intelligence and wisdom which are available only in Man in the entire Universe. Man is supposed to be led by DL only but LoR prompts Man to be led by it. Thus there arises a conflict in Man. This situation is described by Jesus through “The Parable of the Dishonest Manager” (Lk. 16:1-18) Man must ensure servility on the LoR in him and opt for DL. Otherwise animalism will creep in to his culture instead of rationalism. This conflict is the cause of all the problems we are facing in the World all the time.
    Everything in the world is finite or has a beginning and an end. When we die our mortal body ends in the world while our Soul (the DL) departs to Heaven (God). Based on the state the Soul is directly led to Heaven or sent to purgatory for expiation purpose prior to admission to Heaven. This is what exactly happens after death.
    All worldly relationships are to assist man in this life. After death the souls of all humans are with God: no binding of earthly relationship of any form. (Lk. 20: 34-36)
    [I am an Engineer-turned-writer on scriptural themes. My writing always is non-conventional with a techno-scientific style. I am doing research on Biblical themes for the past couple of decades and I have written several books and essays. My flagship Book is titled “The Sublime Moment of Recognising Jesus Christ”: 500+ pages prefaced by His Beatitude Mar George Cardinal Alenchery.]

  3. The French Jesuits in their mission to the Hurons, required full catechetical instruction prior to baptism, except for those who were ill and in danger of death. In “The Huron Relations of 1635”, St. John de Brebeuf tells of a private revelation to an old Huron, “Another good old man, having fallen sick, would not hear of going to heaven, saying he wanted to go to his ancestors. A few days later he gave in, telling me an amusing tale: ‘Rejoice,’ he said, ‘for I have returned from the land of the souls and I found no one there. They have all gone to heaven.’”

  4. Space Race 7/4/1958 is around my Conception date. the same day as many July 4th 1958 Telegram proposing the start of NASA Outer space crafting exploration also 1958 inner space became a new word. Saint Bridget of Ireland is Patron Saint of Liminal Space and on her feast day 2/1/1988, Saint Bridget was instrumental on that day I had a supernatural personal purification.

    The Blessed Mother our Spiritual Mother and our Biological Mother can relay inborn talent aptitude Spatial reasoning or Structural Visualization 3D space thinking imagination. Men can only Inherit from Mother not their Father. Daughters can inherit 3D imagination from Father or Mother the point is the need to know our God-given gifts.
    Since just 1 living person human soul at any age is more valuable than “everything” things in the entire universe. How and why Catholics Should be taught the God-Given Gift of life purpose was a theme pleasing to God and carefully knitted theme pleasing purpose from foundation of world relay of life concept while in the womb. -Born Baptized, Confirmed

    Studying purpose identity. Next to the Blessed Sacrament, your neighbor is the Holiest Person you will experience.?(CS Lewis) neighbors of my boyhood home have provided indirectly through members of mystical members materially and spiritually for me, well-being members of the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ and they are in the exact places being anatomically correct locations according to Body illness patronage catholicsaintsinfo
    Everyone study your particular nativity scene God designed themes that surround us all?
    World Peace Starts in the Heart – The Catholic faith has solutions to lost purpose, identity. combats loneliness and midlife crisis avoided, by discovering a talent bank.

    “DIVINE WILL” Luisa Piccaretta Official dot org Divine Will is “On Earth as it is in Heaven” fulfilled. Plenty of opportunities to know love and serve FSLIC For Specific Life Infused Call and insured by FDIC For Deposit Insured Catholic – Confessions Catholic Capitalist

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